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I have pretty medium/average size boobs (albeit an unusual bra size according to most stores/manufacturers which is why bras in my size are always ridiculously priced) and my skin isn't terribly sensitive to pain, so I figured a mammogram wouldn't be a big deal. I was right. It was fine. I wouldn't want to do it every day, and I sincerely doubt I'll bother going back once a year, but really. It was fine.


When the breast tech (I made that term up just now and I love it) handed me my stuff (paperwork, weird cape-thing for modesty), she included two little round stickers and said to put those on my nipples. I have to say I was pretty disappointed that nobody told me I got cute little nipple stickers for this. Mine were zebra-striped (zebra! striped!) and had the teensiest little metal balls in the center. I assume this is to show the location of the nipple on the scan? Whatever. They were adorable and I was tempted to take a photo of my boobs with their teensiest-pasties-ever.


When it was over and I was getting dressed, I was hit with a much more serious disappointment because not only did nobody tell me about the existence of these things, nobody told me how much they hurt to peel off. I'm talking mother fucking ouch peeling those things hurt like duct tape. My nipples were still sore the next day.

WHAT THE FUCK, BREAST-HAVING PEOPLE. Why didn't anyone give me a heads-up about those?

Although maybe those stickers aren't common because the two people I mentioned them to yesterday had never used them. So maybe I was just lucky.
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