Jan. 8th, 2015

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Yesterday's calisthenics were apparently productive. My shoulders and triceps are making their presences known. My hips are sore, but I can't tell if it's deep soft tissue or joint ache. I rolled out my glutes, quads, and IT bands for about twenty minutes last night after dinner and man it was rough. My arms were so tired from the morning's exertions that eventually I just had to let myself collapse on the therapy ball and lie there until the knot dissipated.

I woke at 5:45 this morning, but couldn't bear to get out of bed. Today is Restorative Yoga day and I knew my room downstairs would be too cold for me to relax into any of the poses so I lay there for an hour and fifteen minutes, reveling in the warm softness of my beautiful bed. DELIGHTFUL. Tonight I'll set up the space heater in my downstairs room and after dinner I'll crank the heat in the house and settle in for a nice, long restorative session before bed. ALSO DELIGHTFUL.

This cold snap is becoming wearisome. I cannot drink enough warm beverages. It's supposed to get up to 32 today. We'll see. I'll be making myself some chicken soup for dinner. [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick is not a huge fan of sloshy soups (they need to be more stew-like), but he is most likely going out for dinner this evening so I'm looking forward to making a nice, basic soup with lots of onions. LOTS. Man. Now I'm really looking forward to dinner and not just because dinner means I won't be at my desk anymore.


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