Jan. 15th, 2015

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It appears that several people share my disdain for people who think they're trying to be funny by stating the obvious. [livejournal.com profile] write_out added another one--the people who say things like "cold enough for you?" Unsurprisingly, I have also heard one of the people who made their oh-so-clever witticism yesterday pull the "cold enough for you" line. GOD.

The Frenemy posted a wonderful bit yesterday that meshes with my ongoing efforts to manage my rage.

I don’t want to be a fire, anymore. I don’t want to glow quick and bright and angry. I don’t want to be extinguished by others, I don’t want to be feared for the burn, I don’t want to be stopped, I don’t want to burn out, I don’t want to end. I don’t want to be a fire because when I wanted to be a fire, I wanted to be too powerful to hold and contain. I wanted to be untouchable, and I believed that I was.

But, oh, light. To be a light is useful and brilliant. To be a light is to be a constant and a path. To be a light is to last, and last, and surround people with your warmth and necessity. To be a light means lasting through the nights with nobody tending to you, constant, alert, like stars or the light you turn on so you don’t hit your shin. To be a light means to be bright, but not untouchable. To be a light means to be powerful, but a power you can harness. To be a light means you are not an unexpected burn. You are not sparks that turn into embers that turn into dust. You are not an element. You are here, and you will be here, and you will light the way for yourself and others, untouched no longer. Oh, to be a light.

Later today I am getting a new computer at work because I am cursed when it comes to technology and I ruin every electronic thing I touch. I've been struggling with various small problems with this machine for about a year, now, and after coming down to fix the same Flash or Shockwave issue four days in a row last week, our IT guy said he was going to build me a new computer since that was just as easy as restoring this old one, and would reset my clock for getting a new computer. I am notorious for having freakish computer problems. Several years ago, my computer actually caught on fire and (so I am told) made my name in KU's IT department as Someone To Worry About.

The office is excruciatingly quiet today, so I slipped away from my desk and walked around the upstairs of my building (an uninterrupted rectangle that measures 1/6 of a mile once around) for half an hour. I try to walk around twice at the top of every hour every day, but I figured I would sneak in my half hour of movement since shit wasn't happening work-wise. While on my jaunt, I spotted this advertisement for a Religious Studies class.

First off, genius promotion, dear professor, but also this is from/for a class by my favorite professor in that department. I might not be doing anything with my degree, but I can't say I didn't enjoy getting it. Man, that was a good department when I was in it. It must still be a decent place to be, because Tim (I can't imagine calling him Prof. Miller) turned seventy years old last year and I don't think he'd bother sticking around if he wasn't still enjoying himself. Look at that, though, fucking seventy years old and using internet memes to promote his class. YOU FUCKING GO TIM MILLER. He came to my graduation party, too. And he brought me a bottle of champagne.


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