Jan. 20th, 2015

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A lot of body talk today, folks. Breaking Muscle has been throwing out good articles lately, and I'm gonna link a few that are all applicable to me, and also, I bet, to more than a few of y'all.

First, a list of five daily life habits that can undermine your general health as well as your exercise performance. I'm a former stomach-sleeper, so I know, believe me, I know how hard it is to change your sleeping posture. But it is possible, and you will feel better. Eventually. I'm considering removing the pillow I usually place under my knees to see if that helps with my lower back issues. I'm thinking maybe the new mattress provides enough cushion for my heels that I don't need it, and the slight bend in my knees is not doing my quads and adductors any favors. I also need to find a way to stop grinding my teeth. I don't do it hard, but I often become aware of a tension in my jaw and I gotta figure a way to stop that.

I am a constant advocate for mobility, and is this Whole9 article on flexibility for strength has some good suggestions on incorporating flexibility training. I disagree with some of his statements, like "Over the years it has become increasingly obvious that due to our sedentary lifestyles, the biggest limiting factor in strength is not mind/body unity, it is not muscle tension or conditioning, it is flexibility," (well, maybe not and could I please have a citation on that?), but his attention to different aspects of mobility and his shout-out to motor patterns (a topic I've recently started to research more) make up for some of his problematic statements.

And speaking of motor patterns, here is an article on getting your glutes to fire properly. Since we spend so much of our lives sitting and even when we're walking, we're often doing it poorly, our posterior chains have forgotten how to turn on.

Remember! Fitness is a matter of priority and it's okay to be selfish about some of your priorities.

Finally, today's Tumblr is Tuesday, January 2: Hearts.


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