Jan. 25th, 2015

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Two more things for the Movement wishlist. The first one I'm hesitant to buy/ask for because I have Kelly Starrett's first book on mobility and I haven't made it very far in. It's so dense and not written in a manner that my brain easily absorbs. But he wrote another one more recently that's primarily directed at runners but seems to be usable for most activities. The second one, though, I'm ordering today. A tabata timer that comes highly recommended by a friend. SOLD!

I'm a believer in post-training mobility work, and I've sometimes thought about more active exercises for post-training correction. Thanks, Breaking Muscle, for posting an article about that very thing just as I'm starting to gear up for more demanding movement! I'll be looking into other articles about corrective movement post exercise.

Yesterday was beautiful. Nearly 60 degrees, and sunny until noon, when clouds rolled in but didn't cool things off. Cold air started moving in toward evening and winds are pretty wild right now, but yesterday was so nice. I got a lot of errands run, including delivering to the thrift stores a bunch of stuff that needed out of the house. Had to leave the desk at the Sally because no other thrift in town takes furniture. Bleh. That was a LOT of mass removed from my life, though, so hurray! Sometimes I feel like the amount of stuff in the house is pressing in on me. I've still got a lot to shed, but oh it feels good to get one carload of it gone.

[livejournal.com profile] stuology asked me for the recipe for my fruit-nut bars. I didn't have one (they're usually a combination of eyeballing the amounts and using what I've got on hand), but yesterday I measured things out and they came out good, so here's what I put them. Keep in mind, these are flexible--not just amounts but ingredients.

Made-at-home Lära Bars
1 c shredded, dried coconut flakes (plain, not sweetened, no added sugar; either plain or toasted or a mixture)
1 c dates, chopped
1 c dried figs, chopped
1 c almonds
1-2 T date syrup (or honey or maple syrup)
1/2 t ground ginger
1/2 t ground cinnamon
1/4 t salt

In a food processor, chop/grind the coconut flakes until they're powdery/mealy. Add spices and salt. Process just enough to blend. Add figs and dates and process until slightly incorporated with coconut, but not yet blended to paste. Add almonds. Process until almonds are thoroughly chopped and all ingredients are well-incorporated. Still processing, slowly pour in small amounts of date syrup (just a little at a time) until mixture starts to adhere into a ball. Pour out into an 8x8 or 9x9 pan lined with parchment paper. Press evenly to fill pan. Cover with parchment paper and refrigerate for two hours. Cut into small squares. I get 16 bars out of a pan.

Finally, I want to eat everything in this blog post. RIGHT. NOW.
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