Jan. 28th, 2015

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LJ is fucking up (again) and won't let me upload to my scrapbook. One of these days I'm gonna try to log on and it's all gonna be gone. I really gotta back this thing up. I discovered the problem when I was trying to post this photo from weather.com that I grabbed about two minutes ago.

As I say in the Tumblr post (because that's where I could upload the pic even though I'm having other technical difficulties with Tumblr right now but at least I can use it okay) "My part of the world has forgotten that we’re actually in the northern hemisphere and it’s supposed to be winter here."

Even though I could really use a nap, I am definitely going on a walk during my lunch break.

I want to resume weight lifting soon. Not as soon as I'd hoped (April), but perhaps May, after the semester is over. To avoid a repeat of my last two crash-and-burns with overexertion, I'm looking into HRV monitors, per the suggestions in this article. Quite an investment, though, since I'll need the monitor and a new phone to run the app.

How to progress to a perfect push-up.

A lot of people might not share my feelings on them, but I love abdominal exercises. I know, (I know! I know!) that trying to spot-tone an area is a useless exercise, but I actually like the sensation of my abs working hard. If you do share my feelings about ab exercises, check out these recommendations from my beloved Breaking Muscle.

I'm feeling better today, thanks for all the well-wishes. Not sure what was wrong. I was having monthly issues, yeah, but man, I was so fucking beat it was overwhelming to get out of bed on Monday (which honestly, I didn't do much outside of lying in bed reading) and Tuesday I took it pretty easy before I went to KC to see Dr. Jonah--although I did take a walk around the office grounds (they're very pretty) because I got there half an hour early. Ooops.


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