Feb. 17th, 2015

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If you reference a person's accent in any way other than "omg that is a sexy fucking accent hngngngn" or something similar, I'm judging you.

Mobility Mobility Mobility! Breaking Muscle has an extensive post about getting deep into a squat. I have mobility issues in my hips and my ankles and my squat form is, in a word, terrible. I know this. I'm working on this. I want to work on this more.


Because I am L-A-Z-Y lazy (and also, I have no burning desire to be a published writer), I decided not to spend the energy on a re-write and submission of that disordered eating post as an article to The Toast. So in case you missed it before I marked it as private, here it is. I'm also going to post a link to it on Tumblr tomorrow in case anyone wants to reblog it there.

Today's Tumblr, btw, is Tuesday, February 17: Wolves.

And speaking of Tumblr, I had a giveaway last week and nobody took me up on my offer. *sigh* If this looks like something you'd enjoy, please drop me a comment or send me a PM. First response I receive gets a free online art workshop--mutual follows get first dibs, but if none of my mutuals are interested, it'll go to the first commenter. If you're not on LJ but you have my email address, email me! I'd really like someone to use this gift certificate for the workshop. I've never taken one of Traci's online workshops, but her in-person classes are top-notch and I've seen several of her videos, all of which have high quality production standards.

Because we're finally getting some snow here, I have to drive the fucking Subaru to Kansas City for my appointment with Dr. Jonah today. UGH. I hate that vehicle. I know it's not unsafe, but it handles so different from the Crossfire that I feel unsafe in it. Like I'm not really connected to the road and the skinny little tires might just fling themselves off the highway at any moment. Blech.

In other vehicle news, [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick finally settled on what engine to buy for the Chevelle (remember when I said the engine was the only part of the car we were keeping? yeah, never mind) and now we've got an engine on the way that is worth more than what we paid for the entire original car. Life with a gearhead, folks. IT IS GOOD. We've also decided to just grit our teeth and do a full off-the-frame restoration and finish the body work while we've got the thing apart, so that's going to delay our estimate on getting this thing on the road (again). But I feel like finally we both understand what the other wants out of this car and there's an actual plan in place instead of just nebulous concepts. So now it's just a matter of when we can get the things done that we know we want to do. This car's gonna be five years in the making but god damn it's going to be an amazing ride.


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