Mar. 3rd, 2015

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Today's Tumblr collection is Tuesday, March 3: Ravens & Crows.

I finished typing up (and formatting and linking) all the yoga stuff. For those of you who were interested to see the sort of series of postures I use for home practice, here you go. I use Sanskrit names for poses almost all the time. I know most of them, but even the ones I don't, I look up and use those names. I think it's important to remember and respect the culture that gave us yoga and not westernize it too much. Just a small (and, for me, easy) way to avoid another cultural appropriation trap. I also link to a page that discusses the pose. I use Yoga Journal when I can, both for consistency and because I like their format. I use their suggested series often, just didn't last week. But I'll often just link to those and mention how I modified poses for myself when necessary rather than do individual links. Last week my body knew what poses it needed and I went with it.

Last night I dreamed about my job and...stuff going on in my job right now. I don't normally ascribe meaning to dreams (IMO, they're just brain vomit), but this one was pretty blatantly pointed. On campus there was a guy that took care of a lion. He'd taken care of it for years (on campus) and everyone knew not to bother the lion, who roamed around freely, but always in the company of this dude. I was in Strong Hall (the KU administrative building), leading a student around and I noticed the guy was gone and the lion was looking mangy and unhealthy and just really sad. I found out that the guy had died and the lion had nobody to take care of him. I approached the lion to see if it would accept me, and it did! It loved me! It would only take food from my hands and it followed me everywhere, being all lovey and affectionate. But I couldn't walk this student around campus everywhere with a lion in tow, so I had to decide if I was going to take care of the student, or this lion. I opted to care for the lion.


I'm pleased that I slept well enough to dream last night. Woke only once (around 12:30) and was able to fall back asleep pretty readily. Today marks a week back on the previous levels of endocrine supplements. Hormones, man.

The new engine for the Chevelle arrives today. Yeah, remember when I said the engine was the only thing in the car that we were keeping? WELP. As [ profile] mckitterick puts it, he basically bought me a kit car when he bought me the Chevelle. Here's the post where he goes on in detail in the comments about the new vs. old engines if you're interested.

I need to remember this sequence of yoga postures when I resume CrossFit.


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