Mar. 4th, 2015

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Edit after posting this: It's hard to remember my hair being as short as it is in the icon. I need to do another 365 portrait project so I can get more recent photos.

I ordered some stuff to make a DIY Vitamin C serum. My skin has been shockingly happy these past couple months of my coconut-oil-only experiment and I'm gonna take this experiment a step further.

Last week I noticed my hormonally-triggered cystic chin zit trying to make an appearance, but I dotted it with a bit of tea tree oil twice a day for two days and it shrunk down without even a bump. The skin was a little irritated after that, so I soothed it with some Herbal Savvy (great for all minor skin irritations, cuts, etc.) and ta-da! Clear chin! That cystic zit usually lasts for weeks, sometimes months. Miracle.

With that sort of encouragement, why not try a DIY anti-aging serum? It can take up to three months to acclimate one's skin to accept sufficiently high levels of Vitamin C that will produce collagen, so I won't know until summer if it's working, but hey, what do I have a to lose? It'll cost me about $15 (for the LAA, the glycerin, and the spray bottle) to try it for three months. The Vitamin C serum from Paula's Choice is $48 for half(ish) an ounce. The DIY version is cheap enough I can spray it on my whole body, not just my face.

I might need that anti-aging shit sooner rather than later because last night wasn't restful. So either Monday was a fluke or (what I hope) it's just taking my body some time to adjust to sleeping again.

A benefactor whom I believe wishes to remain anonymous sent me an olive-drab keffiyeh for the Sebastienne Moran costume. Fuck. Yeah. I love it. It's so soft. He might not get it back.


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