Mar. 11th, 2015

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Even if you aren't a due South fan, consider watching this one-minute clip of Leslie Nielsen delivering one of the best (if not the best, I mean how many can there be?) parodies of the St. Crispin's Day speech. One of my favorite things about due South (I mean, besides the stunningly beautiful people, the great acting, the charming and tightly-written plots, and the scarcity of problematic elements) is the way they inserted cultural references--sometimes blatantly, sometimes subtly, but always there. I'm sure I missed a lot of them, since it was a Canadian show and I'm not well-educated in Canadian culture or history, but there are so many that I was still constantly pleased and entertained by them. Due South, you guys. Such a good show. Side note: A friend of mine's write group used to study dS episodes for plot development because the writers always wrote an A plot and a B plot and pulled them seamlessly together at the end of the episode and it's an episodic show, so each one is its own contained 40 minute short story.

After reading article one and article two about the Seven Primal Movements (a sort of annoying term, IMO, but valid concept), I'm inspired to build some yoga sequences that incorporate all seven movements.

Shredded carrot ginger pancakes. I am so trying these (with coconut flour--we'll see if they stick together) with the oven baked jerk chicken this weekend.

I'm in a good place today. It's Wednesday, the week's almost half done, next week is Spring Break (so fewer people around and the office closes at 4pm), the leggings I ordered from Etsy arrived, and I slept almost all night last night.

ETA: And my day just got better when I saw on today's Link Roundup on The Toast not one, but two threads talking about shared hatred of Joss Whedon and his fake feminism. MY PEOPLE!

How are you lovelies doing?


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