Mar. 13th, 2015

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I decided to take a three-day weekend this weekend so fuck yeah Monday off.

Republic of Tea sent me a catalog (after a hefty order to them late last year) and it included a sample of I am not shitting you the most delicious herbal tea I have ever tasted in my life. I am this close to ordering the 250 count box of it. I was pretty skeptical when I saw the name and ingredients but Lawd A-Mercy once I got a whiff from the open bag, I was like "this is gonna be good" and then it was even better than I expected.

[ profile] stuology came over last night to watch 22 Jump Street after I introduced her to 21 Jump Street last week. I feel I am doing a service to humanity every time I turn someone on to these movies.

[ profile] mckitterick had to help me get up into headstand last night, but once I was up there, I held it (against a wall) for three good, long breaths (and a couple "look at me! oh my god look at me!" outbursts) before I said "okay I think I need to come down now" and he helped me get back to the floor.

I am wearing these tights that arrived earlier this week and they are fantastic. Super comfy, and beautifully dyed.

Hope you all are having good days, too, and if not today, then I hope you have one soon.


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