Mar. 25th, 2015


Mar. 25th, 2015 11:43 am
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There aren't many days that I would eat a toasted bagel with cream cheese should someone place one in front of me, but today is one of those days. My usual foods are so unappealing and ugh right now. I want a fucking pizza, god damn it. I'd even suffer through a gluten-free crust (whether that be some alternative flour or a cauliflower crust) if I could just have the cheese. Seriously considering finally trying to make some cashew cheese.

I browsed through Pinterest for paleo recipes and found this blog, where I found some promising stuff. I've been massively disappointed in the coconut milks I've been purchasing lately (even my trusty Chaokoh brand has gone to shit) so I'm gonna try making almond milk per her directions.

Last night [ profile] mckitterick and I plowed through the last three episodes of the first season of American Horror Story and...

The previous eleven episodes absolutely blew me away, and then the last one, I was like What the hell just happened but not in a good way, in a Were these even the same writers way. So many loose ends, so many unbelievable situations. And yeah, it's fantastical fiction, I get that, but the thing about fantastical fiction, especially horror, is that you've got to make the things that happen in that world be believable for that world. The season finale utterly and completely failed to do that. Oh man, I was so angry and I tried to contain it because I didn't want to spoil [ profile] mckitterick's enjoyment (he is much more forgiving about...well, everything than I am). I'm still so so so irritated and disappointed, today, though. IT WAS SO GOOD until that last episode--really up until the last half of the last episode. I was getting worried as I watched the clock tick down because I had a sinking feeling they were not going to be able to wrap things up satisfactorily and I was right.

And now I can't say I'm terribly motivated to watch the other seasons because now my guard is up against having the rug pulled out from under me.


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