Apr. 10th, 2015

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It took me a day to settle in emotionally, but I think today will be better. The first day is always difficult for me because I honestly just do not enjoy leaving my house, so being in a different place is a little unsettling for me. Also, people are always (and reasonably/expectedly) Just! So! Excited! the first day to see all their fan friends. It's difficult for me hear, though, when a lot of people are talking in a room. It takes an exhausting amount of effort for me to track a conversation with one person when a dozen others are talking nearby. So that added to the stress of the day.

I met a couple new people and look forward to meeting up with the adorable and so hot Moriarty cosplayer who agreed to be my date for Saturday's Mormor party. Also, [livejournal.com profile] write_out arrives today and that will probably be the best part of my day.

Registration is at 3pm. I think con programming starts at 4pm. I haven't even looked at the schedule.

I regret bringing only one pack of cigarettes. The local shop didn't sell my brand, so I might try to make an excursion elsewhere today. I bought a pack of nasty new Djarums that will be my Smokes of Last Resort if I can't find Mores anywhere. There was a store that sold them last year, but I guess they're closed now. TYPICAL.

Yesterday I am counting the grueling walk from the train station to the hotel and helping the con organizers unload their vans as my intentional movement. I sweated through my shirt. Both times.


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