Apr. 15th, 2015

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Hm. There's not much to add, really, beyond what I mentioned in my daily reports. I didn't attend any of the panels that produced wank (good), I myself was not involved in any wank (good), and I'm such a nobody in this fandom that I can easily avoid becoming enmeshed in wank (good). Other points that I might not have mentioned in my daily missives:

I got to dance with someone I didn't know in a very good rock-step swing (I didn't even have to lead, it was amazing) and then indulged in some wonderfully filthy grinding with him later on. I also led a charming person in a rock-step swing number and I didn't even knock off their hat. I later heard mutterings about the crappy music but whatever. I will dance to nearly anything. I do hope next year the DJ is a little more prepared with current songs in her library and that the event lasts longer than two hours but I think this might have been a last-minute thing?

I had an insight about a maybe why everyone finds everyone so attractive at this con. We're among our people, so we're happy, and happy people are attractive. Simple, right? There's a lot of encouragement and body positivity and acceptance and that all goes into a very potent mix of attraction. It's pretty great to see people from every point of every spectrum--size, sexuality, gender, whatever--being appreciated and deemed hot. That and yeah, there are some fucking sexy beasts at this con.

I successfully pitched due South to someone Sunday evening in the Three Patch Podcast suite. This is one of the people I abandoned at the train station (see below) [livejournal.com profile] aprilstarchild, did you by any chance get contact information for them? I would love to touch base to see if they ever watch it.

As usual, I left the con with the feeling of I Am Never Doing This Again but by the time I was driving home from the airport I was in better humor. It was just a lot of people for me, and the understanding that people are there to socialize is always tricky for me to navigate. Also, the energy I spend just trying to literally hear/understand people in an open environment is enormous. [livejournal.com profile] write_out and I bonded over our shared techniques of "I don't have a clue what you just said but I'm not going to ask you to repeat yourself again" nodding.

Here's my idea for a con event. It's like speed dating, only it's just small conversations with other con-goers. Everybody has five to ten minutes of conversation with two other people and then you move on to the next person. If you hit it off, you could make arrangements to talk more later. I would love that.

I hear people talk about "con drop" and I would like to experience that, even though I'm sure it's a drag. I want the opportunity to feel what it feels like to enjoy being around people that much. I'm gonna be honest, here, it was difficult for me to muster the enthusiasm to greet even [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick upon my return home.

When [livejournal.com profile] aprilstarchild and I got to the MARTA station (Atlanta's public transit), she and the other person who came from the hotel with us had to add money to their cards. I'd paid for a round-trip pass, so I went ahead to the platform. A train arrived before they came up the escalator and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't hesitate even a moment before getting on that train to the airport. I did text April, to let her know I wasn't abducted by aliens, but god it was nice to just sit as much by myself as I was going to get until Kansas City.

If I go next year, I am driving. Let me rephrase that. If I can't drive the Chevelle to this con next year, I'm not going. The negative traveling experiences that bookended the trip were exhausting (it wasn't just the TSA BS) and I don't think I can do them again. It'll be a long drive back home, but so much easier for me, emotionally. NGL, by Monday morning, thirteen hours alone in a car would've sounded like heaven.


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