Apr. 28th, 2015

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I do not feel good.

I'm swollen like whoa. Woke up this morning already swollen. Thirty-nine inches around my navel (that's over my shirt, but still). My usual navel measurement is around 32". I don't know if this the new supplements I'm taking or that I'm eating like crap lately (for my value of "crap").

Last night's yoga was difficult. I was slightly out of breath and my arms were exhausted after five sun salutations. My left side was weak and unstable in the standing poses. My back twinged coming out of every lunging stance.

I didn't sleep well because of mild but constant stomach discomfort, which I carried around pretty much all day yesterday. I had a little bit of pain after I took this morning's supplements, but that seems to have calmed down, even if the swelling hasn't.

This weekend I tried a baking soda clarifying treatment on my hair which pulled out a lot of build-up (the paste that fell out of my hair afterward was a disgusting yellowish-pink) but also pulled out a lot of my curl. I'm not happy about that and I'm not sure how to get the curl back. I'm treating it every day with a curl-enhancing conditioner and then my usual curl lotion, but it's still pretty limp. MERMAID HAIR NO MORE.

I took photos of my outfits last week and yesterday, but the camera I used is such crap that the photos were useless. I couldn't tell in some photos if those were skirts with tights or just leggings and I was the one wearing the clothes. So I need to use the better camera--which a problem because it's a big digital SLR thing and not a teeny click-and-shoot so it'll block a portion of my body--or deal with using a timer so I can use flash instead of shooting myself in the mirror. Or do both. UGH. I am not sure I'm that committed to documenting my fashion statements, y'all.

The CSSF summer stuff is rolling in. I told [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick that this was my last year helping out with housing stuff. I won't do it anymore. It makes me miserable. Sucks for him, but I'm not willing to sacrifice my happiness on that altar anymore.

On top of all of that, I'm kind of broke. I spent more money last month than I realized, and I'm due to buy a hog in the next couple weeks. Time for austerity measures.

Some small good news, at least. I got the referral to see the MovNat guy at Elite Physical Therapy in Kansas City. He had an opening for tomorrow at 5pm so I took it even though it means driving to KC twice in two days.

Today's Tumblr collection is Tuesday, April 28: Nature.

Update: One of our lecturers just made me feel better about life. He came into my office and said "Manka, this is a weird question, but I feel like of anyone here, you might be able to help me. Do you have any dental floss?" And because I floss like it's my religion, I did.

Take your victories where you can, folks.

Update 2: Just finished lunch and here come the stomach cramps again.

Okay, so Resolution Time. Squeaky-clean eating habits for the next week so I can figure out if it's my shitty eating lately (so many nuts/dried fruit treats) or the new supplementation program.


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