Apr. 30th, 2015

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I just realized what is currently bogging me down in my job (I was doing great there for a couple weeks, but not so much now). It's listening to the other secretary chat incessantly (seriously, for hours a day) in the hallway, close enough to my office that I can follow the conversation with ease. I'm very capable of tuning things out, but her voice is so clear and the fact that she spends so much of the day just chatting (while I seem to pick up more work every semester) irritates the fuck out of me and I can't ignore it.

My solution: I'm going to wear my earbuds in both ears so as to be able to ignore her. If someone complains, I'm gonna tell them exactly why I'm doing it. I need to get my ass in gear here, I'm having a hell of a time doing it, and I have a possible remedy for what's keeping me from effectively doing my job. Anyone has a problem with it, they can find me a different solution (like eliminating the fucking problem) or they can take a good, long look at my middle finger.

Detailed thoughts about Tim the PT guy and my conversation with Star coming soon. Quick synopsis, though:
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Good news, I think Tim the PT guy and I have the potential for a really great working relationship. Not so great (but not terribly surprising), I have a lot more wrong stuff that needs fixing with my body than I thought. Let's start at the top? Click for a laughably long to-do list )

To be honest, I walked out of the session a little overwhelmed and thinking sheer fucking force of will must've been the only thing that allowed me to deadlift 140lbs and push-press 70lbs last year. But I also had a near-tear-inducing realization of Holy Shit Imagine What I'll Accomplish When I Correct These Issues.


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