May. 8th, 2015

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For you music-lovers (who, like me, carry a lot of different stuff on the iPod or whatever device), do you have those times where you scroll through your collection and go "Ugh I need to get some new music" because everything you see is just old and over-listened but you don't have the money (or motivation) to actually get some new music so you finally decide "Well okay, I haven't listened to this in ages, fine, whatever, I'll listen to this" and then after two songs you're all "Why the fuck haven't I listened to this lately? This is great!" That's what I'm feeling about Janis Martin today.

It's still rough for me to listen to this style of music too much because I really really really miss having an in-house partner-dance companion at my disposal, but it's damn fine music.

I was talking to someone yesterday about this--how I feel like we're headed toward a sort of minor dark ages. Not as bleak a distopia as that depicted in a lot of current literature and media, but I think we're on a downward slide that isn't going to improve anytime soon. It came up in the context of downloading our awareness to computers and how I used to be opposed to the idea of it for myself but now I'm not so sure. It might be nice to not be subject to the whims of this body all the time.

Hurray for new shoes! I needed new summer shoes because I am very, very tired of my Dansko Mary Jane clogs, which have been my main summer shoes (those and my Chucks) for (god) ten years. They arrived last night and I'm wearing them today. They're comfortable and cute and I like them.

Last night I got some cooking done finally.

More mobility suggestions for getting into the splits. This is mostly for me to check out later. I haven't watched the videos yet, and I admit some concern about the spelling errors, but it might have some good ideas. Speaking of hip mobility, I did some rolling out last night and wow could I tell it'd been a while. Ugh, they were so tender and stiff. They still feel tender and stiff. In fact, it feels like they're full of something. Cotton wadding? Wet sand? Something. My entire outside hip area, top to bottom from gluteus medias to front pelvic bone feels stuck and sludgy. It's gross.

But it's Friday and it's Stop Day, which at KU means offices are open but there's no classes, no exams, no nothing. It's super quiet. Nice. And I'm taking Monday off.


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