May. 28th, 2015


May. 28th, 2015 11:49 am
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I'm on my third day of fatigue and figured I'd better document it because documentation is important. I had to take the elevator up one floor to get to my office this morning. Thank gods [ profile] mckitterick was awake to give me a ride up the hill to work because oh god that would've been so tiring otherwise. Stupid, stupid fatigue.

Check out these liquid matte lipsticks. I want Mars and Soul. I'm tempted to order them, but 1) money, and 2) my lips peel at the drop of a hat, so I'm always leery to drop cash on lipstick that I can't return.

Speaking of make-ups, I'm gonna get rid of all my single-pot eye shadows. I know you're not supposed to share make-ups, but whatever. I was in theater. I've been sharing cosmetics since I was fourteen. If anyone wants my colors, let me know. They're dramatic, high-pigment, colorful stuff that I mostly used for dance and out-on-the-town makeup.

The guy who plays The Doof Warrior in Mad Max Fury Road is an Australian musician and his style is not what you'd expect from his performance in the film.

There's a meme going around Tumblr that says "Reblog with what you would tell your 13-year-old self in the tags." The only one I can think of is Stop starving yourself. So what if you're chubbier than other girls your age. Starving yourself now is going to do some major damage down the road. Everything else, though, nah. It was good to have those lessons actually happen. I might throw in a few little things, though, like Your obsession with Duran Duran is going to be 100% justified when they're still relevant in your 40s, so don't be embarrassed at how much you love them, or Ignore whats-her-name's snide comments about making fashion statements. Yes, you are making a fashion statement and you look fantastic.

Now my 25-year-old self? She could've used some advice on two major issues.

Stop wasting your time on weight machines. Get a trainer. HSES grad students are cheap for hire for KU students. Get your ass in the free weight room and don't stop going to the gym just because your boyfriend wants you to sleep in with him in the mornings.

Don't buy the house with D. In fact, just break up with him after that major fuck-up of his early in the relationship. He might be super cute, but he is bad news for you.

Would you give advice to younger you?


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