Jun. 10th, 2015

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Me and three other people (two of whom I know in real life, Sarah F and Matt J, not on LJ) were part of a special forces unit that was tough but technologically-inclined. Sort of like the Expendables, but nerdy. We'd been falsely accused of something (OF COURSE) and decided to retaliate by stealing some technology that would expose the organization.

Early in the dream, we were flying a tiny airplane out of the country (Sarah and the dude I don't know in real life were piloting) and my mom kept calling me. Now, I have this thing in real life where my phone doesn't reliably stay off. I'll turn it off and then it will spontaneously power up which is a bit of a stressor on actual plane flights, let me tell you. So anyway, I could not get the fucking thing to stop vibrating (I'd at least turned off the ringer) and finally I answered with a "Mom I'm really busy this is a bad time do you have an emergency" and she was all "No I just have this funny story." I told her to please just wait and I'd call back when I could.

Scene change to the inside of a tiny, foreign airport (must have been some tropical location because there were palm trees and ferns all over, even in the building). Matt J and I were carrying this piece of technology (it fit in a backpack) through the airport, trying to avoid security. We saw two of them talking like they'd just heard information and start looking around at people. So we hurried to find a place to hide, which was on top of this 10- or 12-foot partition. Matt J climbed up (he's a good climber in real life) and I threw the backpack up, then he helped me get up. There was just enough room for us to lie lined up flat on the top of the wall, with his head near my feet, the backpack between us. And my phone started vibrating again in my back pocket.

Now, Matt J is super cool and gets happy-excited about stuff, not often visibly upset or angry, but I could feel his annoyance radiating at me and I dream-remembered his irritation sitting in the other passenger seat of the tiny plane when my phone kept buzzing. There wasn't a thing I could do because the partition we were lying on was so narrow if I moved to get at my back pocket, my arm movement would have been visible past the edge of the partition. So I just lay there, hoping the noise of the airport would drown out the buzzing as these police passed us. STOP CALLING ME, MOM. JESUS.

It sounds stressful, but I was so amused by it I woke myself up smiling.

I picked up Muse's new album that dropped yesterday. I can say after six listens that it's...not as horrible as I'd feared? I'm a big, big Muse fan, but the single I'd heard a while back bothered me. The song itself is good, but the drill sergeant screaming put me off. Heard in the context of the whole album, it's not as awful, but it still sets me on edge. Which I know is the point, but I get less pleasure from listening to it. I also feel like the message of this album is surprisingly ham-fisted at this point in their careers. Lyrically, this feels like a first or second album, not a seventh. One of the things I love about Muse (apart from the fact that I think they're amazingly talented in all sorts of ways) is that they're still an album-oriented band and I love listening to albums that are a cohesive whole, where the sum is more than the parts. I know it's a dying art/technique and I'm not gonna lie that I'm disappointed in this latest effort from them. Sound-wise, it's great--gorgeously complex and bombastic, as always. Just a little too in-your-face. When I compare it to The Second Law, it just does not hold up. Maybe I'll feel better after I've listened to it more over the course of the next couple weeks. Is anyone else a Muse fan? D'you have thoughts about Drones yet?


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