Jun. 11th, 2015

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Well I'm going to Con*Strict in July. That was unexpected. See? I can do spontaneous.

A zillion thanks to [livejournal.com profile] splix for her influence and assistance in helping me make my decision to go. I think this will be a good con for me. It's small, it's in Las Vegas, and two of the panel topics are The Women of Mad Max and Fuck You Joss Whedon (not really, but there's a decidedly anti-Joss-"feminism" slant to the panel title).

I wrapped up everything I need to do for the Campbell Conference this morning. We have a record number of preregistered attendees this year, so that's pretty cool. So close to being done with CSSF stuff, y'all. There are still a few things that could come up at this point (things I'd have to deal with), but not much.

Some people talked to me about Muse's latest album yesterday (not on LJ though) and I finally realized what it is about it. Drones is all of Muse's bad qualities, on one album, with very few of their good ones. Now that I can put my finger on what was putting me off about it, I feel better about writing this one off as a loss. I guess every artist is eventually going to put out something that disappoints. I've had several musicians disappoint me with their recent follow-up albums. IMO, One Direction's Four is mostly tedious except for one or two songs, Gaga's Artpop is basically unlistenable, Katy Perry's Prism has more misses than hits, Enrique's Sex+Love has way too much Pitbull for me to enjoy it, Maroon 5's V is just dull. It has not been a good time for me and new pop releases is what I'm saying. The one pop album that didn't disappoint was Taylor Swift's 1989. It's her first marketed-as-pop album and (notably) the first album of hers that I've liked all the way through.

So I'm thinking it's time to start looking outside of pop for a while again. My faves seem to be in a slump. Recently recommended to me were Finger Eleven, Elbow, and Dredg. Here's hoping I take a shine to one of them because I really need some new music that I like.


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