Jun. 29th, 2015

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All these links I'm posting for posterity/my own reference when I can finally push my body again. Not sure whether they're motivating or depressing. Anyway. Working into middle/side splits.

I tried one of my fancy new serger stitches this weekend and it didn't work, but I did learn some things. I'm much more confident about a successful re-thread of the machine happening within three attempts, and cover stitch takes a really long time to rip out and leaves holes in your fabric. But hey! Practice.

You might consider checking out the Alameda county fair pig race that Mallory Ortberg posted on the Toast today.

I'm not sure if I lost my box of Clever Manka calling/business cards or if I actually gave away 100 of those things. In any case, I need to order more if I want them for Con*Strict which dear god is so much sooner than I'm ready for. This weekend is [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick's birthday weekend (also the first full weekend he's home since May 23rd), next weekend I'm in Indy visiting my parents, and then...Con*Strict. Not a lot of time to get stuff done for it.

I would like to make myself some travel clothes. The dress I put together this weekend came out super cute (despite the failed cover stitch) and I'd like to have two of those to take, along with some re-fashioned leggings, but...there's also the fact I learned this weekend that this con is small enough I get to make my own badge for it. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT. Oh hell yes.

More opportunities to practice art! What a fun thing and rare to make my own con badge. Definitely something Mad Max themed. Pretty sure I'm gonna use this image as the base. ALSO I found someone who says she'd like to receive the altered portrait of Furiosa when I finish it. Knowing I have an owner lined up for a piece of art is so helpful for me. Obviously the portrait isn't even gonna get started before I return from Las Vegas. And the badge obviously has the priority before new clothes. If only I didn't have this pesky day job.

Seriously, though, looking at the calendar of my current vacation days for July, I'm only in the office thirteen days for the month. That will get my accrued vacation time below 200 hours for the first time in five years.


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