Jul. 13th, 2015

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Not kidding, I teared up a little bit when [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick and I walked in the house last night. The house smelled a little stale, but man, so good to be home. I-70 from KC to Indianapolis is terrible. It was bad when I used to do it regularly ten years ago, but it's only gotten worse. Two construction zones in every state, standstill traffic on the interstate there and back, and even more semi-trucks than there used to be. Ugh. Just awful. Seriously reconsidering driving the Chevelle out there when it's done. I think that would just be miserable and nerve-wracking.

Had a good time while we were there, at least! The Dream Cars exhibit at the IMA was beautiful. Then on Saturday we went to the Indy 500 museum. [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick did the full tour with Daddy the day before while I hung out a bit with Mommy. They have a program where you can drive around the track, but they also have one where you can drive around a smaller inner track in a super car (not an Indycar or stock car). I want to do it (because they had at least a Ferrari and a Lamborghini that we saw), but I can't find the option on their website.

Sadly, Mommy's understanding of "I want to go thrifting" meant "I want to hit the two Goodwills closest to you in the two hours we have before you have to get back to the house to start dinner." *sadface* At least that let me get a nap in?

Really not sure I'm up to making that drive again, though, ever, under any circumstances.

I've admired this artist's plushies for ages and she's having a sale right now. I'm gonna order a Fraser/RayK pair.

Because I can't put up a post without some reference to physical self-care, have some tips on keeping your thoracic spine healthy with foam-rolling (beware of annoying auto-load video).

I would very much like a print of this guy's artwork.

I spent some glorious time making my mermaid self.

Either my swelling issues are out of control (again), or I've been putting on some major weight in the past couple weeks. I'm not letting myself get too worried about it yet, but when I return from Con*Strict I'm going to start a food journal to make sure I'm not mindlessly eating. Since my movement is going to be restricted until my labrum heals (I'm not even supposed to walk too much for godssake), I can't afford to be taking in calories I'm not burning.

Speaking of my health, I mentioned to my mom about my menstrual issues (she was a nurse) and she said she'd be shocked if I didn't have uterine fibroids from the symptoms I listed. So that's...depressing but not surprising. Tomorrow I'll make an appointment with my PCP to talk about that. But that's also an after-Con*Strict thing because I don't feel like (psychologically and emotionally) dealing with it before and also the chances of my getting an appointment before Thursday are slim to none.

Today I have to do all the things I usually do on the weekends (grocery shopping, food prep, laundry), color my roots, put the jerky for my trip in the dehydrator, and I'd like to make at least one more tee shirt tank dress. We'll see. I also have to not exhaust myself. My energy levels in Indy were pretty low.

Also I am never going to catch up on my tumblr dash and I am okay with that. Paging through what I could, I made peace with the fact that this was the year Tom Hiddleston and Channing Tatum were both at San Diego Comic Con. I'm telling myself it's just as well I went last year. If I'd gone this year I'd have been motivated to make An Agenda instead of letting myself float along with a whatever-happens-happens attitude.


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