Jul. 15th, 2015

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Obviously they have not fixed the AC problem. They thought they did, but neglected to contact anyone in the affected building to confirm the problem was actually fixed. Typical.

I have an appointment with Dr. Jonah tonight and instead of driving back to Lawrence, I'm staying the night in KC with [livejournal.com profile] miischelle so I have only a half-hour drive to the airport tomorrow morning instead of a 75-90 minute drive. That's good, because this is, I think, gonna be a full flight and I don't want to get on it with an hour and a half in the car behind me. I checked in online this morning, fifteen minutes after the slot opened up for online cattle call (ugh, Southwest), and I'm in the second half of B boarding group. For a 5:30am flight. Ugh. I decided to check my luggage. I don't want to be That Person trying to find space in an overhead bin. It's a non-stop flight so hopefully nothing will go wrong.

My stomach is so swollen today it's touching the keyboard rest of my standing desk. Compared to this image, I am equivalent to the fifth stage of this image (first image on bottom row). Much big. So discomfort.

God it's so fucking hot in here. My office has no air movement. This is miserable. It's not even noon.

I am strongly tempted to tap out early today.


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