Jul. 19th, 2015

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Two really good panels (two of the lesser-populated panels, I think: the supernatural/horror in television media and the one discussing Whedon vs. Miller's approach to feminism and the changing attitudes toward women in Hollywood in general). I was surprised that there were only five of us in that second one. I guess not many people want to engage in such a fraught topic at something that borders on a relax-a-con.

I had a good time at this con and if the money (and time) are available, I'll probably go next year. Did I mention more than a couple due South people? None of them are in the fandom any longer, but it's nice to talk about the show with new people who have fannish perspectives on the show.

My shuttle driver to the airport was fantastic. If you're in an area serviced by the SuperShuttle people, I can at least say the Vegas representatives of the franchise are pretty great. And I sailed through security, which was...unusual. I even got pulled aside, not for additional screening, but into the TSA pre-check line since things were backing up at the x-ray machine. I just had to walk through a metal detector. NICE. Maybe they won't search my luggage!

I tell you one thing, though, I'm done with seeing this side of 4:00am for a while. Also, I'm going to lock myself in the house next weekend and not see anybody for at least 24 hours.


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