Jul. 20th, 2015

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Hello to the new people I met at Con*Strict who friended me here!

I slept ten hours in my own bed last night and it was beautiful. In case you didn't know, I fucking love my bed. I have an exquisite (and expensive) mattress, the bed itself is gorgeous, and I've embellished it with fringed fabric for curtains, tassels, fairy lights, and other random decorations (silk flowers, metal ornaments, etc.). It looks like something out of a modern Arabian Nights. It's a good bed and I miss it second only to [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick when I'm traveling alone. Well, it and being able to eat safely and reliably. But mmmm. Bed. I'll go hungry if it means spending more time in my bed which is exactly what I did today.

The topic of bloomers came up in Friday's Open Thread on The Toast and someone very kindly mentioned my Etsy shop. I got a few comments there and on Etsy about re-listing, and five people favorited my shop. So I'm going to spend this week getting the shop re-stocked, and listing the newly-made pairs since I have only ten pairs or so already made and the larger sizes are woefully understocked.

That means I have to transition the current state of the sewing room from set up for re-fashioned clothes to set up for bloomers and that alone is gonna take a couple hours of work. I'll pack my dance costumes into long-term storage during the re-org. I need to get rid of so much of that, but I'm not sure how. Hardly anyone buys used dance costumes, and the only things that might fetch a good price (my metal bras and coin belts) are the things I'm keeping.

I suppose I'd best get a move on. I haven't made breakfast yet. Or showered. I'm obviously still on Pacific time.


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