Jul. 21st, 2015

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My phone is dying, which is probably for the best since otherwise I would never get rid of it. I have an uneven relationship with technology. I love using it but I hate learning it, so once I adapt to something (a version of software or a particular product), I am resistant to updates and changes. My phone looks like this:

Only (believe it or not) with fewer function keys. It's old. Old as in people-look-at-me-funny-when-I-use-it-in-public old. But the last time I cared about public opinion of me was, like, 1984, so... The problem is the voice function is failing and there's no guarantee I'll be able to hear you or you'll be able to hear me during a phone call. Not like anyone ever talks on their phone nowadays, but still. For the time being, those of you with my digits, text me if you need to reach me speedily.

Organizing my sewing room for bloomer production was moderately successful. I need to find some wire hangers, though, because the way I want to organize my thriftstore finds for re-fashioning does not allow for the size of plastic hangers. Well, the number of clothes and size of the closet do not allow. I don't suppose anyone local has a stash of wire hangers I could have/buy? I can find them pretty cheap online, but if I can avoid buying new, I'd rather.

I am not exactly thrilled to be back in the office today but there's only three more working days until my next four-day weekend. This vacation every Friday and Monday thing is fantastic. Hurray for burning off excess vacation accrual!

Today's Tumblr is Tuesday, July 21: Due South (part seven).


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