Jul. 28th, 2015

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Today's Tumblr collection is Tuesday, July 28: Mad Max Meta.
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[livejournal.com profile] foxestacado asked me in email about bodytipping (putting dollars in a bellydancer's costume) because she couldn't find my post on it and I couldn't find it, either. I must have forgotten to tag it. So here's what I wrote her, in case you're ever in need for this info. Obviously, this is my own opinion on the topic, but if you're in a situation where bodytipping is appropriate, I think you'll be safe following these guidelines.

1. Make sure the person accepts body tipping, either by the subject being mentioned, or by watching someone else do it first.

2. Make eye contact with the dancer and subtly hold up a folded dollar bill. Fold it into fourths short-wise, not the long skinny-wise folded bills you see at strip clubs. Absolutely nothing wrong with strippers, IMO, just the function of this fold is different. It's not getting threaded through a g-string strap--it's going into the side of their belt and needs to stick.

3. When the dancer approaches you, they might bust a few moves for your table (it depends in the size of the restaurant, number of patrons, her personal style, etc.). Give them a chance to do so. If/When they cock a hip and holds it for a moment, take that moment to dive in and push the bill in between her body and the belt. Try to avoid sticking it in the very front crotch area or very back butt crack area. They might also present a shoulder strap or back bra area if the belt is already full of tips.

4. Belts and bras are TIGHT so they don't move around while a dancer is shaking it. To increase the chances that your dollar won't fall out, insert your dollar using what I call the "tip taco" method (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] miischelle for this term). Fold the already-folded dollar around your index and middle fingers, holding it against the pads with your thumb. When you push your two fingers down into the belt or strap, the bill gets pushed down as well. Pull out your fingers quickly and the money stays.

And then a general rule for watching a belly dancer: Never be afraid to actually look at what they're doing. They (hopefully) spent a long time learning how to dance. Don't be embarrassed to watch their body move! It's actually very flattering when people do this. We can tell the difference between leering and artistic appreciation and it's honestly a relief to be able to dance for people who don't insist on maintaining eye contact the whole time.


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