Aug. 9th, 2015

Late Night

Aug. 9th, 2015 09:17 am
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Does anybody who follows me here read Arthur/Eames? I just wrapped up this amazing story and although I will never re-read it, it's one of the best-written fics I've experienced. The characterization is fantastic, the plot is intricate and heavily detailed, the action scenes are nothing short of brilliant, and the sex is hot. It doesn't romanticize or glamorize at all what it would be like to be a professional criminal. It's long, and worth it. The author of that fic left in the comments to it her rec list for that pairing. A lot of the links are dead or locked, but I hope to find some available gems.

Check out these amazing coloring books. Just for the record, if anyone's ever interested in buying me something, I'd be interested in Art Nouveau Patterns, or any of the three Mehandi design books.

Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxing day. I really-for-real practiced some yoga, and I got a two hour nap in the afternoon (!) and felt fine for the 11pm Latenight Callers show at Replay. Oh my goodness so many people were there! I'm so happy my LNC friends are pulling such great crowds.

Lots to get done today, though. Laundry never sleeps.

ETA: I'm sending the ephemera packages today to the people who asked for them. If you like what I sent and would like more, let me know and we can work something out. I'm not worried about getting reimbursed for the $3 postage on these 6oz mailings, but if you want more (which I'd be thrilled to provide), a few bucks via PayPal would be appreciated.


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