Aug. 27th, 2015

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I didn't sleep well again. I couldn't fall asleep last night (very unusual for me), and then I had stress dreams again. Including several times of me forgetting I had to fast for this morning's bloodwork lab and getting frustrated about having to spit out my food, rinse my mouth, etc. Ugh. Stress dreams. Please stop.

So I was already fatigued going into the lab, and the phlebotomist who's been there for ages and has always been great...I dunno something he did today really hurt. And because I have so many tests being done, I had to fill four vials with a super uncomfortable needle. Ouch.

Then I had my appointment with the doctor to talk to her about my menstrual issues. Well. She agreed with everyone's diagnosis about possible fibroids, and said I needed to get an ultrasound and she could see if they had any openings that morning. Lucky me, they did, so I found myself drinking a lot of water to prep for that ultrasound which wasn't bad. It was the surprise transvaginal ultrasound that sucked. It's no surprise that women who haven't had children have somewhat narrower cervices, and it took a lot of effort to get things up in there for the sound wand to pick anything up. The best part of it was I (hopefully for the one and only time in my life) got to use a "that's what she said" during a gynecological exam.

A girl's gotta keep her sense of humor when presented with an unexpected invasive medical procedure.

Anyway, they found one sizeable fibroid (7-8mm) and a bonus polyp! Apparently my uterus decided it was going to grow something before it expired, by god. So they're gonna contact me in the next week or so to schedule surgery to evict the unwanted squatters.

Then I went to the dentist where I told one of my old fillings (where the enamel on a molar wore thin ages ago) is aging and it looks like there's some decay under it. So I get to take care of that in a couple weeks, too.

Because the dentist took longer than usual (I usually take less time than normal at the dentist because I'm usually problem free there), I didn't have time to stop at home for lunch on my way to KC for PT and Dr. Jonah.

Of course, I was still fasting from the morning bloodwork. I swung by Natural Grocer's on my way out of town for something and in the five minutes I had, I grabbed a fruit-nut bar and an Epic bar, which I hate because to me they have the texture of being pre-chewed but god I needed some fucking protein already.

Physical therapy was...fine, I guess. He didn't see as much progress as he expected, I don't think, and my honesty in telling him about some regression of healing in both my hip and back (I've had some discomfort sitting crosslegged and my SI joint/sciatic nerve thing has flared up the past couple days) meant the lifting prepwork has been pushed back a bit.

Thank god everything went okay with Dr. Jonah. It was just a regular flow/adjustment session, though. We have our consultation on Monday, which we're doing via Skype. Here's hoping that goes okay, just from a technological level.

And now I'm going to eat some dinner and pour myself a fucking drink most definitely not in that order.


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