Sep. 7th, 2015

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It's humid today. I showered at 10am and my hair is still uncomfortably damp at 1pm. o_O This morning I texted a fellow ex-Rennie friend to say "I am literally ironing sheets right now and it's better than being out at KCRF." So for those of you who were worried I miss it? NAH.

I have a sinking suspicion that some of my headaches might be from my changing eyesight. While I expected to have deteriorating close focus, what's getting worse faster is my distance vision. After doing a lot of close-up work this morning (picking out stitching in some thrift store clothes I'm altering), I can tell how my distance vision has deteriorated since the LASIK surgery. When I close my left (dominant) eye, I can't distinguish separate leaves in the trees across the street anymore. There's something very Flowers for Algernon about this. I was 100% on board with needing reading glasses but I am in no way prepared for needing corrective lenses for distance vision again. I don't have the money to pay for a second surgery, and I'd have to wait until my prescription settled down, anyway.

This morning I made two pillowcases for [ profile] mckitterick's new pillow (JFC king-size pillowcases are insanely expensive) out of an old sheet (hence the ironing sheets), finished the laundry, and cleaned the kitchen. \o/

Now I'm waiting on [ profile] mckitterick to return from his write group. In response to my query about his plans for lunch, he said at 12:45 that he was finishing a scene. Right before I started this entry, I asked him if I could start another project or if he was going to be home within the hour. No response, but I know for 100% certain that if I start a new project, he'll get home as soon as I have everything pulled out for maximum mess which I'll then have to look at for the rest of the week until I have time again on Saturday to work on it. *sigh*

Life with a writer.




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