Sep. 11th, 2015

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I used to be blonde ponytail girl. I'm glad to say I'm dark short haired girl, now. GROWTH.

Tom Hiddleston tweeted the first clip from I Saw the Light. Oh my god you guys this movie's gonna kill me. He sounds so much like him.

[ profile] mckitterick doesn't like country music (to the point that he claims Johnny Cash isn't a country singer because he likes Johnny Cash but doesn't like country music, therefore Johnny Cash isn't a country singer to which I think most of us will call bullshit but it's okay whatever moving on) and sometimes that makes me a little sad because I really like country music. I even like some modern pop country. All genres of music have a lot of crap, but man, that swing and twang? SO GOOD. sigh

I'm glad I can count on [ profile] redheadfae going to see this with me. If [ profile] msmitti can make it to town for a visit when it's playing, that'd be wonderful. hint hint It opens the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, ladies.

I look at a lot of refashioned/recycled clothes designs. A lot of them. And 99% of the time, I firmly believe there is nothing you can do with old ties that doesn't look like a bunch of old ties thrown together. Horrible. But check these out. A jacket (what makes this succeed IMO is the interrupted lines--it's not just horizontal lines that screams I AM MADE OF TIES), an ottoman, and (my least favorite, but still kind of pretty) a rug.


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