Sep. 24th, 2015

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Still coughing (productive cough, gross), but my throat isn't as sore, and energy levels are better. I usually have a sinus pressure headache by evening, though. [ profile] mckitterick started feeling a sore throat last night, poor guy.

I've determined our mysterious skin-nibblers are pin oak mites. I didn't get a single bite during the four days I spent indoors during my convalescence, but after my walk home from work yesterday, I have four. Two on my neck (ugh), one on my right side near the bottom of my ribs, and one just under my left armpit. I hope the one on my neck doesn't bruise like the one on my right arm, which is still a two-inch across discoloration two weeks later. They all itch so bad. Even the old, bruised one still itches occasionally. Lucky me, I get to walk to and fro across campus twice today, and then walk home. Can't wait to see what I wake up with tomorrow. I'll try showering as soon as I get home. See if that helps.

Despite my comparative non-compliance with the prescribed exercises this month (too tired to do them twice a day), PT guy Tim was happy with my progress. I tested negative for both labrum and SI joint/sciatic inflammation. We spent a lot of time (drumroll, please!) working on setup for deadlift. He showed me some small adjustments I can make to allow for tight hips and ankles that will protect my knees and back.

But before I start lifting anything, I'll be working on increasing my general stamina by...walking. PT guy Tim told me to limit walks to a half mile at first and pay close attention to my gait. When it starts to change/falter, I need to slow down or stop. I heard there was a small indoor track at the free (old, cheap) gym available to faculty/staff, but I've never seen it and I don't know if it's still open. Waiting on a call back about that. No way am I taking outside walks any more than I need to. If the indoor track thing falls through, I might just use my lunch break to walk around the upstairs part of my building (where I do my hourly walkabout). It's only 1/6 of a mile so gets kind of dull, but it's better than being eaten alive.

I'm also feeling a little more confident about resuming yoga after the all-clear. I won't be doing anything fancy. None of that wonderful prep for hanuamnasana for a while, but some nice, gentle hip-openers with basic strengthening poses will be good.

Movement in general will be good. Not being able to exercise/feel strong has a negative influence on my eating habits. I don't like to police my eating, but with an eating disorder, I do have to be aware of my eating habits. I let those slip somewhat egregiously over the last six months. I'm honestly a bit concerned about fitting into last year's winter clothes so it's time to reverse that trend before I switch out the seasonal wardrobes.

Current goal: Fitting back into the jeans I'm wearing in that icon.


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