Dec. 4th, 2015

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I spent over $100 at the grocery store yesterday which was surprising since I'd gone in to purchase only food-I-think-I-could-eat-under-dire-circumstances which pretty much means potatoes in any form. I bought two bags of potato chips with ingredients I am not technically allergic to, as well as a bag of Yukon Golds that I'm throwing in the Crock Pot tomorrow to cook down for mashed potatoes. Also some garnet yams and Japanese sweet potatoes just because. I baked four of the largest Golds and put them in the fridge so I can make fried potatoes if I'm feeling particularly energetic. Pro tip for making fried potatoes? Bake them first! Thanks Grandma.

The surprise expenditure was due to the fact that they had Coconut Aminos on sale for a dollar off per bottle and since I use about a bottle of those every other week...Also, stocked up on almond butter because it's one of [personal profile] mckitterick's favorite foods and the man deserves to indulge himself while I'm binging on consoling myself with potato chips.

When I stopped by the library, I had the energy to get the one book I knew I wanted, but when I looked at the music section my heart and stamina failed. There was no way I was digging through those horribly disorganized and cram-packed racks that you have to take out a whole handful of sleeves to browse them. No, thank you. Maybe someday when I have an entire Saturday afternoon to spare? *sigh* Come on, library. Find a better way to organize your music collection. I wonder if/how I could browse the collection online.

The fact that today is my last day in the office for six weeks doesn't feel real. It's a good thing I spent the week busting my ass to get things done before my departure. My motivation for productivity at this point is low low low low low low low low.


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