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Up late with friends two nights in a row. DID I LEARN NOTHING LAST WEEKEND? Apparently not.

As soon as I pay my credit card bill this month, I'll be donating a bit of money to Mashrou Leila's fundraiser for their new album. This band is SO AMAZING, people. I wish I had the extra scratch lying around to qualify for the donation tier that gives the three-CD-and-a-tee-shirt reward. It occurs to me that if I would get off my ass and get my Etsy shop started, I might have the money for that. God, I just hate dealing with shit like that. I'm fine with making the product, mailing the product, etc., but I despise the process of putting the actual stuff online, describing it, filling in the shipping costs info, blah blah blah. WTF, self. Get to it, already. Jesus.

I am slowly ridding the refrigerator and cabinet of FODMAP stuff. Next week I'll be able to conform to Whole9's FODMAP shopping list without wasting food already on hand. I'll give that a month and see if it helps with the abdominal swelling issues.

Yesterday was my appointment with Dr. Khosh. Unfortunately, my thyroid results still weren't in, which was annoying but oh well. We talked about my improved energy levels now that I'm back on the Adrenal Cortex supplement and how the diuretic tincture he gave me might be helping with the swelling since I'm only suffering intense swelling episodes (defined as my stomach sticking out farther than my boobs) one or two days a week instead of every day. He also did an acupuncture treatment on me, and unless I see zero or negative results, I'll continue seeing him on a monthly basis for acupuncture since Kiva is gone. Once he had all the needles in me (and holy crap he put a lot of needles in--I didn't count, but probably close to twenty) he stuck two adhesive pads on my abdomen, right to either side of my navel, and hooked me up to a contraption that's basically a TENS unit and let that work its magic while the needles settled. That was kind of cool. And tickly. The needles he uses are teeny tiny things that I hardly felt at all. He even put a couple in the bottoms of my feet, and yeah, they were a little startling when they went in, but once they were in, it was no biggie. Those must be some crazy fine needles.

Last night we had three-quarters of The Latenight Callers over for drinks (hence the late but totally-worth-it evening) and were gifted with a copy of their new album. It's half new stuff and half re-recordings of some of the tracks from their previous two EPs. GOOD STUFF, FOLKS. Check them out, go see them live, buy their music.

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Kiva, my wonderful acupuncturist, is moving away. Her husband got a job elsewhere and they will be leaving Lawrence in early July.

I'm uncertain if I'll find another acupuncturist or just stop that therapy. She's going to visit Dr. Khosh for a treatment so she knows if she can recommend him to her patients, but he charges significantly more than Kiva, and I can barely afford weekly sessions with Kiva--even at a reduced rate. So...yeah.

My life.


Apr. 12th, 2013 10:20 am
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After last night's appointment with Kiva, and more than 36 hours after Wednesday's Epic Swelling Episode, my waist is still two and a half inches up from the last time I measured it.

Suit up

Oct. 30th, 2012 09:30 am
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I participated in the early voting opportunity yesterday. It was...anticlimactic. I think I prefer voting on Election Day. There's just this air of DRAMA that I appreciate. There was a noticeable lack of DRAMA AIR at the Burge Union. Interestingly (if unsurprisingly), my information didn't autofill in the poll-worker's computer like [ profile] mckitterick's did. Yet another issue with my identity being screwy (or flagged) in someone's system (but not as traumatic as the passport debacle).

Last night's yoga class was intense. It's not the class I'll be attending regularly (thank goodness), because I don't know that I'd be able to keep up with it. I loved the instructor and the way she ran the class--very engaging and humorous and demanding--but I'm just not strong enough (anymore/yet) to keep up. We held poses for so long that I started to sweat and shake. Not the restorative/rejuvenating yoga that Kiva recommended. Once I'm back in good health, though, I think I'll enroll in this class.

I learned One Very Interesting Thing in the class. One of the poses was basically this backbend, only supported by a chair. I tried it, and managed to hang backward over the seat of the chair for about five seconds before I started to get dizzy and nauseated. When the instructor came over to check on me, I told her what was going on and she said "That's your liver." Huh! I know my liver, spleen and kidneys are all trouble spots in regards to my acupuncture treatments, and the idea that my liver health might be causing my motion sickness issues is intriguing. I'll be mentioning this to Kiva at our next appointment.

For those of you who like eBooks and are interested in Healthy Living, check out my friend Melissa's Big Bundle of eBook Goodness at her blog. In Melissa's words: They’re not all paleo, but there’s a good chunk of paleo peeps, along with bloggers focused on real food, gardening, generally living healthier, and making your own skincare products. I might buy this for my mom for the holidays.

New Tumblr collection is up! Tuesday, October 30: Suits and Slumming. Pretty much what it says. Men in suits. Men slumming. All pretty.
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Two more weekends of faire, and we can wrap KCRF 2013 2012 (apparently it's still 2012) in a bag.

Tomorrow's projected high for Bonner Springs: 54 degrees and cloudy. *sigh* Not as cold as 2009, when it was in the forties. Damn, that was miserable.

I have the fantastic body stocking that [ profile] tama_grey loaned me, but I won't make as much in tips if I'm wearing a body stocking. Also, I'm worried about dollar bills causing snags, etc. Tonight I'm touching up my roots (good god they're nearly an inch long), so will be stuck in my house for six hours. I'll spend some time digging through my old faire stuff to see if I still have any of those foot warmer things to stick in the toes of my boots. Too bad I don't have access out there to a water dispenser that has a hot water reservoir.

At least the cold weather gives me an opportunity to wear my awesome leather cap!

I am still tired tired tired. I'm pretty convinced this is more allergy- than adrenal-related. We're talking serious snoreway here, and it never lets up or cycles through the day like my cortisol-affected fatigue does.

Kiva put in some ear tacks yesterday on adrenal points, so I have four pretty gold studs in each ear for the next several days. Fun!

I'm going to do a WITL for real starting on Sunday.
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First off,

[ profile] tama_grey is awesome.

She drove to Lawrence last night to bring me a made-for-belly-dancers body stocking, which will allow me to eat today so I don't have to fast until 11:00pm which is when I'll get home from tonight's Smoker promo in KC. Baby, you rock.

Wednesday's fasting test was informative, if not exactly helpful in regards to my ability to eat the day of a show. I finished my breakfast at 9am, fasted for the rest of the day (not even allowing lemon juice in my water), and I was still up an inch around my waist and a tad over two inches at my navel from my pre-breakfast measurements when I re-measured at 8pm. Apparently I need time and sleep for the swelling to go down. This reinforces my cortisol/adrenal issues theory. I need the significant decrease in cortisol levels that sleep provides for the swelling to completely disappear.

Kiva told me last night at acupuncture that she's still unhappy with the quality of my adrenals/kidney lines. She said she couldn't tell me what not to do, but she strongly discouraged me from returning to Crossfit until KCRF is over. Maybe even wait another month or so.

I see Dr. Khosh again on November 19. I'm going to ask to have my cortisol levels tested again, to see how the four-plus months of being on the adrenal supplements are helping. I can tell a difference within a week of not taking them, that's for sure. My energy levels are even worse, and I have a tendency to veer into depression. But it will be helpful to see some numbers.

I want to go back to Crossfit, but I don't want to do it at the expense of my general health. This is me, not being angry at my body, or asking it to do things that will prevent it from eventually being better! GOLD STAR FOR ME.


Perhaps I'll enroll in an actual yoga class once KCRF is over. Yoga Center of Lawrence has a Level 1 9am Saturday class that starts October 27. There's also a 5:45 Thursday class for Levels 1 & 2, so I could go to that right after acupuncture. I'll talk to Kiva about her thoughts regarding a class immediately after a session.

Mash-up fans: Titus Jones has a new album. I'll be checking it out today.

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Locals: The Amphitheater Previously Known As Sandstone has another Saturday concert, but at least it's not an all-day music fest. The show starts at 7pm, so Smoker will be well over by the time it starts. Good thing. The bands? Motley Crue, AC/DC, and Poison. I'm pretty sure this means that P Gate will be closed (again), so plan accordingly if you need to be on site Saturday.

I went to CrossFit this morning and felt pretty okay for most of it. The warm-up was kinda fun--a wheelbarrow with partner across the gym, switch positions to return, then five burpees, repeat for a total of three times. I was mostly okay with the wheelbarrow once my partner was instructed to hold my legs closer to the knee than the ankles because I don't have enough strength to keep my back from sagging (ouchie on the low back, there). She let go sooner than I expected on one round, though, and I fell hard enough to take the skin off my right knee. For skills, we did push presses (which I rock at, technique-wise, even if I can't actually lift very much weight) and deadlifts. And, okay, deadlifts are not my best thing, but they're better than overhead squats where I fall back onto my ass with some regularity. So I was feeling pretty good about those, and the WOD wasn't too terrible because it did not involve running. Five rounds for time:
5 Hand Stand Push Ups (I did this nifty prep for HSPUs)
10 Pull-ups
15 Knee-to-Elbows (I worked on just getting my hips to 90 degrees)
20 Kettlebell Swings
25 Squats

I finished in 25:01, which was pretty slow, but I was taking breathers to avoid a coughing fit (yeah, I'm still coughing) and just taking it easy in general because, you know, MY BODY. I felt tired, not wiped out--which was good. But my ears felt like they were stopped up and they were ringing like crazy. That was new. And not cool.

Luckily, I had acupuncture this morning, so I told Kiva about it because (an hour and a half later) they didn't feel much better. After hearing about my respiratory infection and hives and a super miserable three-day weekend at KCRF and that I still went to CrossFit twice this week, she looked at me like this:

Apparently ringing and pressure in the ears is a sign that your kidneys are stressed like whoa, which means there is a good chance (in my case, it's about a 99.999% chance) that the adrenals are pretty much shot to fuck. So she did a lot of work on my kidney and spleen lines in hopes of getting some relief to my adrenal glands before they completely give up on me. Again. She also told me that for the next week, the most I should be exerting myself is walks and yoga. No lifting. No heavy exertion. Nothing that winds me, makes me break a sweat, or causes muscle fatigue.

Obviously I'm not going to be able to adhere to that for Saturday's Smoker, but I'm looking at a return date to CrossFit delayed until September 24.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a good and helpful email exchange with a friend who has similar thyroid and adrenal problems. I asked her the same question about finding an internal motivator for not hating my body and she had some great advice. I want to make a whole post about it, though, so it's going to have to wait for tomorrow.

In the meantime:
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Because of this stupid sore throat issue, Kiva didn't even bother addressing the swelling issues. Necessary, but that means my swelling is going to be crazy like whoa by the next time I see her.

This is getting tedious.

I had an interesting experience with the acupuncture she did, though. She put a lot of needles in my back and left them to settle for fifteen minutes or so. After a while, one of them, near my left shoulder blade, started to pinch. It got really uncomfortable. When she came back in the room, I mentioned this to her, and she started touching my back, asking "here? here?" and finally I said yes! That one. Turns out there was no needle there.

She put a needle in the spot that felt like it already had a needle in it and holy mother of god it hurt. It hurt like the ones that she sometimes puts in my feet hurt. Toe-curling, fingernails-buried-in-palms hurt. "Holy shit, what point is that?" I asked. Turns out it's not a point at all. But apparently there are "pain points" (she had another name for them that began with an A but I've forgotten) and they hurt like the dickens if they're poked when there's some sort of blockage at the spot. She said she could tell where it was by the fact that my skin felt different to the touch--it was squishy, like a hollow under the surface of the skin. She left the needle in for about five minutes and while it eventually hurt a little less, it never stopped hurting. Two hours later, I can still feel where it was.


Now I'm home, drinking a concoction of hot water poured over sliced-up fresh ginger and a teensy dab of honey. Not thrilled about adding this much sugar to my system right now, but helping my throat feel better is taking priority right now.

I hope the construction dudes next door lay off the sawing for a little while this afternoon. I need a nap.


Jun. 13th, 2012 10:32 am
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Because I am Suffering Womanly Things, I skipped out of work early yesterday, got drunk, and caught a matinee of the Avengers with [ profile] mckitterick. This Fabulous Plan was thwarted only by the fact that I had to get up to pee during the film. Argh.

My triceps and abs are pretty damn sore today (woo CrossFit), but they are nothing compared to the cramps that are still plaguing me. Honestly, I don't know how much longer I'm going to last at the office, and I'm pretty much unfit for work at the moment, anyway. No CrossFit tonight.

I'm disappointed that I seem to be regressing in this area, as well as the digestive and fatigue fronts. I know what's on the agenda for my acupuncture appointment tomorrow. Yay.

As proof that the making of Sherlock63 didn't completely burn me out on the show, have a fucking heartbreaking vid. Major and obvious spoilers for Reichenbach Fall.

That's pretty much all I'm good for today. Ta.
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I think I found my next international vacation destination. I need to do a little more research about how stable these things are, because I'm a little worried they'd trigger my sensitive motion-sickness issues, but if it sounds like I'd be okay, sign me the fuck up for a barge tour. I have no words for how absolutely amazing that sounds. Right now, please.

Speaking of Things I Want: This Placemat. For. Real. People. I want it. I want several. THESE WOULD NEVER LEAVE OUR DINING TABLE.

Speaking of Dining: Last night was another lesson in Things I Can't Eat Anymore. I love those lessons, let me tell you. Checker's had Bing Cherries on sale for $3.48/lb, so I bought a little bag (about a pound and a half), thinking that would be a spectacular treat for the evening. was certainly spectacular. I admit I ate a lot, but I intended to! It was a treat! I ate probably half the bag (about a cereal bowl's worth), and half an hour later I was bloated and uncomfortable like whoa. My stomach was hard to the touch, and the peripheral swelling (back, sides) was minimal, so this was largely gas bloat, not tissue swelling. Misery. [ profile] redheadfae, I wonder if my gradual decrease in fruit consumption has caused my body to slip into fructose malabsorption. Gonna have to do some digging on what foods have a higher fructose than glucose content since my Google-fu is not spectacular (except when it comes to GIFs) and I'm having problems finding a simple list. Grump.

Ah, well. Live and learn, right? Preach it, Henry.

I'm still a little swollen this morning, but Kiva got things moving with this morning's session (thank goodness). She told me to take it easy today--no heavy exertion--which makes me a little sad because today's WOD looks pretty awesome:
25 Squats
20 Wallball (20/16)
15 Power Skips each leg
10 Tuck Jumps
5 Burpees
Press 3×10
Push Press 10×3
Front Squats 8×8
Pull-up Progressions:
-Bar Kipping
-Active Shoulders
Mini “Cindy” 7 minute AMRAP
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Today's schedule is chock-full of things I can either do well, or things I need work on. Also, I am dying to watch these people skip around the box. I wonder if people would look askance at me if I did everything but the WOD. Hm.

Um. So this is sexy. And creepy. And an example of some amazingly good video editing.

For those of you who aren't hip to the reference, that is Lady Gaga kissing Jo Calderone. Her drag alter-ego. So that's Gaga kissing herself. Wow. WOW AND LOVE.

This is one of the best tattoos I've ever seen. SFW. Grab a tissue if you're feeling emotionally delicate, though.

No fooling

Apr. 1st, 2012 08:33 am
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Hey, look. Ferrari finally came out with a car I like since the old 50s Berlinettas. I'm not surprised at how much I like it, though. I mean, it looks like the Maserati Gran Turismo. A lot like the Gran Turismo. In fact (sorry Maserati), I think I might like the Berlinetta better. This is a serious sea change. I have never been a huge fan of the house of Prancing Horse. That's due largely from leftover distaste for their style choices of the 80s--but that can be said for so many things, can't it. I'm looking at you, preppie pop-collar crowd. Of course, the fact that the new F12berlinetta is, according to Road & Track magazine (yes, we do subscribe, why do you ask?) "the fastest of any production Ferrari to date" doesn't exactly put a damper on my feelings for it.

OMG this PostSecret card. <3

In case anyone is wondering WTF happened with the Crossfit stuff: I'm planning to start next Monday (the 9th). I let life get in the way, and didn't prioritize the exercise stuff. And by "prioritize" I mean "write in my planner." So I actually did write CROSSFIT 8PM down for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the next two weeks. This meant canceling/postponing some social obligations, but as I read (just this morning!) in this very excellent blog post, "Fitness is More About Time Management Than Skill." So so so true.

Still on the Exercise Inspiration portion of today's post, try reading this and not get a little teary-eyed. Wow. I mean, just wow.

It's been a while since I gushed about the awesomeness that is Scott Sonnon, so here's a reminder. Oh, Coach Sonnon. All my <3s.

Today I'm actually going do stuff. I had such high aspirations for yesterday, but then Laundry Happened and I just can't work in my sewing room when the washer and dryer are running. Loud and humid. Ugh. Also, I totally got sucked into (read "dicked around on") a fandom LJ community that was/is having an online resource/consolation party post for people who couldn't make it to a certain fan convention this weekend. Everyone there seemed super nice, and due South was one of the highlighted fandoms, so. I wrote up a little introductory post and acquainted myself with some very nice people. But it meant I didn't get much done. Except for the laundry.

Because the KU men's basketball team somehow managed to pull a win out of their asses last night, I gotta cancel my Monday evening acupuncture appointment. Well, opted to cancel it. Kiva's office is smack in the middle of Massachusetts Street, so can you imagine the nightmare of getting in and out? This is what it looked like last night after we won the game that'll send us to the final championship playoff. JFC. No, thank you. Due to her taking vacation next week, and changing her appointment schedule, I'm looking at three weeks between appointments.

In an effort to stave off even moar bullshit swelling issues (I haven't gone a full three weeks between appointments since I started going to regular acupuncture sessions), I'm being extra super-duper careful about what I eat for the month of April. Basically, I'm going hardcore Whole30 with the exceptions of coffee on the weekends and (let's be honest) my daily wine. No restaurant food, no pre-prepped stuff from the grocery store (sob! oh, rotisserie chikkins, I miss you already!). It comes naked from my kitchen or not at all.

Naked from my kitchen is an awesome-sounding group of words.

Okay, that mention of actually getting shit done today? Probably should go follow-up on that in a more actual and meaningful fashion. ETA: After cutting out the pieces for my car-working coveralls, I am questioning my decision to make them out of this narrow-stripe twill. The moire effect is making my eyes cross. Time for a break.

HO SHIT. I just found out that I can get a good wireless connection on my front porch. D'you know what this means? Porn and cigarettes at the same time. I am in so much trouble.
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From [ profile] ms_danson is this very helpful page on living with someone who has a chronic illness.

Yesterday I got word that all KU classified staff are going to have to clock in and out for their workday, and there's some sort of crackdown for unclassified staff and faculty, as well. This displeases me. I do a lot of work outside of the office in the summer, and I often leave the office at 3:00 to go take care of stuff at the dorm, etc. How am I supposed to clock out for that? Damned if I'm going to return to the office. There was some mention of a phone app, but damned if I'm going to pay for a fancy phone (and the monthly service) just so I can clock in and out. Fuck all of this, yo. I'm becoming more and more unsatisfied here. The benefits and pleasures no longer outweigh the stress and irritations.

Kiva my wonderful acupuncturist suggested that I might have some water issues going on. My swelling isn't diminishing like it used to. I still wake up pretty swollen (up an inch and a half this morning), and it just never goes away. That, with a lot of other smaller indicators makes her think this is more water retention than it is inflammation due to food reactions. So we're trying a different treatment protocol--one that apparently requires a lot of needles. Last night I had twenty-one needles in me at one time. And then we still did some moxa treatment on my navel. Sheesh.

Today is the recruitment visit, and tonight is the reception at our house. I'm always so glad when this is over. The reception is fun, but everything leading up to the day is stressful like whoa, and for some reason, I always freak out about ordering lunch. I'm all "it's gonna be late" or "they won't be able to get on campus" or whatever. I wish we had the money to just take them to eat at the Union. But honestly, I bet we won't have the money to do this at all next year. The university is getting crazy with its limits on department expenditures. Basically, they're no longer letting the departments decide what to do with their own money. It's always been like that to some extent, but it's become draconian in the past few months (see above paragraph on benefits and pleasures =/= stress and irritations).

I need to stop spending money on boots and fabric and start saving money to buy a pasture-fed cow. And a pig. Wish deer season wasn't during the winter. As much as I love venison, I am not sitting out in the cold for hours, waiting for my dinner to walk by.

Update: This just made my day better. Click for George Takei Happy Dance Video )
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Acupuncture last night. Kiva worked on my stuffy nose (sooooo much better today) and my back issues, which meant my currently swollen abdomen didn't get addressed at all. So I'm still stuffed uncomfortably into my clothes, and probably will be until my next session on Thursday next week. I'm uncertain what brought on this recent spate of puffiness. It's pretty crazy bad, as those who've seen it in person can attest. Remember the side-by-side swollen vs. normal photos? There have been a couple days in the past week where I've actually been more swollen than that top pic.

I'm thinking the general overall inflammation is not helping the stress on the sciatic nerve and the bulging disc. It's certainly not helping my mood. I'm blue and irritable. Mostly irritable.

When I'm ill or feeling otherwise less-than-myself, I turn a bit...oh, feral in my need to be left the hell alone. As I've mentioned before, the proper response to this desire to be ignored doesn't come naturally to [ profile] mckitterick. To make things worse (for both of us), he's in a really good space right now and needs to talk about the amazing progress he's making on multiple projects. Meanwhile, I can't even muster the energy (or sometimes the ability) to carry the damn laundry basket up the stairs. So we're both needing the exact opposite thing from each other and alternately driving each other crazy and hurting each other's feelings. Ugly.

A very kind and compassionate little pixie has offered to help me with the housecleaning, though, so that's an enormous burden off my mind and shoulders. I know I'm not supposed to express gratitude to the fair folk, but I wanted to say in public: Thank You, Little Pixie! You may out yourself if you wish, or stay anonymous. I wasn't sure of your feelings about that, so I leave that disclosure up to you. Another bright spot: [ profile] auroraceleste sent me the Katy Perry CD. Bless her heart!

I just went to the back door to feed the squirrels before leaving for work, and there's a dusting of snow on the ground. My favorite.
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Yesterday was a good art day. Today is going to be a good drinking day. Tomorrow I have a make-up acupuncture appointment.

My delts and pecs are a little sore from yesterday's punching. I plan to loosen them up with moar punching today (which will, I hope, not re-open the scab on my right hand).

I read my email, f-list, and a very nice due South story while drinking a cup of coffee. Coffee.

One thing I am not going to think about is the fact that [ profile] mckitterick bought me an iPod as an early xmas present, and I spent two hours yesterday trying to rip a CD to it. What I am doing wrong, I cannot fathom (well, besides my first error in purchasing an Apple product). I even tried some alternative software (Songbird). No go. But not even Apple products can bring me down today.

Today is a happy mood day.

Life is good.


Nov. 26th, 2011 06:51 am
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How was I not earlier aware of the fact that NASA was launching another Mars probe? Today? At ten o'clock Pacific Time? Launch and other poorly organized information at the NASA site. Basic mission info on Wikipedia.

Today is an Art Day and I'm very much looking forward to it! I think I might cover some boxes, or perhaps work on a big canvas project that I've been putting off for way too long.

On Tuesday, I forgot about my acupuncture appointment. My appointments are usually on Thursdays, and of course this Thursday acupuncture wasn't happening, so I'd scheduled for Tuesday and then forgot. I'm already having some swelling issues. It's going to be a long week until my appointment on December 1.
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The costume is nearly complete. The only things I need to do are sew in the lining on the belt (that'll happen over lunch today) and cut out the circular veil out of the liquid lamé. I put on the shrug/gauntlets with the bra last night and they look fantastic. I'm relieved and pleased. I also tried on the belt with the skirt and pants, and decided I'm not going to make an overskirt after all. The pants are orange, and adding an orange overskirt might lighten up the color balance more than I want. Now comes the hard part: Practicing.

Last night at acupuncture, Kiva did a meridian-balancing thing (it has a name, but I can't recall it). She tests sensitivity to heat in my toes and fingers and then uses points to even out the sensitivity. It's interesting how the same toe on a different foot feels the heat so much sooner (or slower) than the other. Let's just say my left side was way off. She got a lot of that evened out, and a significant portion of my swelling was down by the time I left the office. I went in with my camo shorts biting into my stomach right at my waist, and by the time I left, they were already resting below my belly button. Magic!

Happy Nigel Tufnel Day!
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Last week I was swelling up pretty bad. I thought it was pre-menstrual bloat, but my period didn't come and didn't come and didn't worries, I'd just counted the weeks wrong. But I was distressed over all the bloating, which I couldn't now blame on my cycle.

Upsetting. Uncomfortable. Wouldn't go away. Misery.

Kiva, my wonderful acupuncturist had been on vacation, so I wasn't able to see her for a three weeks and two days. Last night was my first session with her since August 22. Too long ago.

I showed up for my appointment so swollen that my belly stayed poofed up even when I was lying down. By the end of the hour-long session, nearly all the swelling disappeared. Even the fold of skin on my back below my bra band was gone. Amazing.

Next time she goes on vacation, I must make an appointment with someone else in her office because obviously my body can't cope yet with such a long gap between treatments. If I ever needed more proof that acupuncture is the best way to deal with my body-swelling issues, there it is.


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