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I'm gonna make myself this for lunch today. Archiving recipe for myself here )

I'm not gonna worry about the peppers I don't have on hand, and I'm gonna use carrot puree instead of squash (because I have carrots). I'll be using regular eggs, leaving off the garnishes entirely, and eating it as a soup , but...I bet it'll still be tasty.

I'm so happy to be able to eat chicken eggs again (as long as I don't make it a daily habit, things seem to be fine).

I did the first part of my roots last night and slept in the henna (leaves SUCH a nice color deposit even though nobody ever gets to see this stage) so now I have to apply the indigo and let it sit for about an hour. I told myself last night I could have my tea and internet until 10:00, but didn't count on the fact that I'd be lazing about in bed with [ profile] mckitterick until 8:40. So now I'm a bit behind my expected morning schedule but it's Sunday and I feel like wah I just wanna relax but there is laundry and food prep to be done in addition to assuaging my vanity about my hair, so time to get to it.
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Mostly for my own reference, but in case anyone else is interested, here are some combo suggestions for infused water. I've recently discovered adding fancy-ass balsamic vinegar (the good stuff, and just a smidge) to seltzer water, too. Delicious.

A friend is coming over for dinner tonight. I'm making this. Ready to eat it right now, along with some of that flavored seltzer. Summer eating, yo.

In a comment on The Toast, I wrote: "I have to wear a high-compression bra when lifting or I tend to bonk my boobs coming up on a snatch. And that might be the greatest sentence I have ever typed in my life."

I'm feeling good and it's such a nice change. Because I was pretty low all around for the first half of June, I didn't do a lot of the things I hoped while [ profile] mckitterick was busy with the writing workshops. I feel like I'm ready to get back to more consistency with yoga, now. I'm also going to start incorporating more isometric movements because Coach Andrew tells me this sort of thing can also keep one's metabolism charged for longer. Energy allowing, I'm going to start working on some art projects--including a Furiosa altered portrait.

Speaking of, I might be taking Coach Andrew to Fury Road this weekend if he can get away from responsibilities at his gym for a few hours. Also speaking of, this article is flat amazing. It does bring up the "this isn't feminist" argument a bit, which...whatever, we can agree to disagree on that opinion. But the main point of it is incredibly valuable.

I never doubted being a girl, but I thought I was missing the mark, because I thought there was a mark to miss. But there are so, so many more ways of being a woman than I realized, so many more ways than I saw reflected in the stories that spoke to me. As it turned out, one of them was mine, and I was doing it exactly right.

Furry Road

Jun. 4th, 2015 12:36 pm
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This collection of mash-ups has been playing since I discovered it on Tumblr this morning.

I'll be making some modifications to it (obviously), but now that I've figured out how to make a cream-style dressing that I can eat, wedge salads are back on my menu and this recipe (found linked on The Toast) gives a fantastic tutorial on making a good one.

I'm ordering this. If you're local and want one, let me know by 10am tomorrow and we can split shipping. Click for pic )

Next time I'm thrifting, I'll keep my eyes peeled for an old bundt pan because hanging this for the squirrels is going to be comedy gold, y'all.

There are rumors that university support staff here might be furloughed and I'm actually okay with that because even without [ profile] mckitterick's generous financial support, I have enough in savings to get by a couple months with no income. However, what concerns me (i.e. pisses me off) is it sounds like we might actually not get paid tomorrow for the previous two weeks. Is that legal? I don't think that's legal and I realize businesses do illegal things all the fucking time, but this seems really...blatant? I understand that thanks to our fuckwad of a governor, the state is in a huge mess but you best pay me for work already done assholes.

There are actually things going on today that I need to do, so that's about it for today. We had a fire alarm this morning that kept me out of the building for about half an hour, so that was fun.
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I'm compiling a list of the amazing reviews and articles for Fury Road. If you have a recommendation for inclusion, link it in the comments, please.

Guided meditations, thanks to [ profile] seascribe

Some delicious-sounding meatball recipes.

Uptown Funk remix. I need to find this for download.

I don't know how I missed this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic when it first came out, but I'm glad I saw someone mention it. It's incredibly moving.

[ profile] ms_danson sent me this journal publication about chronic inflammation and quality of life. It's a teensy bit technical for me (my brain is great for some things, not so great at others), but what I did glean from it was interesting, although parts of it made me angry. Emphasis mine:
As suggested previously, diagnosis remains highly problematic because many people with these diseases go untreated, never receive an accurate diagnosis, or find that no clinically recognized diagnosis yet exists for their condition. Likewise, many patients who do receive one diagnosis do not ever learn the full extent of their condition due to the siloized structure of specialty medicine in the United States. These issues may affect women disproportionately, compounding an already significant array of disadvantages in health.


Apr. 4th, 2015 03:14 pm
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I tried making a paleo sweet potato pancake recipe I found this morning so I'd have something more substantial as That Sort of Food (light, not canned fish, not date bars) for 221B Con. They were pretty awful. Way too runny and wouldn't firm up in the middle before the bottom burned, etc. So I went back to my usual pancake recipe (which I mostly just eyeball) and added the remaining mashed sweet potato that didn't get used in the first batch. Decided I would go ahead and actually measure things for posting here.

1/2 c mashed sweet potato
1 overripe banana, mashed
3 eggs
1 T arrowroot powder
2 rounded T coconut flour
3 rounded T almond meal
1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 t baking powder
1/4 t baking soda
pinch of salt
coconut oil

Mix potato and banana until well mashed. Add eggs and whisk until well-incorporated. In separate bowl, mix dry ingredients. Once well-integrated, add to wet mixture and blend well. Let sit 2-3 minutes to thicken.

In hot, well-oiled pan, pour pancakes by scant 1/4 cupfuls (the pancakes should be small--no bigger than 3"). Cook on low heat for three to five minutes or until they're turnable (this takes some practice). Finish cooking on other side and remove to cooling rack if you're freezing them for later.

This makes a lot of pancakes. I got ten 3" pancakes out of this, each about 1/2" thick. Also I haven't actually tasted them yet, so here's hoping they're good? Yeah, they're pretty good.
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So this just happened.

Unintentional Paleo Beef Stroganoff
1 onion, diced
1 lb ground beef
2 head cabbage
1-1.5 lb celery root
avocado oil
roasted garlic powder
1 t Tsardust Memories
1/2 c mayonnaise

Follow directions for roasted garlic cabbage. While roasting, saute onion in coconut oil until golden. Add beef and brown. Chop up and include the ends of the cabbage or whatever didn't fit on the baking sheet. Cook down until translucent.

Peel and chop celery root into 1" cubes. Boil in a saucepan until fork-tender. Mash with stand mixer, hand mixer, whatever.

When cabbage is roasted, remove from oven to cutting board. Slice once lengthwise to make noodle-things. Add to meat mixture. Add mashed celery root. Stir in Tsardust seasoning. Mix well. Add mayo. Salt and pepper to taste.


Mar. 25th, 2015 11:43 am
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There aren't many days that I would eat a toasted bagel with cream cheese should someone place one in front of me, but today is one of those days. My usual foods are so unappealing and ugh right now. I want a fucking pizza, god damn it. I'd even suffer through a gluten-free crust (whether that be some alternative flour or a cauliflower crust) if I could just have the cheese. Seriously considering finally trying to make some cashew cheese.

I browsed through Pinterest for paleo recipes and found this blog, where I found some promising stuff. I've been massively disappointed in the coconut milks I've been purchasing lately (even my trusty Chaokoh brand has gone to shit) so I'm gonna try making almond milk per her directions.

Last night [ profile] mckitterick and I plowed through the last three episodes of the first season of American Horror Story and...

The previous eleven episodes absolutely blew me away, and then the last one, I was like What the hell just happened but not in a good way, in a Were these even the same writers way. So many loose ends, so many unbelievable situations. And yeah, it's fantastical fiction, I get that, but the thing about fantastical fiction, especially horror, is that you've got to make the things that happen in that world be believable for that world. The season finale utterly and completely failed to do that. Oh man, I was so angry and I tried to contain it because I didn't want to spoil [ profile] mckitterick's enjoyment (he is much more forgiving about...well, everything than I am). I'm still so so so irritated and disappointed, today, though. IT WAS SO GOOD until that last episode--really up until the last half of the last episode. I was getting worried as I watched the clock tick down because I had a sinking feeling they were not going to be able to wrap things up satisfactorily and I was right.

And now I can't say I'm terribly motivated to watch the other seasons because now my guard is up against having the rug pulled out from under me.
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I know there are a million versions of this, but I just made it this way with what I had on hand (eggplants were on sale) and it was amazing and so easy.

Eggplant Lasagna

2 medium eggplant
1 lb ground beef
1 24oz jar of marinara
1 1lb clamshell of baby spinach
2 T Frontier Pizza Seasoning
1/2 t salt

Slice the eggplants into 1/2" rounds. Lay them in a jellyroll plan and salt one side. Let sweat for 10 minutes, repeat on other side. Rinse and gently press out extra moisture. Arrange in jellyroll pan to fit as close as possible.

While the eggplant is sweating, brown ground beef in a large soup pot. Preheat oven to 400F. Pour in seasonings, stir a minute or two and then add marinara. Simmer on low until eggplant is done. Add spinach to beef mixture a couple handfuls at a time until entire clamshell is empty. Cook just until all leaves are wilted. Pour out onto eggplant rounds in jellyroll pan.

Bake 40 minutes.
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Even if you aren't a due South fan, consider watching this one-minute clip of Leslie Nielsen delivering one of the best (if not the best, I mean how many can there be?) parodies of the St. Crispin's Day speech. One of my favorite things about due South (I mean, besides the stunningly beautiful people, the great acting, the charming and tightly-written plots, and the scarcity of problematic elements) is the way they inserted cultural references--sometimes blatantly, sometimes subtly, but always there. I'm sure I missed a lot of them, since it was a Canadian show and I'm not well-educated in Canadian culture or history, but there are so many that I was still constantly pleased and entertained by them. Due South, you guys. Such a good show. Side note: A friend of mine's write group used to study dS episodes for plot development because the writers always wrote an A plot and a B plot and pulled them seamlessly together at the end of the episode and it's an episodic show, so each one is its own contained 40 minute short story.

After reading article one and article two about the Seven Primal Movements (a sort of annoying term, IMO, but valid concept), I'm inspired to build some yoga sequences that incorporate all seven movements.

Shredded carrot ginger pancakes. I am so trying these (with coconut flour--we'll see if they stick together) with the oven baked jerk chicken this weekend.

I'm in a good place today. It's Wednesday, the week's almost half done, next week is Spring Break (so fewer people around and the office closes at 4pm), the leggings I ordered from Etsy arrived, and I slept almost all night last night.

ETA: And my day just got better when I saw on today's Link Roundup on The Toast not one, but two threads talking about shared hatred of Joss Whedon and his fake feminism. MY PEOPLE!

How are you lovelies doing?
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This oven-baked jerk chicken sounds amazing. I'm gonna try this with a whole cut-up chicken instead of just the legs or thighs. I'm also gonna try these microwaved caramelized onions (without the brown sugar, obviously). [ profile] mckitterick is allergic to raw onions, and the cutting and cooking of them makes his eyes sting. But maybe microwaving them wouldn't be as bad?

Today's Tumbr is Tuesday, March 10: Due South, part...five? I don't remember. I really love due South, guys.

And that's all I can write for today because my work computer is infected with malware again and I can't stand all the flashing pop-ups telling me I need to update with some fishy-ass software. So until that's fixed...
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I'm feeling a bit better every day, but god, still tired. So tired.

Today's Tumblr is Tuesday, February 10: Colors.

Speaking of colors, [ profile] msmitti sent me a link to these lamps and oh my god I want, like, all of them. Seriously. I've thought/talked about hanging a whole bunch of lamps from the (very high) living room ceiling instead of installing one large light fixture and holy wow how beautiful would it look to have eight to ten of these hanging from the ceiling, all Hagia Sophia-like?

A little more easily-purchased and -implemented is this zucchini noodle maker which the Bed Bath & Beyond website tells me is in stock at my local store. I'm planning to make zucchini spaghetti for dinner tonight and you know, I think I'm gonna pick this guy up on my way home from this evening's session with Dr. Jonah.

Cut for more body talk )
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Two more things for the Movement wishlist. The first one I'm hesitant to buy/ask for because I have Kelly Starrett's first book on mobility and I haven't made it very far in. It's so dense and not written in a manner that my brain easily absorbs. But he wrote another one more recently that's primarily directed at runners but seems to be usable for most activities. The second one, though, I'm ordering today. A tabata timer that comes highly recommended by a friend. SOLD!

I'm a believer in post-training mobility work, and I've sometimes thought about more active exercises for post-training correction. Thanks, Breaking Muscle, for posting an article about that very thing just as I'm starting to gear up for more demanding movement! I'll be looking into other articles about corrective movement post exercise.

Yesterday was beautiful. Nearly 60 degrees, and sunny until noon, when clouds rolled in but didn't cool things off. Cold air started moving in toward evening and winds are pretty wild right now, but yesterday was so nice. I got a lot of errands run, including delivering to the thrift stores a bunch of stuff that needed out of the house. Had to leave the desk at the Sally because no other thrift in town takes furniture. Bleh. That was a LOT of mass removed from my life, though, so hurray! Sometimes I feel like the amount of stuff in the house is pressing in on me. I've still got a lot to shed, but oh it feels good to get one carload of it gone.

[ profile] stuology asked me for the recipe for my fruit-nut bars. I didn't have one (they're usually a combination of eyeballing the amounts and using what I've got on hand), but yesterday I measured things out and they came out good, so here's what I put them. Keep in mind, these are flexible--not just amounts but ingredients.

Made-at-home Lära Bars
1 c shredded, dried coconut flakes (plain, not sweetened, no added sugar; either plain or toasted or a mixture)
1 c dates, chopped
1 c dried figs, chopped
1 c almonds
1-2 T date syrup (or honey or maple syrup)
1/2 t ground ginger
1/2 t ground cinnamon
1/4 t salt

In a food processor, chop/grind the coconut flakes until they're powdery/mealy. Add spices and salt. Process just enough to blend. Add figs and dates and process until slightly incorporated with coconut, but not yet blended to paste. Add almonds. Process until almonds are thoroughly chopped and all ingredients are well-incorporated. Still processing, slowly pour in small amounts of date syrup (just a little at a time) until mixture starts to adhere into a ball. Pour out into an 8x8 or 9x9 pan lined with parchment paper. Press evenly to fill pan. Cover with parchment paper and refrigerate for two hours. Cut into small squares. I get 16 bars out of a pan.

Finally, I want to eat everything in this blog post. RIGHT. NOW.


Jan. 9th, 2015 09:34 am
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Today's xkcd:

[ profile] pointoforigin mentioned in a post the book Glad No Matter What. She ([ profile] pointoforigin) says: "One of the things she talks about is living in the middle: not trying to make everything--or everyone--all good or all bad, but weaving the happiness and the sadness together into a center that will carry you." That's just a lovely concept and akin to what I've been trying to do with anger--not let it consume or control me. Using it to motivate me, but not direct me--if that distinction makes sense to you. Nice, eh?

Letting go of that constant low simmer of rage has been surprisingly easy, actually. It's nice. I feel like that's a sign I was ready to let go of it. I've heard the adage that you can't start or quit something until you're ready--emotionally, physically, mentally--and I think that's correct. Until we're ready for change, we won't change. And we all have to come to change in our own time.

Yesterday I received such a nice compliment from someone. He stopped by to drop off something at the house and I invited him in for a bowl of the chicken soup I'd just made. [ profile] mckitterick was out with friends and I don't so much enjoy eating alone. He made a little moaning noise and his eyes rolled back when he took the first spoonful. It was just chicken soup, but apparently I cook everything well? Except roasted turkeys fuck you roasted turkeys. Anyway, he really liked it, and as we were eating, he commented on my outfit. He said if he was a woman, he'd want to have my fashion sense and dress like I do.

I'm so glad today's Friday. This has been a long week. I'm also glad that I made myself move every day this week because I slept in this morning (until 7:08!) and tonight we have company for dinner, so I won't have a chance to move when I get home from work. Since I missed a day last week, I had only one off day this week and looks like today is it! Whew! I might still try to get just a few push-ups and lunges in, perhaps while I'm at work today, just to keep those muscles awake and alert for tomorrow's boxing session.

Last Night's Chicken Soup
1/2 red onion, diced
2 stalks celery, diced
2 carrots, diced
2 c cooked and shredded chicken breast
3 c chicken broth
1 t Italian Herb Mix
1 t dried parsley
1 t dried thyme
1/2 t granulated garlic
2 T coconut milk
coconut oil
salt to taste

Melt the coconut oil (about 1 T) in soup pot. When hot, add onions. Allow to caramelize slightly. Add carrots and celery. Cook about five more minutes. Add spices, herbs, and broth. Simmer on low ten to fifteen minutes, until vegetables are soft. Add chicken and heat until warmed through. Remove from heat. Stir in coconut milk and salt.
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Sweet and spicy meatballs
1 lb ground beef
1 t toasted onion powder
1/2 t granulated garlic
1/2 t ancho chili powder
1/2 t cumin
1 T dried parsley
2 T plain balsamic vinegar
1/4 t cream of tartar
1/4 t baking soda
2 T warm water
1/2 c bone broth or equal amount of roasted chicken drippings
1 T coconut aminos
1 T Black Mission Fig balsamic vinegar
1 T date syrup

Preheat oven to 400F.

Mix meatball ingredients together in large bowl (I use my Kitchen-Aid). Don't handle/mix the meat too much or it will get tough. Roll meatballs into desired size. I prefer large (about 1/4 cup meat mixture) because I'm lazy and also I think they stay a bit more moist. Bake 20-30 minutes--shorter if smaller, longer if larger, obviously.

Combine all glaze ingredients into wide, shallow saucepan and simmer until reduced to desired glaze consistency.

When meatballs are done, place in glaze and stir to coat.

These paired nicely with carrots, diced small and roasted with a mix of onion powder, granulated garlic, thyme, and sage.
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The knowledge that I only need to work three days of five this week is what's keeping me from abject despair.

I had a stomach pain episode again last night. I think that's the third one this year. I'm grateful that it only lasted a couple hours and it wasn't as bad as others I've had. Not feeling great today. Very fragile and delicate. Also hungry, but no way I'm ready to put more than ginger tea with honey and coconut milk in me, though. I'm exhausted. Even though it wasn't as bad as they've been, that sort of pain really takes it out of ya.

Does anyone who still reads my LJ sell stuff on Etsy? I cannot figure out how to add more than one shipping profile to my items in Etsy, which means I can only ship things to US costumers. I hate selling stuff online.

The due South Sekrit Santa piece is done, though. Yay! It looks fantastic. I'll be able to link to it sometime in late December or early January, once they reveal the names of participants. Not that my particular art style isn't immediately obvious, but I like to play by the rules.

Several months ago I finally found coconut milk in aseptic packaging which was great because hurray no BPA and also, cheaper. So of course suddenly the supplier stopped supplying it. I stopped by the Asian grocer on a whim yesterday and they had a different brand of aseptic coconut milk in stock. It was Aroy-D (the previous one was Chakoh) and although I like Chakoh in the can a bit better than Aroy-D, Aroy-D in a can is quite fine so I felt safe in stocking up. Of course, this was not a great plan because this coconut milk is just awful. The fat does not mingle with the fluids and it's not smooth. When I put it in tea, the fat floats to the surface and, if left overnight, actually solidifies in the cold liquid. You can imagine the state of the unused portion of the container that I put in the fridge. This morning I attempted to emulsify it in the Vitamix, but I wound up basically making coconut butter and whey. I left the solids in the fridge at home and am interested to experiment with them. I have no idea what to do with the other nine boxes of this stuff I bought. I guess maybe I can cook with it? But the soup won't be creamy, since the fat just separates out and floats on top and really just doesn't look very appealing.

I am freezing in my office again today but that might just be lack of food and sleep.


Nov. 16th, 2014 08:54 am
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Yesterday was Get Shit Done day. I think I succeeded. I:

Did a quick run-through of the thrift store (found three tees for layering and a button down for my first shirt surgery attempt)
Picked up the dry cleaning (omg you guys my dry cleaning guy is SO HOT and he knows my name)
Shopped for groceries (and barely got home before the snow started)
Roasted and pureed three butternut squash, three acorn squash, and a giant pumpkin (total of twelve cups of pureed squashes)
Made the face oil/lotion [ profile] hdsqrl recommended (recipe below)
Four loads of laundry (still gotta do sheets today)
Roasted pumpkin seeds (recipe below!)
Made dinner (cheated a bit--just braised a chicken breast and served it atop a pre-made salad mix along with some pan-roasted sliced almonds and balsamic/olive oil dressing)
Sat my ass down and read two fics before bed.

The face oil [ profile] hdsqrl suggested is super easy: 1/4 cup coconut oil, 10 drops frankincense oil and 8 drops lavender oil. It is amazing. I've used it three times now (yesterday afternoon right after I made it, then before bed, and this morning after a gentle rub-down with a cloth and warm water) and you guys my face is like a baby butt. Frankincense oil is not cheap, so if anyone local wants to try this mix, let me know and we'll make arrangements for you to use some of mine because half an ounce of essential oil lasts a LONG FUCKING TIME. Or, I guess if someone actually wants to pay me to ship some of this off to them, I could do that, too. I buy my coconut oil at Costco so it's not like I'm gonna run low on that anytime soon, either. The only problem with this oil is my skin feels so good I keep touching my face and I know that's a recipe for disaster (read: ZIT CITY).

Here's what I did for the pumpkin seeds:
~1.5 c seeds
1 T of a curry powder that [ profile] redheadfae told me about and I've been using in, like, everything since then: 2T coriander, 2 T cumin, 1 T turmeric, 1.5 t black pepper, 1/2 t mustard powder, 1/2 t ground ginger powder
1/2 t salt
1 T coconut aminos
1 T balsamic vinegar
1-2 t olive oil (to keep them from sticking to each other)

Rinse seeds and shake off in a colander, then pat the excess water with a paper towel. Mix with all ingredients and let sit for an hour (I have no idea if that is necessary, I was just waiting for the pumpkin to roast). Spread on a pan and roast at 325 for 20-30 minutes until seeds are brown and almost crispy. Stir frequently! Don't let more than six or seven minutes go between stirs or you'll be sorry. Let cool on a paper towel.

Today I'm working on my due South Sekrit Santa project and putting together a pair of custom-order bloomers for someone I know from The Toast who is doing a tradesie with me for a pair of her lace earrings (mine will be avocado green). They look so delicate and innocuous in the first photo, but click the second one for an idea of size. JUST LOOK AT THOSE AMAZING FUCKING EARRINGS.

Okay, finally? I have over half of Enrique Iglesias's albums (even the all-Spanish ones) and the only reason I don't have his entire discography (I'm lacking his debut album, as well as Quizas and 7) is I haven't been able to find them used (yet) and I try to avoid buying new stuff when I can (exceptions: Socks, Underwear, and Shoes). When I was G-ing S D yesterday, I put all his albums on shuffle and listened to him non-stop. Just. So. Good. It kills me that I don't really like his latest CD. *sigh* I guess it had to happen sometime. I BLAME PITBULL.

He's just so sexy and beautiful and fucking emo. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
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Tart fruit nut rolls

6 dried figs
1/4 c tart dried cherries (unsweetened)
2 T chia seeds
1/3 c dry roasted almonds
2 pinches salt
1 T pomegranate syrup
1 T date syrup

In a mini-processor, blend first the figs until well chopped, then add the cherries, blend until well pulverized, then the seeds, almonds, etc., waiting to add each until each is well incorporated. Roll into small (barely 1") balls. Makes 24.
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Has anyone else tried cooking with chia seeds? This pudding recipe sounds interesting.

Here's my costume for this year. I'm Softcore Victorian Porn.

Varla just didn't work out. I couldn't get my eyebrows sufficiently hidden to do the makeup. Oh well. Maybe some other time when I have the inclination to get some heavy-duty concealing stage makeup.
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It's been so long that I've put up a post with substance. I have many little things to talk about, and I'm all over the place here, so I'm not bothering to even attempt smooth transitions. Be warned.

Yesterday I listened to a grad student and professor talk about the Bechdel Test. The student had just learned about it and the professor had never heard of it, but was excited by the idea and asked the student to send her links about it. Fandom is amazing and important, you guys. Just fuck academia. Seriously. Sometimes the ignorance, privilege, and prejudice makes me so angry. I don't judge the student or professor for not knowing about the Bechdel test before now. I am blaming The System. Hard. Fandom is important and fangirls are smart and clever and people need to understand this.

What with my elevated inflammation levels, the tendonitis in my right wrist has gotten pretty bad. I'm having problems just holding onto things with my that hand. Pens. Forks. Pieces of paper are particularly difficult. Monday and Tuesday saw me typing everything one-handed. Today I'm back to two-handed typing, but it's early in the day. If things start to hurt again, it's back to pecking. Probably three-quarters (if not more) of my social life is online, and even if it wasn't, it's not like I have the energy to do much with people in person right now. Mix exhaustion with slow typing and I'm pretty much not interacting with anyone except [ profile] mckitterick. I adore him, but seclusion isn't helping my blues.

In a post about her experience with a recent unexpected purge of belongings, [ profile] mildred_bobbin posted this mighty fine observation: "...the price for letting the clutter (mental or physical) get to the point (is) that a full clean sweep is the only address it." This is a good thing for me to remember. I mustn't let things accumulate until they get horrible. Take care of the little things as they come. It makes dealing with the big (and unexpected) things so much easier.

One way to do that is by following the suggestions in this Whole9 article on six ways to avoid exercise-related injury. Avoiding injury is so much easier than recovering from it.

I'm not really digging Tai Chi. I think I could enjoy the movements, but the instructors (bless them) are a little too...imaginative? metaphorical? and I'm just not enjoying the classes and I don't feel I'm learning appropriately or adequately. The visualizations and pretend stuff was great at first. Pretend you're sitting on a horse, or you're reaching for a piece of fruit, or you're dragging your arm through water. Feel the horse, the fruit, the water. I understand this teaching style works for a lot of people, but at this stage I need some concrete information. Here are the particular muscle groups you want to activate for this movement. Here is the breathing pattern for this form. Here is where the movement originates and where it ends. To anyone who has taken Tai Chi classes before: Is an anatomically-focused teaching style unusual? Are most Tai Chi classes based on a sort of visualization technique?

Yesterday I was feeling in particular need of indulgence, so last night I skipped Tai Chi (there were numerous reasons I felt wretched and exhausted, it wasn't just that I didn't want to go to class) and made these chocolate chip blondies that [ profile] drinkingcocoa mentioned on her LJ yesterday. I generally stay away from beans and legumes because of gut permeability issues, but I'm fine with occasional treats of things to which I am not actually, actively allergic. These blondies are even eggless, so I didn't have to use any of my duck eggs (which are expensive and sometimes scarce). Instead of chocolate chips (which usually have soy lecithin), I chopped up four squares of Alter Eco's Blackout Bar. They were fucking delicious. I ate half the pan.

I'm on a discussion panel this afternoon that's being organized by the Graduate School. They want us to talk about things that make us an effective graduate secretary. None of the questions they gave us for preparation deal with graduate students, though, except to ask how we track their progress to degree. All the other questions deal with faculty. How we get faculty to use new tracking systems. How we deal with problematic faculty. Fuck the faculty. I'm not here for the faculty. My number one priority is supporting graduate students, not graduate faculty. So guess who's going off script? CAN'T WAIT. *cracks knuckles*


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