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Warming up for heavy lifts. Fingers crossed I'm going to be able to use that information next year. Maybe I'll do them wearing some of these!

Speaking of, my estimated recovery time has been moved up a few days since my surgery got moved from December 10 to December 7. I'm pleased to get it done sooner rather than later, and I think doing my pre-surgery prep stuff on a day I don't have to work will be easier (clear liquids only all day, ugh), but still...that's three fewer days to get stuff done. Thank goodness I've got the long holiday weekend. Five days of Getting Shit Done since I'm taking Wednesday off as well (mostly to watch this happen, but the extra day of productivity will be good, too).

I am so glad it's Friday. Tonight is Relax-O-Fun time with [ profile] mckitterick, but the rest of the weekend is GSD time, including a Saturday morning trip to Costco since I won't be making that trip again until well after the new year. Anyone need toilet paper? Work on my dSSS piece will happen Saturday afternoon or Sunday (if I'm not feeling inspired/energetic after running Saturday errands). I cut out the major source images and arranged them on the bristol board last night. I'm already happy with the way it's shaping up.

Looky there, 9am and time for my first walkabout of the day.
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Reasons to get down. Reasons to jump around.

I'm on week four of tracking my energy levels. It's been an interesting experiment. I don't know if my increasing energy is actually increasing, or if I'm able to better notice that I have more good days (than I thought?) by recording them, or a combination, or maybe the journaling has forced me to have a better attitude, or or or ...but things have improved.

So that encouraging! I still have low days, but I'm gonna have low days and that's just life. I'm considering decreasing or ceasing my sessions and supplements from Dr. Jonah for a couple months to see how I feel. That would be a lot of money (and time). The few weeks I've taken off from driving to KC every week has, perhaps, helped my energy level increase. The hormonal supplements from Dr. Khosh will remain very much in my daily use, though. I've seen what happens when I go off those and it's not fun.

I leave for Indianapolis tonight to visit the folks for a few days, so I won't be around much until Sunday. Ciao, bellas.
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Still coughing (productive cough, gross), but my throat isn't as sore, and energy levels are better. I usually have a sinus pressure headache by evening, though. [ profile] mckitterick started feeling a sore throat last night, poor guy.

I've determined our mysterious skin-nibblers are pin oak mites. I didn't get a single bite during the four days I spent indoors during my convalescence, but after my walk home from work yesterday, I have four. Two on my neck (ugh), one on my right side near the bottom of my ribs, and one just under my left armpit. I hope the one on my neck doesn't bruise like the one on my right arm, which is still a two-inch across discoloration two weeks later. They all itch so bad. Even the old, bruised one still itches occasionally. Lucky me, I get to walk to and fro across campus twice today, and then walk home. Can't wait to see what I wake up with tomorrow. I'll try showering as soon as I get home. See if that helps.

Despite my comparative non-compliance with the prescribed exercises this month (too tired to do them twice a day), PT guy Tim was happy with my progress. I tested negative for both labrum and SI joint/sciatic inflammation. We spent a lot of time (drumroll, please!) working on setup for deadlift. He showed me some small adjustments I can make to allow for tight hips and ankles that will protect my knees and back.

But before I start lifting anything, I'll be working on increasing my general stamina by...walking. PT guy Tim told me to limit walks to a half mile at first and pay close attention to my gait. When it starts to change/falter, I need to slow down or stop. I heard there was a small indoor track at the free (old, cheap) gym available to faculty/staff, but I've never seen it and I don't know if it's still open. Waiting on a call back about that. No way am I taking outside walks any more than I need to. If the indoor track thing falls through, I might just use my lunch break to walk around the upstairs part of my building (where I do my hourly walkabout). It's only 1/6 of a mile so gets kind of dull, but it's better than being eaten alive.

I'm also feeling a little more confident about resuming yoga after the all-clear. I won't be doing anything fancy. None of that wonderful prep for hanuamnasana for a while, but some nice, gentle hip-openers with basic strengthening poses will be good.

Movement in general will be good. Not being able to exercise/feel strong has a negative influence on my eating habits. I don't like to police my eating, but with an eating disorder, I do have to be aware of my eating habits. I let those slip somewhat egregiously over the last six months. I'm honestly a bit concerned about fitting into last year's winter clothes so it's time to reverse that trend before I switch out the seasonal wardrobes.

Current goal: Fitting back into the jeans I'm wearing in that icon.


Aug. 24th, 2015 11:05 am
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Your brain needs exercise, too.

Saw American Ultra yesterday. I liked it a lot. Seriously considering catching another showing tonight because 1) there were some things early in the film I'd like to see again, knowing about what happens later in the movie and 2) apparently it did poorly and I'd like to give it some more money even though it doesn't actually matter at this point.

Slept for crap last night and am exhausted today. That'll probably be what keeps me from trying to make the 7:45 show tonight.
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And this is why I drive all the way to fucking Kansas City, Missouri to see Tim the PT guy.

I don't like to think of my avoidance of certain things as boycotting because I don't usually encourage others to do the same. That shit is personal and nobody needs to feel bad for shopping places when that's all that's available/affordable. But I do believe my dollar is my vote and if you want to know why I don't buy from Amazon and I why request that people don't buy me things from Amazon either, here's yet another reason why. Fuck you, Amazon.

Mad Max Meta about different ways to be a mother.

Patrick Stewart, out there destroying toxic masculinity one person at a time.

Ronda Rousey, god damn. Just. God. Damn.

On the physical self-care front, there is definite movement in the positive direction. My energy levels are much better. This past week I had energy to do stuff after work three out of five days (well, I hope three out of five--I'm thinking positive because there's an event I want to attend tonight). My physical stamina is improving, too. I walked from first to fourth floor on Wednesday and wasn't wiped out at the top! I got winded going up just one flight the very next day, but these things go in cycles and an occasional victory is better than no victories at all. Pain-wise, things are definitely better. I have only small aches in my left hip instead of lightning bolts of despair (the labrum injury) and my right back twinge is lessening thanks to Tim the PT guy deciding it's definitely a nerve injury issue and starting treatment for that. He thinks it's possible that when I pulled my back on the deadlift (god that seems so long ago), my sciatic nerve and a disc got pulled slightly out of their grooves along with the soft tissue injury and while the soft tissues healed, the nerve and disc are still rubbing each other the wrong way. All the mobility work I've done on it has actually been detrimental (ugh) which explains why I've been feeling worse on days after I do yoga. So we're working on getting them to play happily with themselves and sometime soon (perhaps as soon as September) we're staring prep work for returning to lifting heavy things.

You guys I got a bit choked up and teary thinking about being behind a barbell again. Seriously, I am almost crying at my desk here.

The people at the State Fair were kind enough to refund my tickets so I'm buying tickets to see Joan Jett at the Sprint Center in December. No travel, no hotel expense, no worrying about food, and [ profile] mckitterick can go with us. Also, she's the opening act at that show, so unless my concert buddies want to stay for The Who (unlikely), we can skedaddle out of there early. It's win all around.

I hate that even such a small thing as a day trip to a city three hours away presents such an ordeal for me. I don't know that I'll ever be able to enjoy traveling just to travel. I need to have a reason for travel beyond just sightseeing and that reason needs to be pretty damn motivating. This is a little sad-making because I believe travel is wonderful and important for self-development, but god it's just such a trial for me (for various reasons).

With my energy levels (I hope) improving, though, I look forward to doing more things close to home. Workshops, shows, even more regular hang-outs with locals.

Tonight I'm going to Dances With Hippies (provided I am not absolutely dead on my feet come quitting time). It's been ages since I went to one of these things and I'm especially excited about this one. The Sunday morning one I used to attend has shifted music focus to stuff I'm not always wild about, but from what I was told, the DJ for this event leans more toward electronica so Fuck Yeah. Also, Westside Yoga is my favorite open movement space in town, with good ventilation and a high ceiling so the patchouli funk won't be overpowering. It's where they hold the occasional kirtans I attend, too. Such a nice place.

Final good thing for today: My hair looks FANTASTIC. Perhaps alas, I don't yet know how to get a photo off my phone (or even...take a photo with my phone?) and also my hair doesn't photograph well. You'll have to take my word for it.


Aug. 11th, 2015 09:40 am
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You Don't Need Fancy Stuff to exercise. Look how graceful this dude is! Also, that just looks fun.

Looking for a good article on cultural appropriation? Look no further.

Today's Tumblr is Tuesday, August 11: Red.
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Not kidding, I teared up a little bit when [ profile] mckitterick and I walked in the house last night. The house smelled a little stale, but man, so good to be home. I-70 from KC to Indianapolis is terrible. It was bad when I used to do it regularly ten years ago, but it's only gotten worse. Two construction zones in every state, standstill traffic on the interstate there and back, and even more semi-trucks than there used to be. Ugh. Just awful. Seriously reconsidering driving the Chevelle out there when it's done. I think that would just be miserable and nerve-wracking.

Had a good time while we were there, at least! The Dream Cars exhibit at the IMA was beautiful. Then on Saturday we went to the Indy 500 museum. [ profile] mckitterick did the full tour with Daddy the day before while I hung out a bit with Mommy. They have a program where you can drive around the track, but they also have one where you can drive around a smaller inner track in a super car (not an Indycar or stock car). I want to do it (because they had at least a Ferrari and a Lamborghini that we saw), but I can't find the option on their website.

Sadly, Mommy's understanding of "I want to go thrifting" meant "I want to hit the two Goodwills closest to you in the two hours we have before you have to get back to the house to start dinner." *sadface* At least that let me get a nap in?

Really not sure I'm up to making that drive again, though, ever, under any circumstances.

I've admired this artist's plushies for ages and she's having a sale right now. I'm gonna order a Fraser/RayK pair.

Because I can't put up a post without some reference to physical self-care, have some tips on keeping your thoracic spine healthy with foam-rolling (beware of annoying auto-load video).

I would very much like a print of this guy's artwork.

I spent some glorious time making my mermaid self.

Either my swelling issues are out of control (again), or I've been putting on some major weight in the past couple weeks. I'm not letting myself get too worried about it yet, but when I return from Con*Strict I'm going to start a food journal to make sure I'm not mindlessly eating. Since my movement is going to be restricted until my labrum heals (I'm not even supposed to walk too much for godssake), I can't afford to be taking in calories I'm not burning.

Speaking of my health, I mentioned to my mom about my menstrual issues (she was a nurse) and she said she'd be shocked if I didn't have uterine fibroids from the symptoms I listed. So that's...depressing but not surprising. Tomorrow I'll make an appointment with my PCP to talk about that. But that's also an after-Con*Strict thing because I don't feel like (psychologically and emotionally) dealing with it before and also the chances of my getting an appointment before Thursday are slim to none.

Today I have to do all the things I usually do on the weekends (grocery shopping, food prep, laundry), color my roots, put the jerky for my trip in the dehydrator, and I'd like to make at least one more tee shirt tank dress. We'll see. I also have to not exhaust myself. My energy levels in Indy were pretty low.

Also I am never going to catch up on my tumblr dash and I am okay with that. Paging through what I could, I made peace with the fact that this was the year Tom Hiddleston and Channing Tatum were both at San Diego Comic Con. I'm telling myself it's just as well I went last year. If I'd gone this year I'd have been motivated to make An Agenda instead of letting myself float along with a whatever-happens-happens attitude.

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Today's Tumblr is Tuesday, July 7: Gowns.

I know, I know, I know I link to Breaking Muscle all the time but oh my god you guys, I want to do this 90 day program so hard.

Either I misplaced my box of fandom calling cards or I gave them all away. In any case, I wanted to get more for Con*Strict. I ordered them late Friday evening and they're already done this morning. Local folks, I can't recommend Minuteman Press enough. I didn't even have to call them. You can do all your ordering online! So great, and $40 for 250 cards (full color with bleed).

I finished my badge for Con*Strict last night! It was coming together pretty well, so I decided to go ahead and make it double-sided so that when it flips over (as lanyard badges inevitably do), it'll still show the relevant information. One side is Mad Max themed and the other is Sherlock. I'll try to remember to bring it to work to scan tomorrow so I can post a picture of it.

Found on the Toast Link Roundup, here's a great Kids These Days article.

"Screen Addiction is a generational complaint, and generational complaints, taken individually, are rarely what they claim to be. They are fresh expressions of horrible and timeless anxieties. They are a tried and true form of advanced-age self-care. They apply to all children except your kids, who are mere victims of their degraded peers. They apply to the Snapchats and the sexting, but not to those Facetime conversations with your grandniece, who is too young to text and Twitter, or to turn away, and who is therefore perfect.

The grandparent who is persuaded that screens are not destroying human interaction, but are instead new tools for enabling fresh and flawed and modes of human interaction, is left facing a grimmer reality. Your grandchildren don’t look up from their phones because the experiences and friendships they enjoy there seem more interesting than what’s in front of them (you). Those experiences, from the outside, seem insultingly lame: text notifications, Emoji, selfies of other bratty little kids you’ve never met. But they’re urgent and real. What’s different is that they’re also right here, always, even when you thought you had an attentional claim."

And my favorite is the closing bit:

" A new technology can be enriching and exciting for one group of people and create alienation for another; you don’t have to think the world is doomed to recognize that the present can be a little cruel."

I don't understand why it's so difficult for parents to remove the technology when the presence of the technology is inappropriate to the situation. I understood when it was time to put down the book or the crayons or whatever. How is a tablet or phone different? That's not a rhetorical question. I honestly want to know. Is there a difference? How? Why?

I commented on The Toast that grandparents need to make themselves relevant and interesting. That's just courteous. I'm lucky. My dad's parents were fascinating people and I happily listened to their stories about throwing rocks at the National Guard when they came in to guard the scabs during a union strike. Or about how theirs was the first lunch counter in their city to seat Black people. Helping grandma in the kitchen and her telling stories about the people who bought her pies as she taught me how to make a good pie crust. I mean, I guess I didn't have the option of internet friends back then, but even today, if I had the choice to visit with them about their amazing adventures or scroll through my Tumblr dash, I probably wouldn't choose Tumblr. Old people need to get over the notion that they're deserving of time and attention just because they're old.

Tonight is my appointment with Dr. Jonah in KC. Tomorrow night is prep for Indy (making kale chips so we have a travel vegetable to go with the jerky so we don't have to stop somewhere for lunch), and also slicing up the jerky for Con*Strict (so it has four days to marinade before I put it in the dehydrator when I'm back from Indy). I'd like to make a couple more tops to take to Con*Strict. My first attempt at re-fashioning some thrift-store tees into a mini-dress was successful. I'd like to pack those instead of tops and skirts because I am all about minimal packing. Also because I need to leave enough room for my iPod speakers and yoga mat in my suitcase.
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Doing my exercises this evening, I remembered something about the timing of my left hip pain over the last five years. It was terrible right before I started doing CrossFit--the worst it had ever been. Sometimes the pain kept me from sleeping. I had diagnoses of bursitis, piriformis syndrome, and sciatica. None of the treatments for any of them helped. When I joined CrossFit, the first thing the coaches did was teach me how to squat correctly and after just a few weeks of regular bodyweight squats, my hip felt better. It continued to feel better as long as I continued to do squats. Then I hurt my back and can't do squats comfortably without losing form less than halfway down, and now my hip hurts again.

So I don't know if that's coincidental. Until now I just thought it was a steady regression of my general physical health, but now I wonder if there's a stronger connection, there.

Anyway. Just thought that might help with treatment and I was pretty sure I wouldn't remember this next week.

Thanks for the e-mail. History like that helps us put the pieces together in terms of what will be the best approach to treating you going forward.

My initial thought after reading your e-mail about squatting at your CrossFit gym was that you were probably on the right track until your back injury derailed your training. Good squat form requires huge contribution from your glute max. One of the other primary roles of your glute max is keeping the femoral head (the ball of your upper leg bone) centered in the acetabulum (otherwise known as the hip socket) when you flex and extend your hip. Without good glute strength, you have less control of the femoral head in the hip socket. The most common result is what you're experiencing now, pain in the front of the hip.

The road back, in terms of healing your hip and your back, is re-establishing good firing and control through full hip range with the glute max. We're on the right track as far as that is concerned. Remember that good muscle strength in any area of the body, takes a lot longer than the typical doctor or trainer would lead you to believe. If we look at muscle adaptation at the cellular level, we know that it takes about 90 days to replace all of those muscle cells. The stimulus you provide during this time (whether it's exercise or inactivity) dictates how these cells adapt and either get stronger or weaker. Another consideration is that strength is in large part dictated by the strength of your tendons (the tissue that connects muscle to bone). The cellular replacement timeline for tendon is even longer than muscle, with turnover happening at a rate of once every 200 days or so (this timeline also applies for ligament and fascial layer turnover, as well).

Hope this provides you some insight and encouragement. I believe we can get you stronger and decrease your pain. You're already helping yourself tremendously from day to day by varying your body position regularly.

Have a great weekend and as always, give me a shout with any other questions or concerns.
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Allergies. Sigh. Once in a while I think about trying a low-histamine diet, but then I get depressed and overwhelmed because oh my god cut more things from my food options? UGH. The complete lack of results with 90 days on the auto-immune protocol diet doesn't encourage me to try another elimination diet anytime soon.

Also, this happened yesterday:

PT guy Tim gave me a fix that will alleviate a bit of the pressure on the shoulder in that pose, but it's still gonna be tender for a couple days. Typical.

For later reference: Pre-workout alignment exercises.

This evening I'm gonna break out my new serger knowledge and see if I can't re-fashion some of these thrift-store clothes that've been piling up in the sewing room. So excited! If I like the process and the results, I'm gonna open up an Etsy store for them. I did a lot of searches on Etsy and all the refashioned post-apocalyptic stuff is either costumey and so not really wearable for daily use (although gorgeous--and expensive) or just...shockingly amateur. This, for instance. Fucking brilliant idea. Terrible execution. I do like the D-ring strap shorts she's selling. But again, they don't look finished, somehow.

Speaking of finished, here's my self-insert fanart! It'll post on Tumblr tomorrow, but y'all get a sneak preview today. After looking at it for a while, I see a few places I'd like to add things. Maybe someday? But not now. Also, I need a better way to scan these babies. It's $10 a pop every time at FedEx/Kinko's and I think that's just fucking outrageous. If anyone local has access to something that will flat scan 14"x17" images, let me know.

Last night I made some food for a friend going through a rough time to save her and her husband the hassle of cooking for a few days. Caring for select individuals makes me feel good, and to be honest, cooking is probably the thing I'm best at (besides giving unflinching and often unwanted life advice). Making someone's life a little easier makes me feel necessary and appreciated, so win-win!

I have one more evening of solitude tonight while [ profile] mckitterick wraps up his CSSF Summer activities. Hurray for getting one more night of puttering around the house with loud music and scented candles but also hurray for (starting tomorrow), getting laid on a regular basis again!

So despite getting not nearly enough sleep last night (ugh, 3am thunderstorms), and having a constant dull ache in my shoulder, I feel pretty good today. How's your day/weekend/life shaping up, friends?


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Jun. 16th, 2015 09:36 am
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Here are some variations on tendonitis stretches that I've not seen before.

A lot of these movements for building a bullet-proof core require gym equipment, but they look amazing.

Today's Tumblr is Tuesday, June 16: Water.

Talk to me, people. It's gonna be another slow day for me. I'm open to topics of conversation. Mad Max meta? The contents of Chris Pratt's trousers? General sex talk? Venting about social ills? Discussions of craft projects? Whatever, people. I'm dying, here.

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Mostly for my own reference, but in case anyone else is interested, here are some combo suggestions for infused water. I've recently discovered adding fancy-ass balsamic vinegar (the good stuff, and just a smidge) to seltzer water, too. Delicious.

A friend is coming over for dinner tonight. I'm making this. Ready to eat it right now, along with some of that flavored seltzer. Summer eating, yo.

In a comment on The Toast, I wrote: "I have to wear a high-compression bra when lifting or I tend to bonk my boobs coming up on a snatch. And that might be the greatest sentence I have ever typed in my life."

I'm feeling good and it's such a nice change. Because I was pretty low all around for the first half of June, I didn't do a lot of the things I hoped while [ profile] mckitterick was busy with the writing workshops. I feel like I'm ready to get back to more consistency with yoga, now. I'm also going to start incorporating more isometric movements because Coach Andrew tells me this sort of thing can also keep one's metabolism charged for longer. Energy allowing, I'm going to start working on some art projects--including a Furiosa altered portrait.

Speaking of, I might be taking Coach Andrew to Fury Road this weekend if he can get away from responsibilities at his gym for a few hours. Also speaking of, this article is flat amazing. It does bring up the "this isn't feminist" argument a bit, which...whatever, we can agree to disagree on that opinion. But the main point of it is incredibly valuable.

I never doubted being a girl, but I thought I was missing the mark, because I thought there was a mark to miss. But there are so, so many more ways of being a woman than I realized, so many more ways than I saw reflected in the stories that spoke to me. As it turned out, one of them was mine, and I was doing it exactly right.
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Here's some food for thought for those of us with tight hip flexors. And here are some (more) suggestions for SI Joint issues.

I myself don't buy from Amazon, but I don't force (or even encourage) others to share my shopping politics. If you do buy from Amazon and you're in the market for some exercise/therapy bands, [ profile] redheadfae posted a link to this incredibly good deal on Flex Active bands.

Aging is B.S. The Myth of Missed Opportunities. PREACH.

Recommended in a comment on The Toast's Friday Open Thread was this site called Storywonk. It's about writing, publishing, fandom, meta-analysis, and has podcasts that talk about a few shows, including Star Trek, Buffy, and Outlander.

Eighteen minutes of behind the scenes clips from Fury Road.

Soooo after doing a lot of thinking about it, I am leaning toward cosplaying Nux and not some interpretation of a female War Boy. How the hell I'm going to get this amount of hair under a bald cap I'm not sure, but I at least want to try. TBH, I think dealing with the issue of how to appear shirtless (and abide by public nudity laws) will be easier than hiding my hair. This was mostly motivated by my desire to recreate Max's jacket (which Nux wears, briefly), and then [ profile] aprilstarchild is considering putting together a Capable costume and wouldn't that be fun to cosplay together at 221B Con?

Although I gotta be honest, right now I'm in a pretty low place and the idea of putting any sort of costume together seems like some pretty fucking high goals. I can't even muster the energy to do my PT exercises every day.

Today's Tumblr is Tuesday, June 2: Lightning.


May. 19th, 2015 10:10 am
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My hips are getting sore and stiff again. Hurray for seeing Star again tomorrow! And the PT guy, and Dr. Jonah--it's a long morning in KC for me. In a way, it's kind of cool that the issue is returning. Very few issues are solved in a single fix-it session, and this slight regression somehow makes the healing process more real.

Here are more office stretches that you don't even need to leave your desk to do.

There are squirrels or birds (or both) in the dropped ceiling at the office. This happens every year. Oh, spring.

I've been eating for crap lately and I can't be assed to care. Last night I had a green salad with dried fruit, toasted almonds, and chopped strawberries. For dessert (like I needed dessert--that salad was sweet enough to be a dessert), apple slices with almond butter. WTF, self. There's this stuff called protein. And remember how you're supposed to limit your intake of raw food? Yeah.

Today's Tumblr is Tuesday, May 19: Rain.
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Good news, I think Tim the PT guy and I have the potential for a really great working relationship. Not so great (but not terribly surprising), I have a lot more wrong stuff that needs fixing with my body than I thought. Let's start at the top? Click for a laughably long to-do list )

To be honest, I walked out of the session a little overwhelmed and thinking sheer fucking force of will must've been the only thing that allowed me to deadlift 140lbs and push-press 70lbs last year. But I also had a near-tear-inducing realization of Holy Shit Imagine What I'll Accomplish When I Correct These Issues.


Mar. 20th, 2015 09:16 am
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It's Friday! Before we party, let's start with body stuff.

First, a recommendation find: Overhead squats are my most feared (yes, feared) lift. Frankly, they terrify me. I'm a bit unsteady in even a basic weighted squat, but I feel downright unstable in the overhead squat and I have actually fallen over backward while in the bottom of one. With weight overhead. In a full squat. I am still proud of myself for bailing out under it correctly and nobody was hurt, but still. The overhead squat is really, really scary to me. If you're in the same boat, the trouble might not all be in your hips. Here are a couple mobility drills to open up your thoracic spine which will allow that gorgeous, broad, open chest and strong uplifted arms that are crucial to a successful overhead squat. I'm going to add at least the first one to my Restorative Yoga Collection because honestly it looks gloriously soothing.

Next, a personal find: I mentioned a little bit ago about my newly-smooth thumbnails after decades of them looking like tiny washboards. I now have little half-moons under my fingernails. Used to be I only had half-moons under my thumbs and the fingernails were just solid pink beds. No more! Circulation and oxygen supply must be vastly improved because I have at least a suggestion of a moon under every finger. The pinkies are barely there, but they're there! So exciting! Visible progress like this is incredibly rewarding.

Yesterday was my monthly supplementation consultation with Dr. Jonah. We're phasing out the digestion treatment, continuing with the endocrine support (decreasing amounts on that was an informative experiment but not one I'm going to repeat for a while), and starting work on gut flora--clearing out overgrowth and bad stuff as well as re-populating the good stuff. If this helps my abdominal swelling issues, it will make having my period at 221B Con so much easier.

Last night I slept pretty well. Cramps woke me only twice, and the second time I was able to fall back asleep after taking a Naproxen. SLEEP IS SO GOOD. But before bed (and by "before bed" I mean "immediately after eating dinner"), I settled myself into bed with herbal soothers, a heating pad, and my laptop to indulge in some fic-reading. I'm going through an old LJ community for due South fic recs and found this story that was really touching and a slow build to some very steamy and sweet sex. The comm has been inactive for more than ten years, so a lot of the URLs don't work anymore. I'm glad that one did. Sorry I can't give you the comm name--I have it as an open tab on my home computer and I can't find it in an LJ search.

Update on that DIY Vitamin C Serum I mentioned a couple weeks ago: It's pretty fucking amazing. I just upped the percentage of LAA to 10% in the batch I made last night, but even at 5% I was seeing skin quality improvement. In fact, last weekend [ profile] mckitterick said something like "I don't know what you're using on your face lately, but your skin looks twenty years old." Granted, I have anti-aging genes and not a lot of wrinkles, but the little pre-crow's-feet lines next to my eyes are gone and my naso-labial folds are as minimized as they're going to get on someone with my size nose and cheekbones. Also, just the overall skin quality is improved. And because of the tiny bit of glycerin included in the mix, I don't have to use any sort of additional moisturizer. I'm going to have to be super careful about slathering on the SPF this summer, though. Probably gonna switch to this SPF this summer to avoid those chin-breakouts I'm prone to.

If anyone local wants to try the serum for themselves, I'm willing to part with a half teaspoon of the LAA powder I ordered to get you started. Once mixed, it's good for a week before it deteriorates. But it will give you a sense of how your skin reacts. Bring your own dropper container, though!

I'm all alone in the office today \o/ and am very much looking forward to the weekend. I am dreading the task of getting the house organized for the student-recruitment visit reception on Monday. Thinking we probably would feel better getting that out of the way as soon as possible, but I'm pretty sure we'll put it off until Sunday night just like I said I didn't want to but it's the weekend.


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