Nov. 23rd, 2015 12:31 pm
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Busy so busy and I have things I want to write, but I'm just so very busy. At work I'm doing everything I possibly can ahead of time to make things easier when I'm not in the office (although I know there's no amount of planning that is going to make this working from home thing easy) and at home I'm doing everything I possibly can ahead of time to make things more comfortable (although I know there's no amount of planning that is going to make this recovery thing comfortable).

But if nothing else, I wanted to tell people about the amazing Pusifer concert that [personal profile] mckitterick and I saw last night in KC. It was at the Midland which I've somehow missed experiencing until now (so beautiful and the sound quality was top-notch). If you're not familiar with the band, it's one of Maynard James Keenan's projects and (IMO) his best. I'd never seen them, and I'd read a little bit about how Puscifer's concerts are kinda surreal, but I didn't want to be spoiled for anything. I went in with no expectations or anticipations. It was amazing. I just...well. I've mentioned before how much I like music. It's been a while since I saw a concert that so moved me. Next time they tour (please let there be a next time and they play locally), I'm buying tickets as soon as possible so I can be closer and feel comfortable standing, like everyone on the floor seating. I think I'd have wept.

I don't subscribe to the idea of souls. They might exist outside of our physical bodies (anything's possible), but the notion doesn't jibe with my brain. They're a wonderful metaphor and a nice idea, but do I think I have a soul separate from my person that can exist without my body? Not...really. But if I did have a soul, mine would have been slightly outside my body for much of last night's show. The visuals (weird, creepy, silly) pulled on my eyes and the bass (intense, deep) pushed out my heart. I could feel these impossible things happening to my body. I opted to be Not An Asshole and didn't stand up when the people in front of us didn't but oh I was literally on the edge of my seat, pushing/pulling myself closer to the stage.

It was incredible.
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[livejournal.com profile] mckitterick sent me this mashup:

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] daasgrrl, I'm adding London Spy to my watchlist for my convalescence.

Today's Tumblr collection is Tuesday, November 17: Raccoons. Fact: The word "raccoons" is difficult to type, much less to type 30+ times. I kept putting "raccooons" as the tag.
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] daasgrrl at VID: You'll Be Back (Sherlock/Moriarty, PG-13)

Title: You'll Be Back (from Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda, sung by Jonathan Groff)
By: [livejournal.com profile] daasgrrl
Length: 3:18
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Characters and/or pairings: Sherlock/Moriarty
Warnings, kinks & contents: Slash, canonical violence
Notes: I blame [livejournal.com profile] shadowfireflame, who first said "hey, have you heard about Hamilton"? and [livejournal.com profile] clevermanka, who followed up with, "I love this song, check it out". After two listens I thought: a) "this song is awesome" and b) "this is totally a Sheriarty vid, isn't it?". And so it came to pass :)
Summary: The madness of King Jim.

Also at: youtube / tumblr / AO3.

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Yesterday's responses to my call for hysterectomy stories was overwhelming (in a good way) and incredibly helpful. I was touched by the care and compassion of friends and complete strangers, who shared intimate details about their experiences. I fucking love the internet.

This morning I was lying in bed, checking in with my body. I do it every morning. It's my pre-flight check to make sure nothing is so wrong that I might not make it through the workday. I...have never typed that out before, and now that I've done the equivalent of saying it aloud, I realize how bizarre it is. Who does shit like that? Me, I guess. Anyway. I was checking in and made myself aware of the near-constant slight abdominal pressure I've known about for a long time (at least a year, perhaps more). I always thought it was gas or something not sitting right or maybe I just needed to pee. It felt like menstrual cramps, but surely I wouldn't have menstrual cramps if I wasn't at that part of my cycle, right? Lying there this morning, I realized/admitted to myself, that's probably the giant fibroid. Gross.

I don't often have regrets, but I am very much regretting not wearing tights under my skirt today. I am freezing. I've got a lot going on this weekend, but hauling out the winter wardrobe on Saturday is a must. I don't have a record of when I switched out wardrobes last year, but I think this might be a record for lateness thereof. Hurray for boots, sweaters, and tights! I am not a fan of cold weather, but I least I enjoy cold weather fashion.

Here's a job I would've been really good at, y'all. But that would also mean living in a big city, so...no. Ah well! Last night at Henna Time I sold [livejournal.com profile] hdsqrl and [livejournal.com profile] radiantmephit on Hamilton, and that was great. I also started following Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter because he is fucking hilarious and I'm starting to develop such a crush on him.

This has been in my head all week so I'm sharing it with you, too. God damn I love this song so much.
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For those of you wanting more takes on Crimson Peak, may I offer two favorable and lovely reviews, one is from local horror notable [livejournal.com profile] orrin and the other is from [livejournal.com profile] beren_writes.

And here's something for all my friends who I know want another Joss Whedon smackdown critique.

[livejournal.com profile] mckitterick bravely listened to Act 2 of Hamilton with me last night. About a third of the way through he asked "is this just a continuing trainwreck until the end?" and I said yeah, pretty much but he kept listening and agreed that even though it's sad it's also very very good.

I'm not going to say I looked up if orchestra pit seats are still available during our Spring Break but orchestra pit seats are totally still available during our Spring Break. Not cheap. BUT AVAILABLE.

Can we talk for a moment ([livejournal.com profile] curieuse, I'm looking at you) about the stylistic differences between King George's song (click the play option at the top) and the rest of the score and how that corresponds to the completely-different-from-everything-else tone of King Herod's song in Jesus Christ Superstar and how might that be intentionally referential? I hope so. I know LMM is a huge musical theater nerd I really want this not to be coincidence.

ETA: found on the toast, this Hamilton analysis/review from Talib Kweli.

Nine albums

Oct. 7th, 2015 01:49 pm
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I just posted this to my Tumblr, but thought I'd recreate it here, if people wanted to comment. I've adjusted for LJ formats, usernames, and applicability.

[livejournal.com profile] write_out and [livejournal.com profile] splix both tagged me ages ago for this, and I am a bit embarrassed it took me so long to respond but not too embarrassed to do it, obviously.

Music is hugely important to me, as you’ll probably infer from my long-winded explanations of my choices, under the cut. But favorites are so difficult for me since my tastes are mercurial and largely dependent on my mood (which is also changeable from moment to moment).  So let’s go with what I would claim today to be my favorite nine albums (tomorrow it could be different). Alphabetically, because after the emotional work of picking them at all, there’s no way I can additionally rank them.

Click for my explanations and justifications )

Obviously the tags I put on there aren't applicable here, but I would love to see responses from people who either aren't on Tumblr, or who I didn't tag there. Hm. Now that I think of it, I should have limited my tagging to people who are only on Tumblr, and then tagged the LJ-also people, here.

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Because I need another crafting project: Do Something With The Tiniest Scraps! Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] msmitti!

If you like Thirty Seconds to Mars (Jared Leto's band), I found a website that has some electronica remixes of their songs.

For those of you who think we aren't on the cusp of living in 1984...wake up, kiddos.

I don't wanna jinx anything, but my energy levels are WAY up this week. I'm kinda worn out but not fucking beat when I get home from work in the evenings. I think Dr. Jonah's new supplementation schedule is working. Also, I'm sleeping through the night, probably due to the new progesterone tincture I got from Dr. Khosh on Friday.

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Cut for large xkcd comic )

I used to be blonde ponytail girl. I'm glad to say I'm dark short haired girl, now. GROWTH.

Tom Hiddleston tweeted the first clip from I Saw the Light. Oh my god you guys this movie's gonna kill me. He sounds so much like him.

[livejournal.com profile] mckitterick doesn't like country music (to the point that he claims Johnny Cash isn't a country singer because he likes Johnny Cash but doesn't like country music, therefore Johnny Cash isn't a country singer to which I think most of us will call bullshit but it's okay whatever moving on) and sometimes that makes me a little sad because I really like country music. I even like some modern pop country. All genres of music have a lot of crap, but man, that swing and twang? SO GOOD. sigh

I'm glad I can count on [livejournal.com profile] redheadfae going to see this with me. If [livejournal.com profile] msmitti can make it to town for a visit when it's playing, that'd be wonderful. hint hint It opens the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, ladies.

I look at a lot of refashioned/recycled clothes designs. A lot of them. And 99% of the time, I firmly believe there is nothing you can do with old ties that doesn't look like a bunch of old ties thrown together. Horrible. But check these out. A jacket (what makes this succeed IMO is the interrupted lines--it's not just horizontal lines that screams I AM MADE OF TIES), an ottoman, and (my least favorite, but still kind of pretty) a rug.
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I just cancelled a potential Labor Day Weekend trip to Denver and my henna touch-up day to go to this concert.


Late Night

Aug. 9th, 2015 09:17 am
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Does anybody who follows me here read Arthur/Eames? I just wrapped up this amazing story and although I will never re-read it, it's one of the best-written fics I've experienced. The characterization is fantastic, the plot is intricate and heavily detailed, the action scenes are nothing short of brilliant, and the sex is hot. It doesn't romanticize or glamorize at all what it would be like to be a professional criminal. It's long, and worth it. The author of that fic left in the comments to it her rec list for that pairing. A lot of the links are dead or locked, but I hope to find some available gems.

Check out these amazing coloring books. Just for the record, if anyone's ever interested in buying me something, I'd be interested in Art Nouveau Patterns, or any of the three Mehandi design books.

Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxing day. I really-for-real practiced some yoga, and I got a two hour nap in the afternoon (!) and felt fine for the 11pm Latenight Callers show at Replay. Oh my goodness so many people were there! I'm so happy my LNC friends are pulling such great crowds.

Lots to get done today, though. Laundry never sleeps.

ETA: I'm sending the ephemera packages today to the people who asked for them. If you like what I sent and would like more, let me know and we can work something out. I'm not worried about getting reimbursed for the $3 postage on these 6oz mailings, but if you want more (which I'd be thrilled to provide), a few bucks via PayPal would be appreciated.
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Well I'm going to Con*Strict in July. That was unexpected. See? I can do spontaneous.

A zillion thanks to [livejournal.com profile] splix for her influence and assistance in helping me make my decision to go. I think this will be a good con for me. It's small, it's in Las Vegas, and two of the panel topics are The Women of Mad Max and Fuck You Joss Whedon (not really, but there's a decidedly anti-Joss-"feminism" slant to the panel title).

I wrapped up everything I need to do for the Campbell Conference this morning. We have a record number of preregistered attendees this year, so that's pretty cool. So close to being done with CSSF stuff, y'all. There are still a few things that could come up at this point (things I'd have to deal with), but not much.

Some people talked to me about Muse's latest album yesterday (not on LJ though) and I finally realized what it is about it. Drones is all of Muse's bad qualities, on one album, with very few of their good ones. Now that I can put my finger on what was putting me off about it, I feel better about writing this one off as a loss. I guess every artist is eventually going to put out something that disappoints. I've had several musicians disappoint me with their recent follow-up albums. IMO, One Direction's Four is mostly tedious except for one or two songs, Gaga's Artpop is basically unlistenable, Katy Perry's Prism has more misses than hits, Enrique's Sex+Love has way too much Pitbull for me to enjoy it, Maroon 5's V is just dull. It has not been a good time for me and new pop releases is what I'm saying. The one pop album that didn't disappoint was Taylor Swift's 1989. It's her first marketed-as-pop album and (notably) the first album of hers that I've liked all the way through.

So I'm thinking it's time to start looking outside of pop for a while again. My faves seem to be in a slump. Recently recommended to me were Finger Eleven, Elbow, and Dredg. Here's hoping I take a shine to one of them because I really need some new music that I like.
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Me and three other people (two of whom I know in real life, Sarah F and Matt J, not on LJ) were part of a special forces unit that was tough but technologically-inclined. Sort of like the Expendables, but nerdy. We'd been falsely accused of something (OF COURSE) and decided to retaliate by stealing some technology that would expose the organization.

Early in the dream, we were flying a tiny airplane out of the country (Sarah and the dude I don't know in real life were piloting) and my mom kept calling me. Now, I have this thing in real life where my phone doesn't reliably stay off. I'll turn it off and then it will spontaneously power up which is a bit of a stressor on actual plane flights, let me tell you. So anyway, I could not get the fucking thing to stop vibrating (I'd at least turned off the ringer) and finally I answered with a "Mom I'm really busy this is a bad time do you have an emergency" and she was all "No I just have this funny story." I told her to please just wait and I'd call back when I could.

Scene change to the inside of a tiny, foreign airport (must have been some tropical location because there were palm trees and ferns all over, even in the building). Matt J and I were carrying this piece of technology (it fit in a backpack) through the airport, trying to avoid security. We saw two of them talking like they'd just heard information and start looking around at people. So we hurried to find a place to hide, which was on top of this 10- or 12-foot partition. Matt J climbed up (he's a good climber in real life) and I threw the backpack up, then he helped me get up. There was just enough room for us to lie lined up flat on the top of the wall, with his head near my feet, the backpack between us. And my phone started vibrating again in my back pocket.

Now, Matt J is super cool and gets happy-excited about stuff, not often visibly upset or angry, but I could feel his annoyance radiating at me and I dream-remembered his irritation sitting in the other passenger seat of the tiny plane when my phone kept buzzing. There wasn't a thing I could do because the partition we were lying on was so narrow if I moved to get at my back pocket, my arm movement would have been visible past the edge of the partition. So I just lay there, hoping the noise of the airport would drown out the buzzing as these police passed us. STOP CALLING ME, MOM. JESUS.

It sounds stressful, but I was so amused by it I woke myself up smiling.

I picked up Muse's new album that dropped yesterday. I can say after six listens that it's...not as horrible as I'd feared? I'm a big, big Muse fan, but the single I'd heard a while back bothered me. The song itself is good, but the drill sergeant screaming put me off. Heard in the context of the whole album, it's not as awful, but it still sets me on edge. Which I know is the point, but I get less pleasure from listening to it. I also feel like the message of this album is surprisingly ham-fisted at this point in their careers. Lyrically, this feels like a first or second album, not a seventh. One of the things I love about Muse (apart from the fact that I think they're amazingly talented in all sorts of ways) is that they're still an album-oriented band and I love listening to albums that are a cohesive whole, where the sum is more than the parts. I know it's a dying art/technique and I'm not gonna lie that I'm disappointed in this latest effort from them. Sound-wise, it's great--gorgeously complex and bombastic, as always. Just a little too in-your-face. When I compare it to The Second Law, it just does not hold up. Maybe I'll feel better after I've listened to it more over the course of the next couple weeks. Is anyone else a Muse fan? D'you have thoughts about Drones yet?

Furry Road

Jun. 4th, 2015 12:36 pm
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This collection of mash-ups has been playing since I discovered it on Tumblr this morning.

I'll be making some modifications to it (obviously), but now that I've figured out how to make a cream-style dressing that I can eat, wedge salads are back on my menu and this recipe (found linked on The Toast) gives a fantastic tutorial on making a good one.

I'm ordering this. If you're local and want one, let me know by 10am tomorrow and we can split shipping. Click for pic )

Next time I'm thrifting, I'll keep my eyes peeled for an old bundt pan because hanging this for the squirrels is going to be comedy gold, y'all.

There are rumors that university support staff here might be furloughed and I'm actually okay with that because even without [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick's generous financial support, I have enough in savings to get by a couple months with no income. However, what concerns me (i.e. pisses me off) is it sounds like we might actually not get paid tomorrow for the previous two weeks. Is that legal? I don't think that's legal and I realize businesses do illegal things all the fucking time, but this seems really...blatant? I understand that thanks to our fuckwad of a governor, the state is in a huge mess but you best pay me for work already done assholes.

There are actually things going on today that I need to do, so that's about it for today. We had a fire alarm this morning that kept me out of the building for about half an hour, so that was fun.
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I want a print of the fourth piece of art in this Toast essay.

Maggie Stiefvater posted a really great techno/electronica playlist on Tumblr.

My left hip is still bugging me and I think it's two things. One, I might have been overstretching and...sprained it a little? Oops. I've been babying it during my PT exercises (which omg you guys so exhausting) and it's feeling a little better already. Two, though. Ugh. Two, I think it's the extra weight I've put on in the past couple months. I had a hard time returning to structured eating after 221B Con, which I mentioned at the time, but I still am snacking way too much (like, at all) and so much dried fruit and nuts. I know my joints hurt more and regularly when I creep over 165lbs. I haven't weighed myself in ages, but I bet I'm up around there, if not over. [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick's also unhappy with the bit of belly he's acquired recently, so the two of us made a pact for a full calendar year--until Memorial Day 2016--to be the most physically-conscious versions of ourselves and see how fit and healthy we can possibly get in 365 days.

As always, if doing stuff like this with other people helps inspire you or keep you on track, feel free to join us!

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I'm compiling a list of the amazing reviews and articles for Fury Road. If you have a recommendation for inclusion, link it in the comments, please.

Guided meditations, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] seascribe

Some delicious-sounding meatball recipes.

Uptown Funk remix. I need to find this for download.

I don't know how I missed this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic when it first came out, but I'm glad I saw someone mention it. It's incredibly moving.

[livejournal.com profile] ms_danson sent me this journal publication about chronic inflammation and quality of life. It's a teensy bit technical for me (my brain is great for some things, not so great at others), but what I did glean from it was interesting, although parts of it made me angry. Emphasis mine:
As suggested previously, diagnosis remains highly problematic because many people with these diseases go untreated, never receive an accurate diagnosis, or find that no clinically recognized diagnosis yet exists for their condition. Likewise, many patients who do receive one diagnosis do not ever learn the full extent of their condition due to the siloized structure of specialty medicine in the United States. These issues may affect women disproportionately, compounding an already significant array of disadvantages in health.
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For you music-lovers (who, like me, carry a lot of different stuff on the iPod or whatever device), do you have those times where you scroll through your collection and go "Ugh I need to get some new music" because everything you see is just old and over-listened but you don't have the money (or motivation) to actually get some new music so you finally decide "Well okay, I haven't listened to this in ages, fine, whatever, I'll listen to this" and then after two songs you're all "Why the fuck haven't I listened to this lately? This is great!" That's what I'm feeling about Janis Martin today.

It's still rough for me to listen to this style of music too much because I really really really miss having an in-house partner-dance companion at my disposal, but it's damn fine music.

I was talking to someone yesterday about this--how I feel like we're headed toward a sort of minor dark ages. Not as bleak a distopia as that depicted in a lot of current literature and media, but I think we're on a downward slide that isn't going to improve anytime soon. It came up in the context of downloading our awareness to computers and how I used to be opposed to the idea of it for myself but now I'm not so sure. It might be nice to not be subject to the whims of this body all the time.

Hurray for new shoes! I needed new summer shoes because I am very, very tired of my Dansko Mary Jane clogs, which have been my main summer shoes (those and my Chucks) for (god) ten years. They arrived last night and I'm wearing them today. They're comfortable and cute and I like them.

Last night I got some cooking done finally.

More mobility suggestions for getting into the splits. This is mostly for me to check out later. I haven't watched the videos yet, and I admit some concern about the spelling errors, but it might have some good ideas. Speaking of hip mobility, I did some rolling out last night and wow could I tell it'd been a while. Ugh, they were so tender and stiff. They still feel tender and stiff. In fact, it feels like they're full of something. Cotton wadding? Wet sand? Something. My entire outside hip area, top to bottom from gluteus medias to front pelvic bone feels stuck and sludgy. It's gross.

But it's Friday and it's Stop Day, which at KU means offices are open but there's no classes, no exams, no nothing. It's super quiet. Nice. And I'm taking Monday off.

Walk it out

Mar. 9th, 2015 09:35 am
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One of the things I've been working on for years is walking/gait mindfulness. During my rolfing sessions with Risa Kern at Kinetikos, she periodically evaluated my gait and standing stance. She taught me to drive my forward momentum from my posterior chain and think about how/where I was placing my feet. Walking should be an even forward motion of propulsion, not a series of arrested forward falls. Many people's gaits are driven by their quads and their feet aren't involved any more than acting as the thing that keeps them from falling on their face. This Breaking Muscle article is mostly about how to fall safely, but it has a section on good walking habits, too.

Walking is so good for us, especially for those of us who spend a huge portion of our lives in front of a computer--either seated or standing. Remember, kids, switching to a habit of standing for eight hours a day isn't a great improvement over sitting for eight hours a day. Both wreak havoc on your body. Switch it up every hour or so and try walking around for a least a few minutes every hour. But if you're actively doing damage to your body while you're walking, that's not so great, either. Learning how to walk again is frustrating and yeah, it takes a long time. I still fall back into old (bad) habits once in a while, but I find keeping a mindful attitude toward my body while I'm walking to be more enjoyable than just plodding along unconsciously.

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Not a lot about the Oscars on my Tumblr dash today. Just a bunch of dress reviews from omgthatdress, gifsets of Eddie Redmayne's and Patricia Arquette's acceptance speeches, and this amazing Sound of Music tribute from Lady Gaga.

I'm relieved to see she didn't fall down too deep a well of hot-mess-dom after Artpop. I heard reports of her Haus of Gaga support network abandoning her left and right and then...radio silence. So good to see she's doing well, her pipes are still in fine form, and I hope she puts out another album equal to Born This Way in the next few years. NGL, I would love to see her do at least one Broadway show so I could buy the soundtrack for it. [livejournal.com profile] madlori's take on it was particularly on point.

There was more interest than I expected about the postures I use in my home yoga practice. I'll start journaling those in more detail with my Intentional Movement Report on March 1.

Holy crap, next week is March! This Whole30 has gone surprisingly easily. Thanks a bunch, respiratory influenza!
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I've been loathe to mention it, because I am ridiculously superstitious, but I've been sleeping really well lately and last night I slept for ten hours. Amazing.

Because I'm better rested, I am making a commitment to move at least thirty minutes, five days a week. This can be boxing, yoga, dance, TRX work, whatever. I'm not going to mess with any sort of training plan or schedule. Right now I'm just promising to myself the dedication to regular intentional movement. I have an accountability pact going with a friend (I'll let her out herself if she wishes) wherein we check in at the end of the week and if one of us failed to reach goal (30 minutes of movement five days a week), we have to make it up sometime the next week. So if we miss a day, we do 30 minutes six days the next week. If we miss more days than can be made up in a week, we do 30 minutes all seven days and whatever lacking days for the next week. If, by the end of the month, we haven't made up our missed days, then we donate $20 to a charity of the other's choice.

STARTING TODAY! So once my lunch settles, I'm going to haul out my (neglected) yoga stuff and go through some routines I have saved. Maybe the SI joint happiness routine that [livejournal.com profile] kazoogrrl recommended to me combined with a few hip openers.

Mashrou Leila just released a new song! The video is...well, I think I don't understand it, but the song is good. I love his voice.

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Day One: Ten random facts about yourself.
Day Two: Nine things you do everyday.
Day Three: Eight things that annoy you.
Day Four: Seven fears/phobias
Day Five: Six songs that you’re addicted listening to a lot right now.
Day Six: Five things you can’t live without.
Day Seven: Four memories you won’t forget.
Day Eight: Three words you can’t go a day without using.
Day Nine: Two things you wish you could do.
Day Ten: One person you can trust

This was harder than you might think because I don't much listen to songs. I listen to albums. Because I am old and have an old person's listening habits.

1. Hozier - Take Me To Church wish I liked the rest of the album as much
2. Taylor Swift - Blank Space
3. Mary Lambert - Secrets
4. Enrique Iglesias - Bailando I broke down, bought the CD, and just FF through the Pitbull songs

Okay I tried, I really tried. Those are all the songs I could think of that've been on my "please please come on the radio" list lately. Have a couple albums and a band that get a lot of play from me:
5. 30 Seconds to Mars - Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams
6. Florence and the Machine - Ceremonials
7. And (still) anything and everything by Muse who are working on their seventh album right now which means they might be touring again in the next year or two WHOOP WHOOP


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