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Thanks to those who offered insight and experiences on yesterday's question about my menstrual stuff. I'm so glad to be at a point in my life where I am comfortable talking about a normal body function without being embarrassed. Sincere appreciation to those friends who are in the same place with me. I think I'm going to mention these issues to my doctor next time I see her, but I'm not going to worry about it too much for now.

This Breaking Muscle article about how we perceive our daily activity affects our health is fascinating.

If you're a Kindle owner and want a new cookbook (and aren't vegetarian), consider picking up Melissa Joulwan's two amazing contributions to the Paleo Eating community. They're on sale for $1.99 each on Kindle right now.

There is talk of a few crafting panels at Con*Strict, including origami and a make-a-purse-from-a-book. Y'all, I might have found my people.

Today's my last day at the office this week.

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2-3 large zucchini, julienned*
2-3 large carrots, julienned
Kosher salt
2 lb miniature/cocktail shrimp, peeled and cooked
2 t minced dried onion
1 t dried dill
1 T lemon juice
olive oil

I use one of these to make vegetable noodles. I highly recommend one for all kitchens. They make vegetables so much fun!

As you noodle-ify the zucchini, throw it into a colander and periodically sprinkle with kosher salt. When you've made all the zucchini into noodles, shake it or fluff it with your hands to distribute the salt. Salting-and-sitting releases excess moisture. Let the noodles rest for about fifteen minutes (I've gone as long as thirty). You can rinse and pat them dry if you like, but I just squeeze out the excess water and leave the salt on. That way I don't have to salt the food later. You don't need to do this for the carrots. Just slice them up into noodles.

Once the zucchini has been rested/patted/squoze, put the carrots in a big pot with a splash of olive oil. Cook for three to four minutes until they're barely this side of cooked. Just a tad past completely raw. Add the minced onion, zucchini, dill, and a bit more olive oil if things are looking dry. Stir fry for about five to six minutes until the zucchini is barely cooked. The noodles should still be a bit firm (this is one of the rare times I don't overcook the vegetables since usually I prefer them cooked to within a moment of incineration/mush).

Remove from heat and add your bag of shrimp. Be sure to drain out the excess water. Rinsing them isn't a bad idea, either. Re-use the colander recently vacated by the zucchini noodles. Add the lemon juice and stir well. Decide if you need more olive oil. I used less oil than I would usually, because I wanted this to be a cool, light meal.

Eat whenever you're ready. This works well at room temperature (the cold shrimp helps cool down the noodles) or straight out of the fridge the next day.

Soup One

Jan. 2nd, 2013 01:17 pm
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Today's my first day of eating according to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. Yay. I didn't make the time (or have the energy) to go grocery shopping yesterday, so I had to make due with what was left in the house. Not much, but I made do.

For breakfast, I had a can of tuna mixed up with a diced pear. It was surprisingly not horrible. For lunch, I prepped last night a soup that wasn't woefully dull. It's going to take a bit of time before I stop being mopey about not using seed-based spices, though. Click for soup recipe )

New leaves

Apr. 15th, 2012 10:14 am
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You know you've turned a corner in your approach to food when your impulse purchase at Costco is a five-dollar bag of organic baby kales.

Today I'm seriously and for real quitting smoking cigarettes until KCRF. I'm off to smoke my last one as soon as I click "post" here.
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Okay, this is disgusting (SFW, but disgusting). Don't get me wrong, I used to love Cadbury Cream Eggs (before they changed the recipe). But the idea of drinking two of them in a can of pop? Ew.

My first one-on-one drumming lesson is tonight. I'm hoping my friend can help me out with some basic technique stuff. The one thing I took away from last month's drum workshop in KC is that I am sorely lacking in actual playing technique and if I want to get good at this, I need to learn some technique before I start trying the fancy stuff.

I'm on something of a contaminant-purge, and so have stopped taking all supplements that contain suspicious ingredients (fructose and tapioca starch in Emergen-C, for example). This means I'm no longer taking ibuprofen, either, since all the brands I've found use corn starch as a base. Guess what time of the month it is now? This is my second cycle sans-analgesics, and folks, it is not getting easier. Ugh and ouch.

Liberty Hall had Singin' in the Rain in stock (although the copy has some damage). It was great to watch it with [ profile] mckitterick for his first viewing of it. So charming to experience that with someone who hasn't ever seen it, or many old musicals at all. I'm frequently amazed at how very different were our childhoods. The only thing we shared in common is that we were both human children--and there are times (most times, really) when I question even that.

New due South icon, btw. <3
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I forgot to take my Provigil this morning and I'm about to fall asleep at my desk. Man, that stuff really helps. I've been taking only the morning dose recently, so as to make my limited supply of it last through the end of the year. I hope that the Linking Decoction tea pills that my mom's TCM practitioner recommended in Provigil's stead work for me. I do not want to go back to being this tired all the time. This sucks.

As a state employee, I can get $480/year off my insurance premium by accumulating twenty points in their HealthQuest program. One part of that is getting a health screening thing where they check your height, weight, waist measurement, and a basic blood test. I had mine done today (which is why I forgot to take the Provigil--I had to fast, and I usually take the Provigil with my breakfast).

My numbers
Total Cholesterol: 185 mg/dL (<200 Desirable)
HDL Cholesterol: 72 mg/dL (>60 Optimal)
LDL Cholesterol: 102 mg/dL (100-129 Near Optimal)
TC/HDL Ratio: 2.6 (3.8 or below = Low Risk for women)
Triglycerides: 54 mg/dL (<150 Desirable)
Fasting Glucose: 95 mg/dL (<100 Normal)
Blood Pressure: 99/60 (<120/80 Normal)

The guy nearest me was getting his numbers read while I was getting my waist measurement. I guess they were good because he said "Wow, I'm going to go have a steak now!" And it made me want to scream because yeah, that's probably a really good idea, buddy, but our health care advice is so enmeshed in erroneous thinking and information that we're still shoving low-fat bullshit down people's throats and wondering why America is getting fatter and more disease-ridden by the second.

I estimate that 30-50% of my daily calories come from fat, and a lot of that is saturated fat. Coconut oil, eggs, fatty meats like steak or dark meat chicken...etc. But my numbers? All amazing. I'm a fucking poster child for health-by-the-numbers and I haven't eaten a whole grain since April of 2010.

I know that there's not one way of eating that works for every single person, but of the people I know who've ditched the grain-and-sugar combo, every single one reports improved health, as well as good mental and emotional states. And yet we are still bombarded with Low Fat High Fiber recommendations from every angle--not to mention what's readily available and affordable at the grocery store.

Speaking of things found at the grocery store, I saw this when I was picking up some spinach at Checker's last night.

Idiots Guide

Nice, right?
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My Tumblr post with the pictures of my Halloween makeup got reblogged a lot, from some pretty cool folks, including Calverita Mexicana. Neat.

I'm on Day Seven of this Whole30. A quarter of the way through.

The BBC reports that women boxers might be required to wear skirts instead of shorts as their basic uniform. This is vomit-inducing. Anyone remember FIFA's ruling that effectively banned the Iranian women's soccer team from competing in 2012? Yeah. Don't talk to me about how women are no longer an oppressed group and we should start feeling sorry for all those poor mens. Just...don't. No, really. I'm not asking for comments on this issue. Not right now. STFU.

A few days ago, I complained how I didn't have things to eat when my system was feeling delicate. Just in time for cold and flu season, my friend Mel posted an article to her blog entitled Feed A Cold, Paleo Style Good timing, Mel!

Today's Tumblr is especially for [ profile] sdemory: Military Fashion, November 7. I hope enough of those qualify as Bunker Chic for you, Demory. I am wearing some military-esque fashion myself, today, but don't have a way to take a full-body shot. Alas.

I'm out of time, so thoughts and reflections on my latest trip to the Parental Units will have to wait for tomorrow.


Mar. 17th, 2011 11:45 am
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I know more than a few people who can use this today. Thanks to [ profile] shanmonster, I give you Fifty Photos of Basset Hounds Running. You're welcome.

[ profile] mckitterick is going great guns with the body-sculpting (see what I did there? guns!) and I'm feeling like a weak slob in comparison. So I'm cleaning up my eating act, big time. Protein and vegetables. Protein and vegetables. No fruit until the summer strawberries arrive. No wine except on Fridays and Saturdays, and no hard liquor whatsoever. Cranking up the high intensity workouts and resuming the heavy lifting (which, for me, means lifting my body off the floor). Thyroid issues, are you listening? Let's see what you do when I play hardball.

Heads-up, fellow seamsters: for the first time that I can remember, Hancock Fabrics is running a sale on Burda Patterns. April 7 through 10, Burda patterns are $2.49 each. I'm not sure if there's a purchase limit, and the Hancock sales flyer isn't loading on their website. But! Burda on sale. Pretty cool.

Nothing is going to beat fifty photos of Basset Hounds running, so I'm just gonna close with a repeat of that. Enjoy.

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R U Paleo? If so, and you have a few minutes to spare, please consider filling out the 2010 Paleo Community Survey.

Need some rage today? Try this on for size! Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs. Representative Peck's final thoughts on the matter?

He said he didn't expect any further controversy over his comment. "I think it's over," he said.

Like your political career (I hope), you fucking cretin. I never thought I'd live to see the day that I wished was back in southeastern Kansas, but goddamn, I'd love to vote against this guy.

I painted a statuette of St. Barbara last night. I think I did a pretty good job, considering I haven't painted anything like that in years (and years and years). I need some more small brushes.

Advice request! Before I start painting the water guns, I need to fill in some areas (like where the manufacturer cut the word s-p-l-a-s-h across a little oval area on the side). Does anyone have a suggestion for something to fill these spaces? I tried pouring some glue in there, but I don't think that's a great solution, and I'm unsure it'll dry evenly. I like the idea of some sort of putty that I could press in, that would take paint and wouldn't fall out. Dunno if that's realistic or not, though. What say you?
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I realized that Paleo-eating mindset had really sunk in when I saw this image on Dr. Boli and thought "Hm. Sounds tasty."

Maybe I'll try cinnamon instead of curry in the next batch of jerky.

Scott Sonnon says this on his blog today:

People must first correct their current imbalanced state before moving on to sophisticated movements. They must compensate for where they’re beginning, which is not at “zero” with some genetically/evolutionarily flawed spine. But with a series of compensations which must be unloaded to restore the body’s natural proclivity for movement.

I've been thinking about moving lately. Not moving as in pack-up-stuff-and-hire-a-truck. Moving as in getting my ass off the couch and starting some serious sweat. I know I've been saying that forever, but I'm moving pretty slow these days--mentally, physically, emotionally. Everything's slow. I'm trying to think of it as baby steps and not beating myself up for being a fucking lazy-ass slacker.

[ profile] mckitterick had his exercise enthusiasm triggered this week. I'm hoping to osmosis-off some of his excitement.

Happy NYE

Dec. 31st, 2010 05:59 am
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Apparently there's been some discoveries about Really Early People eating cooked vegetables. There's a ton of news articles out there. Pick one. This, of course, has prompted several paleo bloggers to post their thoughts on the findings. I've skimmed them, but I'm no longer interested in reading what early hominids ate. I learned what I needed to from that, made adjustments to my diet, and found what works for me. To tell you the truth, it wouldn't matter to me if suddenly someone found proof that we'd been eating Twinkies for a quarter of a million years. Cutting grains and sugar from my diet makes me feel great, and going off plan usually results in my feeling gross and uncomfortable. That's the reason I eat this way.

Found on [ profile] ontd_science: Psychology Today reports that baby talk hinders learning.

"Does Johnny have to go potty?" "Do you want some wa wa?"

Speaking to young children this way sounds sweet and motherly, but it may also slow down language development. A study published in Cognitive Psychology suggests that speaking in complex sentences to young children may set a better example and improve their language skills.

Jesus H., this required a study? Also, it does not sound "sweet and motherly." It sounds fucking stupid.

This morning's thunderstorm (btw, wtf thunderstorm) woke me at just after 4:30. I decided to get up and enjoy the novelty of lightning and thunder on New Year's Eve, but alas, the whole thing had blown over by 4:45. So now I'm tiredly awake and quite glad that I didn't have plans to go out tonight because wow I'm gonna be sleepy early this evening.

I was feeling...inspired...yesterday afternoon and continued to hold that motivation until the house was clean. So my big plans for tonight are already wrapped up. This means I can devote as much of the evening as I want to arty stuff*. That'll be a great way to wrap up the year. I might venture out to the hardware store today to pick up the clear coat (the one I said I was going to buy days ago), but other than that, I'm sticking close to home for the next 72 hours. Bliss!

Update: I am not going on any errands today. I finally opened the front curtains at 8:49 this morning and good god, what a nightmare that street looks to be. As soon as [ profile] mckitterick is awake, I'm going to ask him where the de-icer pellets are because the sidewalk looks 100% hazardous.

How are you all bringing in 2011?

* Working on arty stuff will also allow me time to finally listen to the TacFit Warrior Q&A video blog that Scott Sonnon did several weeks ago.
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Dinner last night. Cut for recipe )


Dec. 1st, 2010 10:45 am
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Woke at 4:19 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. Fun, fun! I got a lot done on the party skirt, though. I'm modifying the lining of the flounce so it puffs out at the bottom, like those mid-to-late 50s cocktail party skirts. I thought about going all sleek and streamlined with this outfit, since the blouse is severe and dramatic. But it's a holiday party! Hot pink poofy skirt, it is.

4:30 was over six hours ago. I am really tired.

My energy levels aren't helped by the fact that every time I eat, I get a slight stomachache. The horrible hunger-ish cramping and incessant peckishness is gone, but my system still hasn't recuperated from the extra fruit and booze over Thanksgiving weekend. The Whole9 folks recently ran a two-part series on Eating Dirty. In closing the second article, they say:

"There are off-diet foods you can eat with little perceived negative effect, and there are others that will absolutely wreck you if you eat even the tiniest amount. The catch is, these things are different for everyone. Use our Whole30 program to figure out what foods are okay, and what are not. You will eventually figure out that the not okay foods are simply never, ever going to be worth it."

I'm finding that even on-diet foods*, when eaten to excess**, cause me troubles. Which is good to know, but kind of a drag. I'm finding some comfort in the knowledge that, so far, wine (white and red) has given me absolutely zero problems after being re-introduced post Whole30.

Man oh man, do I need a nap.

* Fruit and high-sugar vegetables like butternut squash or carrots
** In my case, more than three times a week
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I finally made time to spend in my sewing room yesterday. I started and finished this skirt, View C, which fit beautifully. The side godet doesn't look nearly so goofy in person. I made it mostly as a mock-up for View E, which I'll be wearing at the department holiday party (in hot pink with a mostly-see-through black blouse). The garment measurements are the same, the construction methods are basically the same, and they're both cut on the bias, so it should be fine. I didn't need two flouncy skirts, so I hope the View E fits as well as C. I made View C in a soft rayon-poly with a gabardine weave that will look very sassy with the field boots.

Oh, and I also made an apron after spilling stuff on my sweater while cooking on Thursday. Very cute apron, and I felt better just for having made it. I also put together a second pair of bloomers for [ profile] roya_spirit. Why don't I sew more often? I really should stop overscheduling myself and allow myself more time in the sewing room.

Thursday through Saturday were spent in a borderline binge-fest. I'm back to a Whole30 mode of eating for the next few weeks. Maybe a glass of wine on the weekend, but I gotta get back on the wagon. I didn't eat anything technically off my menu, but I am feeling icky from eating too much fruit and fruit-sweetened items. Apples in my cranberry-squash casserole, baked pears, hot cider...major fructose overdose. Friday and Saturday I had some bad stomach cramping and I felt hungry all the time. No fun. Happily, we had an impromptu dinner guest last night, so I got to unload the last of the squash and the pears.

I'm surprisingly excited about a return to lower sugar vegetables and Moar Meat. Those stomach cramps really sucked and I forgot what it was like to be thinking about food all the time. What a drag. I used to live like this? Suxxor.
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I don't like to do Paleo-sub foods (like Paleo Pancakes, Paleo Crackers, etc.), although I make an exception for Cauliflower Rice because it's just so delicious. In general, I stick with foods that don't pretend to be something they're not. But I've been lax about eating vegetables with my breakfasts. When I was doing low-carb many years ago, I made a sugar-free pumpkin pie. Why not give that a try again, only without the artificial sweetener? This is what I came up with. It's a lovely breakfast for mornings when I'm not feeling up for a heavy omelette or dinner leftovers. Click for recipe )

No faire

Oct. 16th, 2010 07:57 am
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Not going out to faire today, at all. My sinuses are still full (had to Afrin again last night so I could sleep--going to try a double dose of Sudafed today), and I'm just not feeling it. Dancing tomorrow, though!

Fetish is living in the downstairs bathroom 90% of the time, now. She consistently pees on the bath mat, so I no longer keep one on the floor. Instead, I have a rotating selection of beat-up old towels (the ones I use for henna) that are easily laundered. The only time she's allowed out of the bathroom is when she's supervised. As in don't-take-your-eyes-off-her supervised. This pretty much means in one's lap, or next to one on the couch. She doesn't get to walk around the house anymore. Right now she's in my lap, which is a treat since she wasn't allowed on laps when people were sitting at the table. Poor cat. She must be confused. And lonely.

For the Paleo-types around here: I stumbled onto The Healthy Skeptic's blog yesterday. LJ RSS feed for it is here if you want to add it to your F-page. Interesting health-related topics from a practitioner of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine who follows a primalesque paleo eating style. He goes beyond the standard discussions of general health and writes in-depth articles on treatment for depression, diabetes, and thyroid issues.

I have, sadly, given up on Mark Sisson and the Daily Apple. There were always a couple things about Sisson that made me cringe (he's rather sexist, among other things), but the message made up for the gripes I had with his personality. Lately, though, he's sorta jumped the shark. I guess he figured out that it was hard to make money without selling product, so now he's pushing this protein powder mix along with his supplements. The supplements, okay, whatever. And he's always said his old protein shake stuff was just a hold over from his pre-Primal Blueprint days and that's where most of his revenue came from. Okay. But now he has a new product that is (I quote) "the perfect tool for living a healthy Primal lifestyle in the modern world."

What. The. Fuck.

Then he spent the next few days talking about how ohemgee, yoga really can be a tool for good health, and how watching too much television is bad for you.


I think I'm done with Mark Sisson. I appreciate his help getting me on this path, but he's got nothing to offer me now. I still think the original Primal Blueprint book is a great resource, but I won't be subscribing or sending anyone else to his blog these days.

On the other hand, Whole9 is coming out with additional support information for clean eating--Whole30 3.0. They're also doing some tough love articles on ethically responsible eating.


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