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I have pretty medium/average size boobs (albeit an unusual bra size according to most stores/manufacturers which is why bras in my size are always ridiculously priced) and my skin isn't terribly sensitive to pain, so I figured a mammogram wouldn't be a big deal. I was right. It was fine. I wouldn't want to do it every day, and I sincerely doubt I'll bother going back once a year, but really. It was fine.


When the breast tech (I made that term up just now and I love it) handed me my stuff (paperwork, weird cape-thing for modesty), she included two little round stickers and said to put those on my nipples. I have to say I was pretty disappointed that nobody told me I got cute little nipple stickers for this. Mine were zebra-striped (zebra! striped!) and had the teensiest little metal balls in the center. I assume this is to show the location of the nipple on the scan? Whatever. They were adorable and I was tempted to take a photo of my boobs with their teensiest-pasties-ever.


When it was over and I was getting dressed, I was hit with a much more serious disappointment because not only did nobody tell me about the existence of these things, nobody told me how much they hurt to peel off. I'm talking mother fucking ouch peeling those things hurt like duct tape. My nipples were still sore the next day.

WHAT THE FUCK, BREAST-HAVING PEOPLE. Why didn't anyone give me a heads-up about those?

Although maybe those stickers aren't common because the two people I mentioned them to yesterday had never used them. So maybe I was just lucky.
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It's likely I wouldn't get along with this guy in person, but he's not entirely wrong about guns and how to approach/use them. I found this one especially amusing: Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets…You may get killed with your own gun, but he’ll have to beat you to death with it, cause it’ll be empty.

This cemetery yard is fantastic.

Errands, food prep, laundry, and seasonal wardrobe switcheroo happened on Saturday (locals are welcome for the couple days of beautiful weather since my summer clothes are packed away now--seriously, this happens every time), as well as the bachelorette party for my BFFs. I did it all on about 5 hours of sleep. Then Sunday (with four hours of sleep, even with the time-change extra hour) I attended the wedding. Ceremony only lasted about thirty minutes (yay!) but the socializing lasted six hours. It was great, don't get me wrong. I don't get to see these people very often. But wow am I tired. I got zero couch time over the weekend.

I nearly cried this morning (stinging eyes, hitch at back of throat) from how much I didn't want to come to work today. I'm so fucking tired and my spoon count is running perilously low.

Nearly halfway done with today, though. Nearly halfway.

Tomorrow I get my first mammogram. Good times.


Oct. 13th, 2015 09:23 am
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Ugh. I had a post written up, but apparently I'd written (and then tried to save it) in the window for an entry I'd been using as storage for several links but then I marked it deleted in a different window and... post gone, links gone.


Sooooo this is what you're getting today.

Today's Tumblr collection is Tuesday, October 13: Skulls.
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I'm still sick. The coughing has lessened, but now I have a screaming headache and my joints ache.

Also, the serger is now housed at the repair shop, so that should tell you all you need to know about that.

My laptop is being sent off for repairs today, too, so I won't be online much at all until I'm back at work.

Jinxed it

Sep. 18th, 2015 07:23 am
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I knew I shouldn'tve mentioned I was sleeping well. Been up since 2. Dozed a tiny bit in the four and a half hours since I woke, but never really slept. And it thundering right now, so no point in staying home to sleep.

Actual footage of me getting ready for work this morning:

ETA: At work now and drinking a sample tea I received in the mail couple weeks ago. I've been saving it for A Necessary Morning and if today doesn't fit that descriptor, I don't know what would. And oh my god people this shit is delicious. God damn. I will never buy it because my adrenals and I don't need extra caffeinated tea made available to us on a regular basis. But if you're a heavy caffeine user and you like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, I highly recommend giving this stuff a try.

2nd Update: And now the building AC is out. Again.

It's a day

Sep. 10th, 2015 11:29 am
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Awakened by thunder and rain around 4:30. Realized I had a headache at 5:30. Finally crawled out of bed at 6:40 to the realization that I'd started my period. It was a close thing not calling in sick, but I didn't feel bad enough to stay home. I'm pretty brain-dead, though. I can't even get it together to put together next week's Tumblr collection.

Cramps kicked in about half an hour before I got an email saying the A/C in our building is broken. Again. With no estimated fix time.

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It's humid today. I showered at 10am and my hair is still uncomfortably damp at 1pm. o_O This morning I texted a fellow ex-Rennie friend to say "I am literally ironing sheets right now and it's better than being out at KCRF." So for those of you who were worried I miss it? NAH.

I have a sinking suspicion that some of my headaches might be from my changing eyesight. While I expected to have deteriorating close focus, what's getting worse faster is my distance vision. After doing a lot of close-up work this morning (picking out stitching in some thrift store clothes I'm altering), I can tell how my distance vision has deteriorated since the LASIK surgery. When I close my left (dominant) eye, I can't distinguish separate leaves in the trees across the street anymore. There's something very Flowers for Algernon about this. I was 100% on board with needing reading glasses but I am in no way prepared for needing corrective lenses for distance vision again. I don't have the money to pay for a second surgery, and I'd have to wait until my prescription settled down, anyway.

This morning I made two pillowcases for [ profile] mckitterick's new pillow (JFC king-size pillowcases are insanely expensive) out of an old sheet (hence the ironing sheets), finished the laundry, and cleaned the kitchen. \o/

Now I'm waiting on [ profile] mckitterick to return from his write group. In response to my query about his plans for lunch, he said at 12:45 that he was finishing a scene. Right before I started this entry, I asked him if I could start another project or if he was going to be home within the hour. No response, but I know for 100% certain that if I start a new project, he'll get home as soon as I have everything pulled out for maximum mess which I'll then have to look at for the rest of the week until I have time again on Saturday to work on it. *sigh*

Life with a writer.


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I didn't sleep well again. I couldn't fall asleep last night (very unusual for me), and then I had stress dreams again. Including several times of me forgetting I had to fast for this morning's bloodwork lab and getting frustrated about having to spit out my food, rinse my mouth, etc. Ugh. Stress dreams. Please stop.

So I was already fatigued going into the lab, and the phlebotomist who's been there for ages and has always been great...I dunno something he did today really hurt. And because I have so many tests being done, I had to fill four vials with a super uncomfortable needle. Ouch.

Then I had my appointment with the doctor to talk to her about my menstrual issues. Well. She agreed with everyone's diagnosis about possible fibroids, and said I needed to get an ultrasound and she could see if they had any openings that morning. Lucky me, they did, so I found myself drinking a lot of water to prep for that ultrasound which wasn't bad. It was the surprise transvaginal ultrasound that sucked. It's no surprise that women who haven't had children have somewhat narrower cervices, and it took a lot of effort to get things up in there for the sound wand to pick anything up. The best part of it was I (hopefully for the one and only time in my life) got to use a "that's what she said" during a gynecological exam.

A girl's gotta keep her sense of humor when presented with an unexpected invasive medical procedure.

Anyway, they found one sizeable fibroid (7-8mm) and a bonus polyp! Apparently my uterus decided it was going to grow something before it expired, by god. So they're gonna contact me in the next week or so to schedule surgery to evict the unwanted squatters.

Then I went to the dentist where I told one of my old fillings (where the enamel on a molar wore thin ages ago) is aging and it looks like there's some decay under it. So I get to take care of that in a couple weeks, too.

Because the dentist took longer than usual (I usually take less time than normal at the dentist because I'm usually problem free there), I didn't have time to stop at home for lunch on my way to KC for PT and Dr. Jonah.

Of course, I was still fasting from the morning bloodwork. I swung by Natural Grocer's on my way out of town for something and in the five minutes I had, I grabbed a fruit-nut bar and an Epic bar, which I hate because to me they have the texture of being pre-chewed but god I needed some fucking protein already.

Physical therapy was...fine, I guess. He didn't see as much progress as he expected, I don't think, and my honesty in telling him about some regression of healing in both my hip and back (I've had some discomfort sitting crosslegged and my SI joint/sciatic nerve thing has flared up the past couple days) meant the lifting prepwork has been pushed back a bit.

Thank god everything went okay with Dr. Jonah. It was just a regular flow/adjustment session, though. We have our consultation on Monday, which we're doing via Skype. Here's hoping that goes okay, just from a technological level.

And now I'm going to eat some dinner and pour myself a fucking drink most definitely not in that order.

Brain fog

Aug. 26th, 2015 11:25 am
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Last week's energy level high didn't last long. I'm struggling this week. Getting ready for bed at 9:00, asleep by 9:30, still waking up exhausted. And this headache. God. It's been rolling around up there for a week and a half and I have no clue why it's there or how to make it leave for more than a day at a time. I'm puffy and bloated, too. Picked the wrong day to wear a body-conscious dress. It's pressing so tight against my abdomen you can see the outline of my bellybutton. I hate that.

There are many things I'd like to talk about, but I don't have the brain energy or focus to write about them and that's frustrating, too. I was talking to [ profile] mckitterick about how it's often a physical effort for me to engage my mind at any level beyond barely functional. When I'm fatigued, all my mental energy goes to staying on top of things at my job. That means there's nothing left for engaging socially--either in person or on the internet. I hate it.

In other news:

I know it doesn't mean anything, but it's still cool.
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The music was one-note and not interesting. All chill electronica, very little with a strong bass, much less a driving beat. And children. Like toddler-age children. Just running around. Playing. I left when one of their tennis balls hit me in the knee.

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The awesome, giant, color laser printer beast that we just bought new toner cartridges for earlier this summer.

Weird, fucked-up paper jams the likes of which I've never seen and I used to work at a public campus computer lab.

Boom, crack

Aug. 8th, 2015 06:57 am
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I woke up this morning a bit past 5am thanks to a nice little thunderstorm. It really was/is a nice little thunderstorm. Not too loud, not too aggressive. Just some general light-up-the-sky rumble business with no loud cracks of thunder. Still enough to wake me up, but I felt honestly rested, so that was nice!

Oh, hey, my laptop monitor is starting to fritz out. When I move the lid, it completely buzzes out--like static on an old television--and when I'm looking at a dark area on the screen, I can see the bitty little dots flickering. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

Also I can mention here that [ profile] mckitterick removed the power supply from my media computer to get analyzed before he bought a new one (the media computer died a couple weeks ago, did I mention?). The guy at the parts store hooked it up to their analyzer and said "Huh. I've never seen anything like this before. It's just completely non-responsive."


My phone has been useable for most of the week but I haven't used it because I'm terrified of it. I tried to send someone a text but it was so tedious and I absolutely despise the touch-screen keyboard. It's going to take some getting used to.

And now, Links:

Some low back pain/hip alignment exercises.

I'm ordering 100 of these buttons. Locals, if you want one, let me know.

Adorable sticky page markers.
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My plan to avoid interacting with people outside of the internet for 24+ hours is going swimmingly. More so than expected.

I dropped [ profile] mckitterick at the airport late yesterday afternoon and by the time I got home, my old phone had deactivated. Okay, yes, we were expecting this to happen, but still. Let's just hope I don't need to call 911 for anything.

For those of you who aren't aware, I have rotten luck with technology. It's not just that I'm slow learning new tech (which I am), I have an amazing ability to fuck it up. Or for it to fuck up while in my ownership. People hand me their phones to take pictures and they turn off as soon as they're in my hand. The battery on my netbook didn't just die--it burst and exploded out the entire bottom of the machine. I have had a computer literally catch fire in my office. Luckily I was there at the time, although I wasn't the first to smell it. Did I mention the power supply in my new media computer up and died a couple weeks ago?

So I've been loath to get a new phone, but it was necessary since the voice function stopped working while I was in Vegas. The new phones arrived early this week but of course didn't activate right away since we were keeping our numbers (I've had this number since 1993 and I'll relinquish it when I'm lowered into my grave). About 8:30, [ profile] mckitterick emailed to let me know the new phones were active and I wouldn't be able to use my old one again.

I was all WELP I hope nobody needs me this weekend that can't reach me by email! [ profile] mckitterick (who knows better) waived aside my concerns. "Just check the text I sent you," he said. "It'll be fine," he said. So I tried checking the text. This was my next email to him:


So I tried to open that FUCKING TEXT of yours and this terrifying ALERT screen came up and said "Are you sure you want to authorize #SUPERUSER?" CONFIRM/DENY and I'm like WHAT? um, NO? And so I clicked the deny button and now I don't know what to do and THIS IS WHY I HATE NEW TECHNOLOGY

And the follow-up:

Oh great. Now it says "SECURITY ALERT: Unauthorized actions have been detected. Restart to undo any undesired actions."

So I'm doing that now and leaving this thing THE HELL ALONE until someone can help me with it.

I haven't moved it from the middle of the dining table since last night.

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Using this now, myself:

My period decided to show up and wake me at 3:30 this morning, then cramps kept me awake for about an hour. Right in time for today's panel and my four-day weekend! I suppose I'm grateful that it didn't come early while I was traveling? Helping friends move tomorrow morning will be great, though. At least I get to console myself with a 4:45 matinee of MMXL afterward.

I'm leaving for my appointment with Dr. Jonah right after the panel this afternoon, so I'm only online for about 45 more minutes today. I would love to be going home to bed instead of driving to Kansas City but oh well.
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My phone is dying, which is probably for the best since otherwise I would never get rid of it. I have an uneven relationship with technology. I love using it but I hate learning it, so once I adapt to something (a version of software or a particular product), I am resistant to updates and changes. My phone looks like this:

Only (believe it or not) with fewer function keys. It's old. Old as in people-look-at-me-funny-when-I-use-it-in-public old. But the last time I cared about public opinion of me was, like, 1984, so... The problem is the voice function is failing and there's no guarantee I'll be able to hear you or you'll be able to hear me during a phone call. Not like anyone ever talks on their phone nowadays, but still. For the time being, those of you with my digits, text me if you need to reach me speedily.

Organizing my sewing room for bloomer production was moderately successful. I need to find some wire hangers, though, because the way I want to organize my thriftstore finds for re-fashioning does not allow for the size of plastic hangers. Well, the number of clothes and size of the closet do not allow. I don't suppose anyone local has a stash of wire hangers I could have/buy? I can find them pretty cheap online, but if I can avoid buying new, I'd rather.

I am not exactly thrilled to be back in the office today but there's only three more working days until my next four-day weekend. This vacation every Friday and Monday thing is fantastic. Hurray for burning off excess vacation accrual!

Today's Tumblr is Tuesday, July 21: Due South (part seven).
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Allergies. Sigh. Once in a while I think about trying a low-histamine diet, but then I get depressed and overwhelmed because oh my god cut more things from my food options? UGH. The complete lack of results with 90 days on the auto-immune protocol diet doesn't encourage me to try another elimination diet anytime soon.

Also, this happened yesterday:

PT guy Tim gave me a fix that will alleviate a bit of the pressure on the shoulder in that pose, but it's still gonna be tender for a couple days. Typical.

For later reference: Pre-workout alignment exercises.

This evening I'm gonna break out my new serger knowledge and see if I can't re-fashion some of these thrift-store clothes that've been piling up in the sewing room. So excited! If I like the process and the results, I'm gonna open up an Etsy store for them. I did a lot of searches on Etsy and all the refashioned post-apocalyptic stuff is either costumey and so not really wearable for daily use (although gorgeous--and expensive) or just...shockingly amateur. This, for instance. Fucking brilliant idea. Terrible execution. I do like the D-ring strap shorts she's selling. But again, they don't look finished, somehow.

Speaking of finished, here's my self-insert fanart! It'll post on Tumblr tomorrow, but y'all get a sneak preview today. After looking at it for a while, I see a few places I'd like to add things. Maybe someday? But not now. Also, I need a better way to scan these babies. It's $10 a pop every time at FedEx/Kinko's and I think that's just fucking outrageous. If anyone local has access to something that will flat scan 14"x17" images, let me know.

Last night I made some food for a friend going through a rough time to save her and her husband the hassle of cooking for a few days. Caring for select individuals makes me feel good, and to be honest, cooking is probably the thing I'm best at (besides giving unflinching and often unwanted life advice). Making someone's life a little easier makes me feel necessary and appreciated, so win-win!

I have one more evening of solitude tonight while [ profile] mckitterick wraps up his CSSF Summer activities. Hurray for getting one more night of puttering around the house with loud music and scented candles but also hurray for (starting tomorrow), getting laid on a regular basis again!

So despite getting not nearly enough sleep last night (ugh, 3am thunderstorms), and having a constant dull ache in my shoulder, I feel pretty good today. How's your day/weekend/life shaping up, friends?

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I got some clarification from [ profile] frugurl27 in the comments yesterday and then this morning in an email from KU's HR department about the furloughs and they will affect us in regards to the new fiscal year, starting June 7. So I still have a paycheck coming. That's nice!

Also nice: Last night I had enough energy after dinner to work on a new apron. My old one was (frankly) disgusting from nearly ten years of use and stains. I didn't quite get it done, but I'll be able to wrap it up tonight if my energy levels are similar to yesterday. But after last night's thunderstorms (at 3:00a and again at 4:30a), that's...not a certainty.

Also also nice: My left hip is hurting much less. It's only a teensy bit sore/achey now instead of nearly-debilitating. The improvement is, I think, a combination of starting to lose a bit of weight after a week of conscientious eating, easing up a bit on the PT exercises, and not sleeping with a pillow under my knees.

Someone on FB shared this with me today: Rejected Princesses. I'm not sure I like attaching the term "princess" to most of these women (and I'm not sure they would either), but the website itself is great.

Anybody who is on Tumblr these days (at least in the circles I'm in) knows it's kind of All Tom Hardy All The Time which is a nice change. I am 100% thrilled to see his face instead of Blenderdick Candycrush's (admittedly pretty but not as interesting to me) mug plastering my dash. Here's a sample of what I'm seeing for probably thirty to forty percent of my dash these days:


There are so few people around the building this morning that the motion-activated lights in the hall outside my office just turned off.


Miss Piggy honored with a Sackler Center First Award from the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum

Gonna wrap this up with a story about yesterday. There's this house between mine and campus. It's always been a rental and it's always been little sketchy. Cinderblock construction, overgrown front yard, beer bottles and overflowing ashtrays on the porch, you get the idea. Lately there's been a really nice 70s Honda motorcycle sitting outside and once or twice I've seen a guy working on it. A few weeks ago I passed the house when the garage was open and it was packed with maybe ten ratty old bikes with maybe some scooters mixed in. Just a ton of junked-out bikes. So obviously this person does repairs/restorations and if that Honda is any indication, he's pretty good. Yesterday, someone posted to this to a local FB group. That's totally this guy's bike. So I thought I'd stop by on my way home and see if the dude was home and let him know. As I was walking up to the door, I had that This Is A Terrible Idea feeling. The house was dark and even the front smelled (from the beer bottles and overflowing ashtrays). There was yard work stuff piled in the doorway, covered in cobwebs and dirt, and the storm door was broken and hung open. The doorbell was broken, too, and when I knocked on the inside door I was honestly relieved that nobody answered. Fucking creepy house.

And that's the story of how I avoided being the victim of an axe murderer this week.


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