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Hello to the new people I met at Con*Strict who friended me here!

I slept ten hours in my own bed last night and it was beautiful. In case you didn't know, I fucking love my bed. I have an exquisite (and expensive) mattress, the bed itself is gorgeous, and I've embellished it with fringed fabric for curtains, tassels, fairy lights, and other random decorations (silk flowers, metal ornaments, etc.). It looks like something out of a modern Arabian Nights. It's a good bed and I miss it second only to [ profile] mckitterick when I'm traveling alone. Well, it and being able to eat safely and reliably. But mmmm. Bed. I'll go hungry if it means spending more time in my bed which is exactly what I did today.

The topic of bloomers came up in Friday's Open Thread on The Toast and someone very kindly mentioned my Etsy shop. I got a few comments there and on Etsy about re-listing, and five people favorited my shop. So I'm going to spend this week getting the shop re-stocked, and listing the newly-made pairs since I have only ten pairs or so already made and the larger sizes are woefully understocked.

That means I have to transition the current state of the sewing room from set up for re-fashioned clothes to set up for bloomers and that alone is gonna take a couple hours of work. I'll pack my dance costumes into long-term storage during the re-org. I need to get rid of so much of that, but I'm not sure how. Hardly anyone buys used dance costumes, and the only things that might fetch a good price (my metal bras and coin belts) are the things I'm keeping.

I suppose I'd best get a move on. I haven't made breakfast yet. Or showered. I'm obviously still on Pacific time.
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Two really good panels (two of the lesser-populated panels, I think: the supernatural/horror in television media and the one discussing Whedon vs. Miller's approach to feminism and the changing attitudes toward women in Hollywood in general). I was surprised that there were only five of us in that second one. I guess not many people want to engage in such a fraught topic at something that borders on a relax-a-con.

I had a good time at this con and if the money (and time) are available, I'll probably go next year. Did I mention more than a couple due South people? None of them are in the fandom any longer, but it's nice to talk about the show with new people who have fannish perspectives on the show.

My shuttle driver to the airport was fantastic. If you're in an area serviced by the SuperShuttle people, I can at least say the Vegas representatives of the franchise are pretty great. And I sailed through security, which was...unusual. I even got pulled aside, not for additional screening, but into the TSA pre-check line since things were backing up at the x-ray machine. I just had to walk through a metal detector. NICE. Maybe they won't search my luggage!

I tell you one thing, though, I'm done with seeing this side of 4:00am for a while. Also, I'm going to lock myself in the house next weekend and not see anybody for at least 24 hours.
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I stayed up until midnight (that's 2am Central time) playing a card game with a small group of people*. That should tell you how good of a time I'm having. Looking forward to the panels today. I'm a little sad to be leaving so early Sunday.

* A group of people who just automatically assumed we wouldn't be playing for points. MY PEOPLE.
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So far this is going very well! The hotel is nice, and it's super quiet. Like, the hotel is quiet (my god are the room doors heavy), but also the con people. Granted, there's only a few of us, but it's such a different demographic than 221B Con. Much older, much quieter. I have heard exactly zero excited squees and observerd no jumping around or flailing about. No rapid, breathless excitement over this actor or that character, everyone is super chill and there are actually pauses in the conversation. Even when five or more people are talking together. I'm not criticizing the more excitable contingent of fandom--they're wonderful and crucial. But this is much more my style. I'm actually disappointed to be leaving so early on Sunday.

Also the WiFi is faster than our connection at home. Which, granted, is not hard to achieve, but still. And there is someone here who used to be in the due South fandom! She even wrote fic for it (but never migrated anything over to AO3).
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Obviously they have not fixed the AC problem. They thought they did, but neglected to contact anyone in the affected building to confirm the problem was actually fixed. Typical.

I have an appointment with Dr. Jonah tonight and instead of driving back to Lawrence, I'm staying the night in KC with [ profile] miischelle so I have only a half-hour drive to the airport tomorrow morning instead of a 75-90 minute drive. That's good, because this is, I think, gonna be a full flight and I don't want to get on it with an hour and a half in the car behind me. I checked in online this morning, fifteen minutes after the slot opened up for online cattle call (ugh, Southwest), and I'm in the second half of B boarding group. For a 5:30am flight. Ugh. I decided to check my luggage. I don't want to be That Person trying to find space in an overhead bin. It's a non-stop flight so hopefully nothing will go wrong.

My stomach is so swollen today it's touching the keyboard rest of my standing desk. Compared to this image, I am equivalent to the fifth stage of this image (first image on bottom row). Much big. So discomfort.

God it's so fucking hot in here. My office has no air movement. This is miserable. It's not even noon.

I am strongly tempted to tap out early today.
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Not kidding, I teared up a little bit when [ profile] mckitterick and I walked in the house last night. The house smelled a little stale, but man, so good to be home. I-70 from KC to Indianapolis is terrible. It was bad when I used to do it regularly ten years ago, but it's only gotten worse. Two construction zones in every state, standstill traffic on the interstate there and back, and even more semi-trucks than there used to be. Ugh. Just awful. Seriously reconsidering driving the Chevelle out there when it's done. I think that would just be miserable and nerve-wracking.

Had a good time while we were there, at least! The Dream Cars exhibit at the IMA was beautiful. Then on Saturday we went to the Indy 500 museum. [ profile] mckitterick did the full tour with Daddy the day before while I hung out a bit with Mommy. They have a program where you can drive around the track, but they also have one where you can drive around a smaller inner track in a super car (not an Indycar or stock car). I want to do it (because they had at least a Ferrari and a Lamborghini that we saw), but I can't find the option on their website.

Sadly, Mommy's understanding of "I want to go thrifting" meant "I want to hit the two Goodwills closest to you in the two hours we have before you have to get back to the house to start dinner." *sadface* At least that let me get a nap in?

Really not sure I'm up to making that drive again, though, ever, under any circumstances.

I've admired this artist's plushies for ages and she's having a sale right now. I'm gonna order a Fraser/RayK pair.

Because I can't put up a post without some reference to physical self-care, have some tips on keeping your thoracic spine healthy with foam-rolling (beware of annoying auto-load video).

I would very much like a print of this guy's artwork.

I spent some glorious time making my mermaid self.

Either my swelling issues are out of control (again), or I've been putting on some major weight in the past couple weeks. I'm not letting myself get too worried about it yet, but when I return from Con*Strict I'm going to start a food journal to make sure I'm not mindlessly eating. Since my movement is going to be restricted until my labrum heals (I'm not even supposed to walk too much for godssake), I can't afford to be taking in calories I'm not burning.

Speaking of my health, I mentioned to my mom about my menstrual issues (she was a nurse) and she said she'd be shocked if I didn't have uterine fibroids from the symptoms I listed. So that's...depressing but not surprising. Tomorrow I'll make an appointment with my PCP to talk about that. But that's also an after-Con*Strict thing because I don't feel like (psychologically and emotionally) dealing with it before and also the chances of my getting an appointment before Thursday are slim to none.

Today I have to do all the things I usually do on the weekends (grocery shopping, food prep, laundry), color my roots, put the jerky for my trip in the dehydrator, and I'd like to make at least one more tee shirt tank dress. We'll see. I also have to not exhaust myself. My energy levels in Indy were pretty low.

Also I am never going to catch up on my tumblr dash and I am okay with that. Paging through what I could, I made peace with the fact that this was the year Tom Hiddleston and Channing Tatum were both at San Diego Comic Con. I'm telling myself it's just as well I went last year. If I'd gone this year I'd have been motivated to make An Agenda instead of letting myself float along with a whatever-happens-happens attitude.

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Hm. There's not much to add, really, beyond what I mentioned in my daily reports. I didn't attend any of the panels that produced wank (good), I myself was not involved in any wank (good), and I'm such a nobody in this fandom that I can easily avoid becoming enmeshed in wank (good). Other points that I might not have mentioned in my daily missives:

I got to dance with someone I didn't know in a very good rock-step swing (I didn't even have to lead, it was amazing) and then indulged in some wonderfully filthy grinding with him later on. I also led a charming person in a rock-step swing number and I didn't even knock off their hat. I later heard mutterings about the crappy music but whatever. I will dance to nearly anything. I do hope next year the DJ is a little more prepared with current songs in her library and that the event lasts longer than two hours but I think this might have been a last-minute thing?

I had an insight about a maybe why everyone finds everyone so attractive at this con. We're among our people, so we're happy, and happy people are attractive. Simple, right? There's a lot of encouragement and body positivity and acceptance and that all goes into a very potent mix of attraction. It's pretty great to see people from every point of every spectrum--size, sexuality, gender, whatever--being appreciated and deemed hot. That and yeah, there are some fucking sexy beasts at this con.

I successfully pitched due South to someone Sunday evening in the Three Patch Podcast suite. This is one of the people I abandoned at the train station (see below) [ profile] aprilstarchild, did you by any chance get contact information for them? I would love to touch base to see if they ever watch it.

As usual, I left the con with the feeling of I Am Never Doing This Again but by the time I was driving home from the airport I was in better humor. It was just a lot of people for me, and the understanding that people are there to socialize is always tricky for me to navigate. Also, the energy I spend just trying to literally hear/understand people in an open environment is enormous. [ profile] write_out and I bonded over our shared techniques of "I don't have a clue what you just said but I'm not going to ask you to repeat yourself again" nodding.

Here's my idea for a con event. It's like speed dating, only it's just small conversations with other con-goers. Everybody has five to ten minutes of conversation with two other people and then you move on to the next person. If you hit it off, you could make arrangements to talk more later. I would love that.

I hear people talk about "con drop" and I would like to experience that, even though I'm sure it's a drag. I want the opportunity to feel what it feels like to enjoy being around people that much. I'm gonna be honest, here, it was difficult for me to muster the enthusiasm to greet even [ profile] mckitterick upon my return home.

When [ profile] aprilstarchild and I got to the MARTA station (Atlanta's public transit), she and the other person who came from the hotel with us had to add money to their cards. I'd paid for a round-trip pass, so I went ahead to the platform. A train arrived before they came up the escalator and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't hesitate even a moment before getting on that train to the airport. I did text April, to let her know I wasn't abducted by aliens, but god it was nice to just sit as much by myself as I was going to get until Kansas City.

If I go next year, I am driving. Let me rephrase that. If I can't drive the Chevelle to this con next year, I'm not going. The negative traveling experiences that bookended the trip were exhausting (it wasn't just the TSA BS) and I don't think I can do them again. It'll be a long drive back home, but so much easier for me, emotionally. NGL, by Monday morning, thirteen hours alone in a car would've sounded like heaven.
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They had the panel for ACD & Spiritualism again this year, so I thought I'd give it another try. When I peeked in the door, though, it looked like the same people I walked out on last year. I wish this con ran their programming like most other cons I've attended, where the panelists are a little closer...vetted? And informed of who else is on the panel? And then maybe the panelists are listed in the program? Yeah.

I want panels to be more than four people sitting at the front of the room sharing anecdotes.

At the Granada Holmes panel, the panelists agreed that it was the most faithful and accurate to the books. I asked the question what external factors (so, beyond the producers/actors/etc.) enabled that. What social/technical/cultural influences helped create what they were describing as the most elegant and accurate of the Holmes depictions? Nobody even tried to answer my question. The best I got was "it was the right place at the right time." Well, great, but I was hoping you'd go deeper.

Wrapped up Sunday evening by sitting in the hot tub with 34 of the remaining con-goers. Someone got a photo. If I find it, I'll post it.

Here's the photo of our group getting the ASBO.

I realized tonight while she was in the hotel room with me (like, ten minutes ago) that the charming [ profile] indybaggins is not only on LJ but has been following me for quite some time and I feel like a fucking idiot. GOD. So, yay, new friends! Boo, crippling embarrassment!

I'm very much looking forward to being home tomorrow.
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The Moran cosplay went well. People seemed to enjoy it--those who got it, anyway? [ profile] aprilstarchild, [ profile] pennswoods, and impossiblemonsieur from Tumblr staged a Moran (me)/Moriarty (impossiblemonsieur) kidnapping of Sherlock ([ profile] aprilstarchild and the Fandom Police ([ profile] pennswoods) gave us an ASBO for kidnapping. When impossiblemonsieur posts the photo of it to Tumblr, I'll put up a link. It was fantastic.

Made it to three panels--Three Patch Podcast's panel on what fandom means to you/how it's changed your life, a panel on Sherlock/James Bond and MI6, and a panel on Sebastian Moran. The MI6 panel was my favorite--very educational! All the panelists had their shit together 100% (one of them actually presented a short paper). Pretty impressive for a panel at a con that doesn't announce panelists in advance.

Not sure what I'm going to do today. I'm really starting to hit the wall regarding my ability to deal with being around people. An hour or so in the hotel room is just not cutting it anymore.

I'm having a great time getting to know [ profile] write_out in person. Maybe I'll just find a corner to quietly hang out with her for a bit when she's not otherwise occupied.
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Well! Friday was exciting! I didn't make it to a single panel, but I met a lot of people and a few familiar faces were actually excited to see me. \o/

I had someone take me up on the backrub offer I'd made on Tumblr. She had some major knots in her neck that were causing some finger numbness. We got a lot of it worked out and she said I had magic in my hands, so that was really nice to hear. Later, I mentioned to a woman that I liked her knuckle duster earrings and she was so pleased that I knew to call them that and not brass knuckles that she gave them to me. She has a shop, so it wasn't like those were her only pair, but still!

Dance party was great but only two hours, WTF. I think I overdid the dancing and drinking a wee bit because I feel a bit weak and wobbly this morning. My voice sounds great, though.

Moran's tattoo went on well first try, so even though I'm feeling a bit delicate right at the moment, I have high hopes for the rest of the day.
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It took me a day to settle in emotionally, but I think today will be better. The first day is always difficult for me because I honestly just do not enjoy leaving my house, so being in a different place is a little unsettling for me. Also, people are always (and reasonably/expectedly) Just! So! Excited! the first day to see all their fan friends. It's difficult for me hear, though, when a lot of people are talking in a room. It takes an exhausting amount of effort for me to track a conversation with one person when a dozen others are talking nearby. So that added to the stress of the day.

I met a couple new people and look forward to meeting up with the adorable and so hot Moriarty cosplayer who agreed to be my date for Saturday's Mormor party. Also, [ profile] write_out arrives today and that will probably be the best part of my day.

Registration is at 3pm. I think con programming starts at 4pm. I haven't even looked at the schedule.

I regret bringing only one pack of cigarettes. The local shop didn't sell my brand, so I might try to make an excursion elsewhere today. I bought a pack of nasty new Djarums that will be my Smokes of Last Resort if I can't find Mores anywhere. There was a store that sold them last year, but I guess they're closed now. TYPICAL.

Yesterday I am counting the grueling walk from the train station to the hotel and helping the con organizers unload their vans as my intentional movement. I sweated through my shirt. Both times.


Apr. 9th, 2015 05:24 am
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I always (seriously, always) get pulled aside for extra screening, but this morning I had to wonder if the TSA agents were just fucking with me. I'm wearing leggings and a tight knit skirt and my hair is down (a bit frizzy from the humidity, but down) and as I came through the x-ray machine they asked if I had anything in my pockets or metal in my hair. WTF. My outfit doesn't even have pockets. I got to have a pat-down anyway, including my head.

Must have been my rock-hard skull and solid muscled thighs.

Good thing this morning, though: My luggage weighed in at 59.5 lbs. *whew*
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God damn I love not being at work on Fridays at all.

I am having such a good time sitting on the couch and drinking tea and catching up on Tumblr and calling upstairs to [ profile] mckitterick when I have something to say and occasionally watching the animals eating breakfast on the back porch.

Now I'm off to make a couple pairs of bloomers and maybe a few bracelets for the craft show I'm doing next month. Then possibly yoga with [ profile] mckitterick (it's been a long time since we did yoga together so that would be fun) and then if I have the energy after lunch, cut a hole in the floor of the Chevelle for the new transmission.

Life is good.
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Did someone around here want a crack at that adrenal fatigue book I mentioned a while back? I returned it to [ profile] redheadfae and she reminded me that somebody asked about it but I don't remember who. It's up for grabs if you're interested.

This is terrifying: Escape from Duggarville. Vyckie Garrison was once a minor celebrity in the Quiverfull Movement, made famous by TV’s Duggar family. As a devout, Bible-believing Christian and the mother of seven homeschooled children, Garrison spent 16 years, with her husband, publishing a newspaper for families on a similar path. Today, via a website called No Longer Quivering, she publishes resources for women leaving the movement. Recently she addressed American Atheists about her experience. This article is an abridged version of her remarks.

The thing that I find most horrifying about Quiverfull (and other vague, non-denominational conservative xtian movements) is the complete lack of condemnation about it that I hear from other xtians. I bet the people at the church my parents attend (you know, the one where my dad works as a lay pastor and the one where he says he probably wouldn't keep his job if they knew he voted for Obama) are mostly quiet supporters of it. Or at least they wouldn't feel it was their business to help support a woman in their congregation trying to escape her Quiverfull life. Disgusting.

I didn't get to produce anything this weekend, but I at least felt productive. I got over half of my pattern collection out of the house, and the sewing room is better for it. The stuff I had stashed under the cutting table is now in one of the four-drawer vertical files that used to house patterns and I'm slowly clearing stuff out of the closet. The water guns are winging their way to their deserving recipient and one big roll of fabric was returned to its owner since I am never going to make that coat he commissioned (I'm not taking any more sewing commissions except for bloomers).

One important thing I noticed during my four-day impromptu vacation was that my appetite was significantly less when I was doing stuff at home. Even though I had easier access to snacks and probably more reason to want them--especially Thursday and Friday (hello again, 25 day cycle, nice to have you back). I wonder how much of my hunger pangs at work are triggered by emotional eating needs. It also felt so good to not sit all day. I was in a good mood almost the whole time, despite sleeping poorly because of night cramping. I've been making myself stick to that hourly walkabout schedule today. I've been slacking off on that lately. NO MORE.

Sunday [ profile] mckitterick and I went out to KCRF [ profile] renniemom mentioned it feels like a different faire, and it really does. Fewer participants in the lanes, although there were a lot of patrons for it being a Sunday and only third weekend. It seemed like overall the energy was low. Of course, that could be attributable to what I hear were miserable weather conditions on Saturday. We stayed for about four hours. I saw lots of people, participants and a few surprise patrons whom I was pleased to encounter--good timing. I made two purchases, saw two shows, ate some kettlecorn, and then I was glad to come home. As I was unloading the dishwasher at 5:47, I thought "I'd be counting out my tip money now," and a wave of incredible relief washed over me. Y'all I made such the right decision to retire.

Update: Just past noon, my left hip started to ache from the sitting. This, after a 45-minute yoga session this morning, and an hourly walk. My body is really tired of sitting. It would really like to stop sitting for a living. Maybe that standing desk needs to actually happen.

Worn out

Aug. 4th, 2014 10:33 am
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I'm typing up an overall write-up of SDCC for tomorrow, to coincide with my Tumblr collection tomorrow--my best of photos of this year's Comic-Con. I don't know that I'll have the stop-motion film of the GoPro footage done. I don't even have appropriate software yet.

This week--and I haven't even really been home for a week yet--has been so incredibly long and wearying. Ugh. Both my flights home were delayed, so I didn't get to Lawrence until nearly 2am. I was pretty useless on Tuesday and called in an extra vacation day so I only worked Thursday and Friday last week but those two days felt like twenty. The weekend was great and seemed to fly by (I got very little of substance done), but most of it passed by in a haze.

Of course there were the hives, which actually started on Thursday but didn't come into full bloom until late Friday. They're beginning to go down now, but my back and upper arms are still pretty itchy. They're how my body decided to react to some soap. This is what I get for being romantical and showering with [ profile] mckitterick in the upstairs bathroom.

Sunday brought my period and some spectacular cramping but staying home is not an option. I've got shit to do to get ready for the new incoming graduate students and the other secretary is out for the whole week. So I'm here with my tea and microwave beanbag. GOOD TIMES.


[ profile] mckitterick and I saw two movies this weekend: Guardians of the Galaxy and Hercules, both of which we enjoyed immensely. GotG was as good as I hoped (WHEW!), but Hercules was...oh, man. It was more than I could have asked for. Loved it! If you're at all a fan of The Rock (and really, who doesn't like The Rock even just a little bit?) and you like twists on legends (a la Xena), I think you'd like Hercules. Also, can I just say--ZERO NAKED LADY BREASTS IN THIS MOVIE. Not even shitting you. I'm not gonna say it's a feminist movie, but I was pretty happy with the women in this flick, and the way that sexual violence was never used as a threat against them.

Other than those movies, though, I didn't do shit. I didn't even go grocery shopping. I washed the sheets, yay. I still have clean underwear for a few more days, so the rest of the laundry can wait. Because what with the hives (which knocks my entire immune system for a loop for a week or more) and the cramping, I still haven't physically recovered from the trip and y'all, my ass is dragging.

Five and a half more hours until I can go home, sit on the couch, and watch the last three episodes of Penny Dreadful. God, four o'clock cannot come soon enough.

ETA: I nearly forgot! So the fanart that I did for Tatau for the due South Sekrit Santa finally made it to her home. I sent it before I left for Comic-Con and she wrote to tell me it arrived and she already got it framed and hanging in her home! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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I'm trying to arrange my luggage so my carry-on bag isn't quite so burdensome. We've got a layover in Las Vegas and I don't want to lug too much around. I've decided that my Danskos, which I've had since 2006, which were the only pair of shoes I took to Italy in 2007, which have been resoled three times, which have had the buckles replaced on each foot once, which have been re-stitched twice, and which are now losing the leather along the rim of the upper where it touches my ankle, are staying in San Diego.

Thanks, Danskos. You've been great, but you're heavy and I have two other identical pairs, new and still in their boxes, back home.

It's over

Jul. 27th, 2014 11:45 pm
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Back at the hotel, had dinner, sat in the hot tub and am catching up on the internet as best I can before bed.

It was amazing and I'm glad I did it, but I'm not sure I want to ever do it again.
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Day Two of SDCC was hard. Things didn't go as well, I think because I abandoned Robin to go to different panels. The first one was incredibly disappointing. It was called "Game Your Brain" and was advertised as mind and body hacks for superhero living. Sounds cool, right? It was actually just an hour-long advertisement for some upcoming National Geographic television shows whose titles I don't even remember. One of the panelists spent fifteen minutes showing two volunteers how to make an effective paper airplane. What the actual fuck? He spent so much time on that (while the audience watched them fold paper on a big screen) there wasn't time for more than three audience questions afterward. BAD PANEL.

The second panel (spotlight on Fiona Staples) I didn't actually go to because there was a huge line for it. I decided to just ditch the last panel I wanted to see (about the YouTube show "Husbands") because apparently Robin is my mojo.

I caught up with her after she got out of the Marvel Television panel in Ballroom 20 (where she walked right in, no line, and got a tenth-row seat--I'm telling you this woman is magical). We found a restaurant where I could actually eat (AMAZING) and then got in line for the Outlander premiere.

Now I knew nothing about this book or the series, but because ROBIN I waited two hours in line for this premiere because she said it looked amazing and the books were wonderful. We were one of the last five people who got into the theater where the premiere was showing. Robin. I tell you.

My back is holding up surprisingly well, although I'm still in general constant discomfort. My hips just started to ache, which is kind of amazing. That they didn't start hurting until late the second day I mean. YAY REDUCED INFLAMMATION! Several years ago, I went to NYC and forgot my glucosamine supplements and literally could not walk by the third day. I haven't taken glucosamine since I ditched grains and yet here I am, upright and mostly fine.

Now I'm getting ready to spend a day not at Comic-Con. Sunday I'll be back at the con and then home (finally, finally) late Monday.


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