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From [ profile] ms_danson is this very helpful page on living with someone who has a chronic illness.

Yesterday I got word that all KU classified staff are going to have to clock in and out for their workday, and there's some sort of crackdown for unclassified staff and faculty, as well. This displeases me. I do a lot of work outside of the office in the summer, and I often leave the office at 3:00 to go take care of stuff at the dorm, etc. How am I supposed to clock out for that? Damned if I'm going to return to the office. There was some mention of a phone app, but damned if I'm going to pay for a fancy phone (and the monthly service) just so I can clock in and out. Fuck all of this, yo. I'm becoming more and more unsatisfied here. The benefits and pleasures no longer outweigh the stress and irritations.

Kiva my wonderful acupuncturist suggested that I might have some water issues going on. My swelling isn't diminishing like it used to. I still wake up pretty swollen (up an inch and a half this morning), and it just never goes away. That, with a lot of other smaller indicators makes her think this is more water retention than it is inflammation due to food reactions. So we're trying a different treatment protocol--one that apparently requires a lot of needles. Last night I had twenty-one needles in me at one time. And then we still did some moxa treatment on my navel. Sheesh.

Today is the recruitment visit, and tonight is the reception at our house. I'm always so glad when this is over. The reception is fun, but everything leading up to the day is stressful like whoa, and for some reason, I always freak out about ordering lunch. I'm all "it's gonna be late" or "they won't be able to get on campus" or whatever. I wish we had the money to just take them to eat at the Union. But honestly, I bet we won't have the money to do this at all next year. The university is getting crazy with its limits on department expenditures. Basically, they're no longer letting the departments decide what to do with their own money. It's always been like that to some extent, but it's become draconian in the past few months (see above paragraph on benefits and pleasures =/= stress and irritations).

I need to stop spending money on boots and fabric and start saving money to buy a pasture-fed cow. And a pig. Wish deer season wasn't during the winter. As much as I love venison, I am not sitting out in the cold for hours, waiting for my dinner to walk by.

Update: This just made my day better.
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