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Oct. 30th, 2012 09:30 am
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I participated in the early voting opportunity yesterday. It was...anticlimactic. I think I prefer voting on Election Day. There's just this air of DRAMA that I appreciate. There was a noticeable lack of DRAMA AIR at the Burge Union. Interestingly (if unsurprisingly), my information didn't autofill in the poll-worker's computer like [ profile] mckitterick's did. Yet another issue with my identity being screwy (or flagged) in someone's system (but not as traumatic as the passport debacle).

Last night's yoga class was intense. It's not the class I'll be attending regularly (thank goodness), because I don't know that I'd be able to keep up with it. I loved the instructor and the way she ran the class--very engaging and humorous and demanding--but I'm just not strong enough (anymore/yet) to keep up. We held poses for so long that I started to sweat and shake. Not the restorative/rejuvenating yoga that Kiva recommended. Once I'm back in good health, though, I think I'll enroll in this class.

I learned One Very Interesting Thing in the class. One of the poses was basically this backbend, only supported by a chair. I tried it, and managed to hang backward over the seat of the chair for about five seconds before I started to get dizzy and nauseated. When the instructor came over to check on me, I told her what was going on and she said "That's your liver." Huh! I know my liver, spleen and kidneys are all trouble spots in regards to my acupuncture treatments, and the idea that my liver health might be causing my motion sickness issues is intriguing. I'll be mentioning this to Kiva at our next appointment.

For those of you who like eBooks and are interested in Healthy Living, check out my friend Melissa's Big Bundle of eBook Goodness at her blog. In Melissa's words: They’re not all paleo, but there’s a good chunk of paleo peeps, along with bloggers focused on real food, gardening, generally living healthier, and making your own skincare products. I might buy this for my mom for the holidays.

New Tumblr collection is up! Tuesday, October 30: Suits and Slumming. Pretty much what it says. Men in suits. Men slumming. All pretty.
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