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I am so making these potatoes for my Day Off (the Whole30) at the end of the month. WOW.

I'm obsessed with food right now. Well. Maybe not obsessed with food. Obsessed with eating. I feel hungry all the time. No idea if it's the hormone supplements or the resumed exercise, but JFC starving. I wake up hungry. Two hours after eating, I'm hungry. The only time I'm not hungry is right after exercise. TEDIOUS.

[personal profile] mckitterick and I have noticed decreased swelling around my midsection. I'm putting off measurements until the end of the month and the end of my Whole30, though.

The final episode of Season 3 Sherlock aired in the UK last night. I've been streaming them all (dubiously legally) so I wasn't spoiled from Tumblr and other conversations and also I just didn't want to wait. I wasn't sure how I felt after the first couple episodes (it was a very different show than I'd come to expect), but now that the season has wrapped, I feel good about it. There's so much to process, though, and TBH I'm weary of the stress of it. Thinking about it, being emotionally invested, and then just the stress (for me) of the basic technological stuff of making sure I had a working livefeed because People Were Coming Over and Counting On Me. Getting a whole season--a season very different from the first two, with a different message, different style, different filming techniques, different everything--thrown at us in less than three weeks was a lot. I have a post full of meta that I'll put up after the season airs here on PBS (starting next Sunday). More for my own benefit than anyone else's since the few Sherlock fans who read me watched the shows with the UK, too. Overall, I'm happy with it and I thought the third episode was Good and Satisfying. I just can't say more about it right now because Exhausted.

Yesterday was my first session with Andrew in a month where we picked up heavy weights. First he was sick, then I was sick, and then the gym was closed (so I had to exercise at home, with limited equipment), but KU is offering KU faculty and staff a free pass to Ambler Rec Center this week so even though Robinson (the crappy old student gym which I can still use for free) is closed, I can throw around some iron at Ambler. So yay! But anyway, my point was I got to lift heavy things for the first time in a month yesterday and it was awesome.

Because Crossfit Lawrence is changing their classtimes around a bit, the trainers are moving around their schedules as well. Andrew and I didn't have to change ours, but we shared the space yesterday with another trainer and his client. He was putting her through a more WOD-like program and oh my goodness was she groaning and complaining. Andrew commented that he always found it funny and interesting how people reacted to WODs. When I was doing them, I never really noticed anybody else because my entire focus was on Not Dying while doing my own. But I guess this sort of thing is pretty common. She was like "oh my god, I can't do another set" and the trainer was encouraging her like "yes you can, come on let me see five more wall balls you can do this." Even Andrew chimed in on the sideline cheering. And I couldn't help but think "My god, you are an adult woman. If you don't want to do the WOD, don't do it." It was just So Weird to me.

That sort of thing is incomprehensible to me in the same was as complaining about something you can't or won't change. I don't understand the concept of simply venting to vent. I sometimes talk about frustrating things because I think the audience might find the anecdote amusing, or I hash out something bothering me because it helps me find a way to deal with or change the situation. But complaining just to complain and feeling better for it? Unfathomable to me. People are weird.

I'm already looking forward to my four day weekend coming up at the end of this week. COME ON, THURSDAY AFTERNOON.
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