Feb. 20th, 2015

Sure shot

Feb. 20th, 2015 10:19 am
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Five basic movements (shockingly, not from Breaking Muscle--thanks, [livejournal.com profile] splix for sharing that on Tumblr) to keep from being the bad sort of stiff.

I am so relieved that it's Friday I can't even tell you. So. Relieved. I've been going to bed at 9pm the past few nights and waking up just a bit before 7am. It's fantastic that I'm able to sleep that much, but I'll be happy when I don't need to sleep that much. We're boxing tomorrow, but I don't imagine I'll be doing much bag work, and sparring is out for a couple more weeks.

So much I want to do this weekend that I've put off for three weeks 'cos of the flu and recovering from the flu. Making a pair of commissioned bloomers, making some freeze-able food for some friends going through a rough patch, catching a movie (either Jupiter Ascending again or Kingsman for the first time), as well as all the normal weekend stuff--laundry, grocery shopping, food prep. All that while being conscious not to wear myself out and set myself back further with the healing process.

God. Bodies.

I'm also pulling together the final elements for the Sebastienne Moran cosplay I'm taking to 221B Con in April. I think it's gonna look pretty hot and scruffy (my favorite!). Wish my arms and shoulders were in the same shape they were this time last year but oh well (I can still sort of see my triceps when I flex them?). I'll be up to sparring with [livejournal.com profile] mckitterick by then, and maybe we can time a session so any arm bruises will be in fine form for the con. It would be so great if there were a Moriarty willing to take slashy pics with me. I feel like such a creeper, though, asking someone I don't know to do a suggestive photoshoot. I mean, how does one go about asking a near-stranger "Hey so I have this idea that involves us switching dominant/intimidating poses with each other because we all know Moriarty and Moran have a seriously fucked up relationship--wanna put that on film and share it with the entire internet?" One doesn't. At least not when one is me.

I might put some sneak peek pics of me in the costume up before the con. It's always good to get a test run of a costume, even when it's not terribly involved. Also, if we take pics in the back yard, I can pose with my rifle.


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