Jul. 8th, 2015


Jul. 8th, 2015 08:55 am
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Here's the Con*Strict badge:

it's about 4" x 4.5", not including the hanger part at the top.

The office scanner is not good at reproducing true color, apparently. The stuff that's purple on the MMFR side is actually blue and the reddish-brown parts on the Sherlock side (the hanger and the bottom border) are actually purplish red. Eh. You get the idea. Love the way the Sherlock tape transfer looks. I'd have liked a similar image to give depth to the MMFR side but I couldn't find anything appropriate. The hot rod flames were the best I could think of that wouldn't mask too much of the image of Slit on the car.

Fatigue issues are out of control right now. Ugh. The last time I woke feeling rested was sometime last week? I think? I'm gonna leave work as soon as I'm done wrapping up anything that needs attention before I'm out for the rest of the week so I'm gonna skedaddle.

Not sure how much I'll be online while I'm in Indianapolis, so y'all be good to yourselves while I'm away.

ETA: This article, found on The Toast Link Roundup. Channing Tatum Is Our Gene Kelly. In the history of men who can dance, from Fred Astaire to Mikhail Baryshnikov to Justin Timberlake, no one is as special as Channing Matthew Tatum, a little doe-eyed blockheaded beef man who can spin his body like cotton candy and hump the floor until it consents to sexual intercourse with him. And also this interview where the interviewer asks Charming if he's heard about Roxanne Gay and his answer is so so so cool and awesome you guys I love him.


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