Dec. 21st, 2011

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Acupuncture last night. Kiva worked on my stuffy nose (sooooo much better today) and my back issues, which meant my currently swollen abdomen didn't get addressed at all. So I'm still stuffed uncomfortably into my clothes, and probably will be until my next session on Thursday next week. I'm uncertain what brought on this recent spate of puffiness. It's pretty crazy bad, as those who've seen it in person can attest. Remember the side-by-side swollen vs. normal photos? There have been a couple days in the past week where I've actually been more swollen than that top pic.

I'm thinking the general overall inflammation is not helping the stress on the sciatic nerve and the bulging disc. It's certainly not helping my mood. I'm blue and irritable. Mostly irritable.

When I'm ill or feeling otherwise less-than-myself, I turn a bit...oh, feral in my need to be left the hell alone. As I've mentioned before, the proper response to this desire to be ignored doesn't come naturally to [ profile] mckitterick. To make things worse (for both of us), he's in a really good space right now and needs to talk about the amazing progress he's making on multiple projects. Meanwhile, I can't even muster the energy (or sometimes the ability) to carry the damn laundry basket up the stairs. So we're both needing the exact opposite thing from each other and alternately driving each other crazy and hurting each other's feelings. Ugly.

A very kind and compassionate little pixie has offered to help me with the housecleaning, though, so that's an enormous burden off my mind and shoulders. I know I'm not supposed to express gratitude to the fair folk, but I wanted to say in public: Thank You, Little Pixie! You may out yourself if you wish, or stay anonymous. I wasn't sure of your feelings about that, so I leave that disclosure up to you. Another bright spot: [ profile] auroraceleste sent me the Katy Perry CD. Bless her heart!

I just went to the back door to feed the squirrels before leaving for work, and there's a dusting of snow on the ground. My favorite.


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