Apr. 5th, 2015 08:47 am
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This is how the bruises from our sparring session looked, seven hours post-fight:

Already purple, wtf. While impressive, that does not bode well for longevity. I will be highly annoyed if they're gone to yellow by the time I don the Moran costume on Saturday.

If I'd known how fast these would come up, I would have had the sparring session Wednesday night. I'm concerned if we try to do this again before they heal, though, we'll bruise the muscles and that would suck. My arms are sore enough as is.

And I wish I'd thought to get video of our session because it was fucking hilarious.

Dude, no

Apr. 4th, 2015 08:41 am
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Sitting in the service area of Briggs Auto this morning, waiting for the Crossfire's oil change to wrap up. I'd been here for about half an hour, and I was settled in with Tumblr and the tea I brought, when this old white guy walked up to me, no introduction, no nothing, just "Do you need a ride somewhere?"

Dude, no. WTF.

I mean, I get that he's probably the guy who gives rides to people, but if I wanted a ride, I'd have asked for one when I got here? And to just offer a ride somewhere, with no explanation or introduction?

And I just learned that the reason the Crossfire's check engine light's been on for the past three months is that the battery is almost dead. It's supposed to have a charge of ~700 and the current charge is sitting somewhere around 250. Really glad I came in to get the oil changed before I drove to the airport for 221B Con because you know the way my life goes, that battery would've decided to die for real in the airport parking lot.

Later this morning is a serious sparring session with [ profile] mckitterick to see if I can get some serious bruises to come out for the Moran cosplay (s-e-x-x-y*) and then it's food prep time. It's kind of a pain to carry around all my food for a five-day trip, but getting it all ready and building in enough variety to keep me interested and somewhat-decently nourished is actually pretty fun.

* ETA [ profile] mckitterick is actually pretty sexy when he really fights and isn't just playing around. I'm hoping I can get him irritated enough with me to actually punch back. He usually holds back quite a bit because let's face it he could totally wipe the floor with me but it's just so much fun to see the change on his face when he decides oh it's on now.
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We got some freezing rain last night and it's pretty darn slick out there, but I don't have anywhere I have to go until Monday morning ([ profile] mckitterick took me to the grocery store right after work yesterday) and I'm feeling pretty snug and content here at home. [ profile] stuology arrives in about an hour for Punching Things (which I'll do to some minimal extent and then move on to yoga) and then lunch and then [ profile] mckitterick is getting a long-overdue massage (poor guy, a two-hour massage sounds like fun until you get one from me), and then roast chicken for dinner and oh oh oh, life is so good.

P.S. [ profile] mckitterick wrote me a love letter last night after I went to bed. Aw. I'm saving it to read until after punching and yoga.
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I knew about this study on how to fall in love with someone because, as the saying on Tumblr goes, I think I've read that fic.

Breaking Muscle put up a fantastic article on What Happened to Movement for Health as well as an article on losing body fat that basically falls into line with what I've been saying for ages. Quit the constant-state cardio, watch your diet, and lift heavy. Of course, if your body is hormonally messed up, it's gonna be difficult if not impossible to lose body fat. If your hormones are a mess (like mine), adopt the attitude of Riots Not Diets, and concentrate on bringing your body to a state of health before focusing on those bumps and bulges that society tells you makes you a bad person.

I also found two articles, one on posture and one on gait that I think are very helpful for those of us trying to improve our body mechanics in order to live and perform more powerfully and efficiently.

Speaking of physical performance, I way overdid it at punching day Saturday. I alternated working on the bag, sparring with [ profile] mckitterick, and doing body weight resistance training (push-ups, lunges, and step-ups) for almost *cough* ninety minutes. It was stupid, I know, but I was just having so much fun! About fifteen minutes after I showered, through, I hit that adrenal fatigue wall and I was out of commission for the rest of the day. It was a slog to get through just laundry and food prep. By 8:30pm I was barely functioning and even my brain was foggy and slow. I felt moderately better on Sunday, but was still low energy and vaguely depressed all day.

I did muster my motivation and will together enough to see the 4pm showing of Labyrinth that was playing at Liberty Hall yesterday. There were a ton of people there with their kids, which was pretty awesome. Of the group of four of us that went together, I was the only one who'd seen it in the movie theater during its first run. It was so nice to see David Bowie's crotch in those trousers on the big screen, as god intended. Christ almighty.

[ profile] gamera_spinning found a reproduction of that painting for me. Now I just gotta save my pennies because hell yes I am buying it.
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We finally had another punching day yesterday and it was fantastic! I'm not sure our fellow boxers want to be outed here, so I'll let them chime in if they choose. But I wanted to mention that one of them has been practicing enough that I got to spar with her (I've only ever gotten to spar with [ profile] mckitterick and that's fun and all, but it's also kind of a drag because he's really fast and strong and experienced and has gorilla-long arms so I very rarely land a punch and only manage a decent block half the time) and it was a blast. I have a glorious bruise on my left outer wrist from blocking, right below the wrap of my glove, and I can't wait until it gets dark enough that I can photograph it to show it off to y'all. Right now it's just a sort of boring pinkish brown.

Next goal: a black eye.

My only advantage in a fight/sparring play is lack of fear. I'm slow, I don't (yet) have the muscle memory for combos, and let's not even talk about my pathetic kicks (right now I only try them on the bag with the emphasis on "try"). But I'm not afraid to get hit or hurt. [ profile] mckitterick would like to add that I'm also mean.

Boxing day!

Sep. 7th, 2014 08:16 am
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Wheeee! Today is Boxing Day! We have a brand new sparring pad to use when my wrists need a break from the heavy bag and I might try some kicks, too, depending on how steady I feel on my feet.

I went through my patterns yesterday and pulled the ones I'm honestly likely to make. I'm keeping about fifty out of a collection of 250+. I'll list the remainder in a post on Friday (with pics). If you want any of them, just leave a comment. First come, first served. Locals can pick up. I'll send Paypal information to everyone else.

Once the patterns are out of here, I'm going to have a crap ton of hanging files and plastic sheet protectors up for grabs. Just sayin'.

People have already claimed the water guns, the metal card catalog drawers, and the bead stuff. Once those things (and the patterns) are gone, I'll be better able to get to the back of the closet to see what else can be culled.
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Fuck wearing purple. When I am an old woman, I want to be as badass as this gal. I saw this on [ profile] ontd_political and on [ profile] auroraceleste's LJ, so the story is making the rounds. I'm glad.

Please, though, whatever you do, don't follow the cookie crumbs to the original source. Well, unless you want your opinion of humanity to resume its usual lower-than-low standard. The NYDaily News site has the story, yes, but the photo they use is of the husband with his wounds in the foreground, and the hero wife all tiny and out of focus in the background. Fuck You, story and photo editor dickwads. Just fuck you.

I received a fantastic compliment yesterday. One of the grad students (who hasn't been in the offices for a while), stopped by my office and commented on how long my hair has grown. She asked how I got the waves in it, if that was a perm or if I styled it every morning. "Oh, that's just how it grows," I answered. "I'm lucky." I didn't tell her that I hadn't done more than finger comb it that morning and I'm pretty sure I haven't washed it since Saturday. "Girl," she said, "that is amazing. You've got some Kardashian hair going on."

So while I'm still dealing with a lot of physical health bullshit, I take no small comfort in the fact that my hair looks killer. Thank you, [ profile] nottygypsy!

Instead of dancing around the living room last night, I did some serious punching time since [ profile] mckitterick left the bag up for me. I think it might've been the longest punching session I've had. By the end, I couldn't even raise my arms above my head. It was good.

Great guns

Jan. 5th, 2012 12:07 pm
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So, that little programming tweak I mentioned yesterday? Made this aspect of my job so much easier. Wow. Like, really really wow. Damn, I shoulda asked for it earlier, but I didn't even think about the possibility until yesterday. Oh the joys of learning a new process.

I did not punch things yesterday (holy shit I was wiped out when I got home), so I really really seriously gotta get with the program and punch tonight. As soon as I get home. Before I open the wine. Yeah. That's...pretty crucial, that part.

And now I'm off to plead with U of Illinois at Chicago to see if they'll accept this letter of rec from one of our professors (for one of our current students) that got returned to us due to a smudged address. Cross your fingers for me. I hope they'll take a scanned PDF of the letter. Their deadline was January 1.

Edit: Well crap. I forgot tonight is Hippie Drum Circle, and we're definitely on for the January 13 gig, so I can't skip practice tonight. PUNCHING FAIL.
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Things are a little less crazy today. Thank god. I still have a large(ish) task to finish this afternoon, but I'm waiting on someone else to program part of the software I use that will make the task easier. So it might take the same amount of time (doing it now vs. waiting for her to make changes and doing it later), but it'll be less tedious and, therefore, I'll be less prone to mistakes. I hope. So. Waiting.

[ profile] mckittericksent me this story about what the authors purport was the first ever SF convention. I vote people dress like this more at conventions. Seriously. Also? I want to party with young Mr. Walter Gillings. For real. He's the one on the far left. I mean, just look at him.

My acupuncture schedule is all fucked up right now due to my mis-remembering that I'd made appointments through February. I still swear I did, but maybe something happened with her online scheduler. Anyway, my appointments are sprinkled around different days all weird and I don't get back to my Thursday schedule until February. This means I did not get to go home and drink after work last night which let me tell you was sorely, sorely needed. I was so wiped out when I got home from the appointment, I couldn't muster the enthusiasm for wine, even, and just sat on the couch for a movie until (past) bedtime.

Tonight: Wine for sure (after punching things). And [ profile] mckitterick is (probably) going out with his friends this evening, so it's solitary drinking time which, I have to be honest, is one of the great joys of being an adult, IMO.

I might be drumming at an actual thing later this month in KC. Depends on if the rest of Hippie Drum Circle is interested. But, yeah. Me. Drumming. In public. Craziness abounds. I'll be taking my zills just in case, oh hell yes. I'm particularly excited at the opportunity to use my new giant ones that I bought from [ profile] tama_grey except oh shit honey! I just realized I forgot to send you money. I'll do that this weekend.


Dat ass

Dec. 4th, 2011 08:34 am
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Had a little too much to drink and one too many cigarettes last night. Great times, though! Between three of us, we killed two bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne. The fourth person wisely stuck to his beer. I crawled up to bed (literally, crawled) at 11:30, but couldn't fall asleep until the room stopped spinning a bit after midnight. No hangover today, although I was a little frustrated at my 6:00am wakeup time.

I just finished ripping the last of the B-lettered CDs to the iPod (Bush, Kate, The Whole Story). Only twenty-four more letters to go!

[ profile] mckitterick and I had a great boxing session yesterday. The last thing we did was put on a song with a good steady-but-slowish tempo (something on Filter's Short Bus, I don't remember what), stood on opposite sides of the light-heavy bag, and punched at the same time, keeping it from swinging too far or spinning. After about thirty seconds (or less), I had to stop. I could feel the impact of the punches all the way up in my cranium. I had to hit pretty hard to keep the bag from swinging at me from his punches (he certainly has the upper hand here--ha ha). I have a Such A Disadvantage in this area. I can get stronger, but I can't make my arms longer, and I'm not entirely sure how much I can improve my fast-twitch muscle fibers. I've never been very fast. Well. You know what I mean.

Anyway, after that, my arms and shoulders were done. So we worked on kicks. Which, you guys, you want to watch something funny? Come over and watch me practice kicks. I look like a bad imitation of The Ministry of Silly Walks. It's a good thing I have no ego in this area. My poor balance + directed force = Comedy Gold.

I'm arting more arty stuff today, and then I gotta get the room arranged for some sewing. I plan to wear my tux jacket to the department holiday party next Sunday, and that means I need to make a new pair of cigarette pants. I should probably make a couple pairs, while I'm at it. I had no luck finding skinny jeans to tuck into the Brown Boots of Awesomeness. I don't know what I was thinking even trying to fit these thighs and this ass into skinny jeans. That's not a complaint, just an observation.

Okay, off to art, now.


Dec. 1st, 2011 09:48 am
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Do I love or hate this new Vogue pattern? It's the dress equivalent of a mullet, but I can't deny the appeal of the bustle reference. I'd have to see it in person. And I suspect it wouldn't look all that great on curvy, short-legged women. So best to just leave it alone, yes? Might have to purchase this one, although I'm uncertain if it's really as gorgeous as I think it is, or if it only seems so because of the absolute dearth of decent designs from any of the major pattern companies this season. I don't know why I continue to look and shop for new patterns, anyway. I could make one garment a week without ever re-using a pattern in my current collection, and I doubt I'd run out of patterns before the end of the decade.

[ profile] mckitterick left the heavy bag up for me yesterday afternoon, so when I got home from work, I could do some punching all on my own if I wanted. And I did! So I did! I only lasted about fifteen minutes, though. And that was broken up into thirty seconds (or so) of punching with long breaks between to catch my breath. By the end of the fifteen minutes, my hands were shaking and my teeth hurt from my heart pounding. Good times. I like punching things. A lot. I'm even starting to incorporate a kiai in my back-fist punch. Hardcore, bitches!

So, yesterday's Obscure Culture Reference Reveal. Regarding the use of the "like a boss" phrase + my reference to Nazi fashion? Hugo Boss provided uniforms to the Nazis. There you go.

I was considering attending a kirtan on Saturday night, but I think I'll stay home and get plastered instead. I'm pretty sure I know what that says about my level of spiritual enlightenment, and I'm pretty sure I don't give a fuck.

Hop to it!

Nov. 28th, 2011 08:23 am
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This is heartwarming and heartbreaking. Cut for embedded video )

My bruised knuckles are already so much better! Immediate cold pack + ibuprofen + [ profile] adammaker's Green Oil = Magical Healing Miracle. I'm going to have no problem punching again tomorrow. Yay!

I'm joining [ profile] shanmonster in the 100 Day Burpee Challenge. Anyone else care to join us?

Tonight I have my make-up acupuncture session, and then I'm going to do some dance stuff. I think it'll help to organize it like one of [ profile] miischelle's Salons. A segment of conditioning, a segment of combos, and then instead of a segment of choreography, I'll work on learning a song. Which is kind of like choreography, I guess. Knowing a song well enough to dance to it without really thinking about it. Then I'll finish up with some yoga. Good plan, right? Right.

Both arty projects I worked on this weekend came out very nice. I think. I need to figure out how/if I can finagle it so the Altoid tin closes and opens (without a struggle) when it's painted and lacquered. Or if I should give up on painting the bottom and just art up the lid.

I wish I could stay home today. The four day weekend was really nice. Alas, no vacation time for me until after Application Season is over. Two more months! Hey, by that time, I'll be over halfway through the 100 Day Burpee Challenge!
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I was successful in not re-opening the scab on my right hand, but completely failed in not bruising the living fuck out of it.

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Yesterday was a good art day. Today is going to be a good drinking day. Tomorrow I have a make-up acupuncture appointment.

My delts and pecs are a little sore from yesterday's punching. I plan to loosen them up with moar punching today (which will, I hope, not re-open the scab on my right hand).

I read my email, f-list, and a very nice due South story while drinking a cup of coffee. Coffee.

One thing I am not going to think about is the fact that [ profile] mckitterick bought me an iPod as an early xmas present, and I spent two hours yesterday trying to rip a CD to it. What I am doing wrong, I cannot fathom (well, besides my first error in purchasing an Apple product). I even tried some alternative software (Songbird). No go. But not even Apple products can bring me down today.

Today is a happy mood day.

Life is good.

Hit me

Nov. 23rd, 2011 11:04 am
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Another new icon! I'm having much fun with new icons.

One more hour and I'm out of here until Monday. Our chair deserves some sort of Gold Star of Awesomeness for letting us shut down the office at noon today.


Last night was another boxing session, which means my hands are kinda wobbly and sore today. But no sprains! Why yes, with the proper motivation, I can be a quick study. I bruised my right hand, though, between the pinky and ring fingers. A pretty common complaint, I hear. I had a lot more fun this time, since we focused on (relatively) light punching on the bag as a workout rather than striking the bag with large amounts of force. I am very bad at incorporating my hips (and lower body in general) into my punches. I need to work on that.

Someday I'll be good enough to spar with [ profile] mckitterick and though I will so come out for the worse in that particular exchange, it will be fucking epic. I am considering selling tickets.

I'm also considering adding "fucking epic" as a tag, but I'm afraid it would be horribly under- or over-used to the point of uselessness.


Aug. 10th, 2011 08:16 am
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Another punching lesson last night. This time with my fancy new gloves that fit!

Good news: Gloves don't slip and are very comfortable. Bad news: They fit so well, I punched hard enough and long enough that I strained my left hand and can barely grip with it. Typing and mousing suck pretty hard, too.

My left hand trembles when I hold it out flat. It's exhausted.

I wish I'd brought the book I'm reading to work. It's going to be a long day, staying off the keyboard.


Aug. 1st, 2011 11:54 am
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Here's a good synopsis of the LJ DDoS attacks: Web Will Win in Cyber War, by Victor Davidoff, in The Moscow Times. Archived below, since some people are having trouble accessing the article.

[ profile] mckitterick gave me my first punching lesson last night. Fun times! I'm...not bad at it. Anyone surprised? My biggest obstacle: his gloves don't fit me well (duh), and we couldn't find any size small gloves locally (again, no surprise). The slippy glove caused some bruising on the skin between my ring and pinky fingers. We're looking online for deals on smaller gloves right now. Although they're amusing, I would like to avoid pink gloves.

Click for archived text of above article )


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